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  1. N

    Samsung 500P Printer compatability

    Looking for a printer for a Samsung 500P notebook. Will be connecting via WiFii. I went on Samsung website, even called, and of course all I got were Samsung printers. Would like to get a lower end but color printer. This is for a 12 year old boy. I appreciate it. Thank The notebook is...
  2. J

    Power Button Is Lit While Plugged, But Laptop Does Not Power Up

    My HP 840 Eitebook will not power up. However when the Cord is plugged into the laptop, the power button stays lit up. I have tried removing the battery, pushing the power button for 30 seconds, and trying to power up, but I am unsuccessful after that process. Thoughts or suggestions?
  3. A

    Looking for a USB/ethernet camera that gives raw unompressed images (not necessarily footage)

    Hi Most webcams compress their video feed onboard or at the driver level. This means that they can't give an uncompressed image, even a still. I don't necessarily need a video feed, but I need maximum detail from some monitoring cameras I plan to set up. My question is: Does anyone know of...
  4. M

    Can i play gta 5 or i need to upgrade any?

    My pc iz Amd fx 6200 3.8ghz with stock cooler Msi 970a g43 mobo Crucial 8gb ram 480w psu Zotac geforceGt 710 zone edition 500gb hard disk
  5. Devileyes

    cpu cooler configuration??!!

    Hello, so basically i have the fractal design celsius s24 cpu cooler and i have been using it for a while without changing much in the bios.. however recently i have been hearing that if i have a water cooler i should disable the cpu Q fan control, does anyone know why we should disable it...
  6. R

    HDD drive error

    My 500 GB HDD doesn't work. It asks me to initialize the disk in disk management. But when I try to initialize the disk it shows the message 'the drive cannot find the sector requested'. Can you help me with this problem?
  7. T

    Video audio out of sync whenever not in focus

    So having two screens i usually have youtube up on my other monitor but whenever i dont focus on the video the video audio just isnt with the video, it only fixes temporarily until i again focus in on another window and it then lags behind again (the audio playing before the video shows it) help...
  8. P

    Low FPS in games (Laptop)

    Hi, Since a few weeks back, my FPS-rate in-game (Heroes of Newerth, for anyone wondering) has dropped from 60-80 to 10-30, and I don't know what the problem is. I'll list my hardware specifications, as well as monitoring-info about my CPU and GPU below. I'm using Open Hardware Monitor for the...
  9. S

    Issue with ssd being in sata 3 port but functioning in sata 2 port

    My samsung 850 evo ssd will not boot when plugged into the sata 3 port. I've tried it on two different motherboards and they both had the same issue. On an intel motherboard i had an install of windows 7 working just fine in sata 2 mode however it would not work in sata 3. On my current...
  10. A

    about razer game booster

    when i updated my razer game booster it told me to sign in again but it shows that no network connectivity detected.please help me.
  11. D

    Help with Fx-9590

    I have an msi fxa990 motherboard with the fx-9590 cpu in it. I dont think My arctic aio liquid cooler is enough to keep it cool. After playin gta5 for 10 mins the pc hard locks up. My question is. Should i upgrade to a bigger aio cooler. Or get a diffrent cpu?
  12. M

    I want to go into the GPU/CPU design. HELP!

    I want to go into GPU/CPU design(I think this what it is called if you can correct me please do) for a larger company like Intel, AMD, Nvidia and other etc. ( I know I wont start of at a company like this they are Just the ones I can think of whilst typing this.) What I mean by CPU/GPU Design...
  13. Mightyena

    GTX 1070 driver crashes when idle

    Hi guys, I have an EVGA GTX 1070 SC that's about a year old now, and it's displaying some odd problems. Basically I will get intermittent driver crashes, but only when the GPU is idling. Under load/in games it is rock solid.... What happens: When idling (so far its happened when on the...
  14. C

    H115i Pro / H150i Pro Warranty

    I'm headed to my local computer store tomorrow to pick up one of the new water coolers from Corsair, but I am quite skeptical of it as of the moment, being a brand new product may have some defects that are not known of yet. Would my product be covered by warranty / Corsair Support if something...
  15. P

    I cant find my mouse after factory reset

    I set my acer Aspire one cloud book back to factory setting now I can find my mouse please do you think you could help me thank you
  16. S

    Computer freezing but mouse still moves ever since switching tower & gpu

    Hi, So I recently bought a new GPU and computer case and switched all my components over. Now I am getting a regular occurrence where my screen will freeze but my mouse still moves. I notice this a lot when I am just browsing the internet and watching videos. It also happens a lot when I am...
  17. K

    M.2 SSD causing my PC to not post

    So today I decided to install the Crucial MX300 525 GB M.2 SSD I got for Christmas into my system. On the first boot it didn't post, and instead went into a weird loop of black screen and then power off then reboot and doing it over and over again. I decided to remove the M.2 and to my surprise...
  18. B

    Ram lower frequency than it supposed to be

    Hi all, I've a 16gb corsair dominator platinum 1866 cl9 of ram problem is they run at 1333 according to task manager in ram performance section, CPU-z and cmd *link to refer [ ] * i'm running a 64bit version of windows 10 with latest updates and my cpu is core i7 4770...
  19. W

    Cannot boot windows after updating BIOS

    Hi guys, A few weeks ago I upgraded my video card from an AMD R9 380 to a nvidia 1070 and added a second monitor to my set up. Ever since then my windows boot time went from <10ish seconds to ~3 minutes, this is on an 850 EVO 500gb SSD. I used DDU to clean the old amd drivers thinking this was...
  20. J

    Help me decide between 2 laptops. More CPU or more GPU? Cheers

    Hi there. Studying Masters in Architecture next year and need a new laptop. Please help me decide which is the best laptop as I will be using it for Photoshop, Revit, 3ds Max, C4D and After Effects. I will also want to play some games on it too but not too worried about perfect gfx. I am already...
  21. H

    Can i play in 1080p on a 1440p monitor?

    I'm thinking of buying the Dell S2417DG 144hz, gsync, 1440p, 24 inch monitor. But what will happen if I game in 1080p on a 1440p monitor? Cause some of the games I won't be able to run In 1440p and get 60fps on my GTX 1060.
  22. O

    linux debian doesn't have driver manager and update manager, what i have to do?

    how do i install drivers or update debian? CPU: intel core 2 quad q6600 2.4 ghz OS: 64 bit linux debian cinnamon
  23. G

    Unable to run chkdsk /r on secondary D drive

    Hello! I have a tiny question about checkdisk on a secondary drive: How come that when I try to perform a chkdsk from "My computer" in Windows 10 by using the "properties" section when right clicking on a drive in my computer, I am given the options of checking and repairing if I try to do it...
  24. G

    Stuck on Logo screen

    I bought an ASUS laptop (Model: GL553V) about 5 months ago and i have never had a problem with it. But today i went to turn it on and it wouldn't go past the first launch screen. I have looked up the problem but haven't found an answer. I can't even launch the BIOS, and when i press the power...
  25. J

    Z270F turn off?

    Just built a new pc works great. But when I turn off my pc using the buton on the case everything turns off except a couple small leds that I’m no worried about, but the rgb portion of the motherboard just continues to run its rainbow pattern, is this normal.
  26. P

    CPU Overclocking Volts

    I have a new build which i just created with my ryzen 3 1200 at 3.1Ghz. I want to overclock it to its normal overclock of 3.4 GHz, so what voltage would be best? Should i just stick with the 1.18750 voltage or since im increasing the performance should i also increase volts? and if so by how much?
  27. A

    Heatsink cooling fan

    What CPU cooler heatsink will fit my Gateway dx4850. It is an I5 Processor?
  28. E

    Computer won't turn on. Reboots over and over.

    My PC has not turned on since I installed a new power supply. I have since reinstalled the old one but it still is stuck in a boot loop and I have no idea why. I have ordered a motherboard speaker to see if that will help. Specs: Gigabyte GA-B250M DS3H i5-7600k 1x8gb Corsair Vengeance lpx...
  29. T

    Wanting to upgrade to Nvidia GTX 1070 Ti in older system

    Hi all, I'm finally looking to upgrade my GPU in my rig, the only problem is I have never actually done so. I was hoping to get some help just to make sure it will fit and work properly, before shelling out the money and having to go through a whole ordeal of returning or upgrading multiple...
  30. O

    ddr3 mobo and cpu

    My current specs are Cpu:amd x4 880k quad core Gpu: nvida GeForce 1050 2gb Ram:8 gb Mobo:Gigabyte F2A78M-HD2 Are there any ddr3 boards that will support a better cpu?
  31. L

    7zip Command Line Help

    Looked everywhere and cannot figure out what "switch" it is to do the below and STORE the files without compression. My IP security camera will sometimes capture 4k images and vids, especially if raining or snowing and it will take too long to archive them. Sooo, What would the correct syntax...
  32. T

    Will this be good for gaming?

    MoBo: Gigabyte AB350M Gaming 3 (AM4) B350, mATX, 4*ddr4 GPU: MSI GTX GeForce 1050ti Gaming X Proc: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 4-Core 8-Thread 3.2-3.4 ghz 8mb 65W AM4, Wraith Stealth PS: im on a tight budget, I’m open to suggestions as well
  33. B

    im lost! what to buy

    so Im playing at 1080p 60hz monitor ( samsung syncmaster e2320) R3 1200 @ 3.8mhz 2x4gb ddr 4 3000mhz @ 2933mhz Evga 650 ti Boost 2gb Games played : Fortnite/dota2 around 10hours/week *canada* Cheapest 1050ti is 200$ Cheapest refurbished 960 is 189$ Cheapest 1060 3gb is 254$ Cheapest...
  34. C

    i5 3470 cpu

    Hi I have a Intel core i5 3470 3.20 ghz and a ASRock Z77 Pro3 motherboard and I was wondering if it is possible to overclock it? Also if it can be overclocked what settings to change using CPU-Z? Thank you
  35. N

    Which memory is better?

    DDR4-3000 CAS 15 or DDR4-3200 CAS 16. Same amount of RAM.
  36. D

    Graphics overheating in Thermaltake View 31tg

    Is there some particular arrangement I can use of my 4 120mm riing case fans to help dissipate the heat from my graphics card? I'm about to switch from the wraith cooler to my hyper 212 so that will help alot on the CPU,but not the GPU.My last case had 2 120mm fan spots on the cover so I could...
  37. W

    GPU not displaying after power failure

    Hello, today I had a power failure on my surge protector, I replaced it and now every thing seems to run fine with the exception of my GPU (evga GTX970 ftw). I have my case open and I can see the fans give a little shake about every three seconds or so. It doesn't show in the device manager at...
  38. J

    big problems help

    I had windows ten for 6 months.. and already had some issues with my pc.. first my cdroms disappeared from windows 7 and bios, bought a new one couldn't find it.. then a hdd disappeared from first windows and then again from after update this weekend got stuck in disk check loop and...
  39. vnpnlz

    GTX 1050 TI for an OLD PC

    I have an old pc which has the specs below and I am planning to put a GTX 1050 Ti for this machine and I am not sure if my pc can work on the GTX 1050 Ti since I bought this unit 4 years ago. Any help will be appreciated. Processor : Intel Core i5 4440 3.1-3.3Ghz (Quad Core) Haswell...
  40. A

    At Wit's End with Ryzen TR build - boot loop/memory codes

    I'm at the end of my rope with this build -- getting ready to completely give up. I'm on my third motherboard, this time from asus. I had an MSI board that worked fine and then utterly died on me, and a gigabyte board that arrived with strange issues and I found broken pieces in the shipping...