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  1. E

    my card is crashing

    Hello all, I have a Dell XPS 8700 w/a Radeon HD7570 graphics card that looks to be failing. The motherboard is a Dell OKWVT8. What would be a good replacement card in the $250 or less range for this system? It runs multiple large format printers and crunches a lot of data in...
  2. X

    NH D15 4790K Temps seem ok?

    Hello people, just got my nh d15 and temps seem ok now, but im wondering if my temps seem ok for this cooler, p95 26.6, 1.25v, hottest core 78c on large fft, the one that said "maximum heat", does this seem like an ok temp, or shall i remount cooler and thermal paste? thanks
  3. L

    dh w wes

    gh etrg 4weg
  4. C

    Need help with random reboot

    Hi, I upgraded my mobo from a 770t to a new GA-970a-us3p. Ever since then I've been getting reboots when I play a video or netflix. I've tried: prime95 stress test with no problems, memtest with no problems updated the drivers updated the bios to fb replaced the video card and power supply (I...
  5. O

    How do i control over clocking?

    I'm running windows 10 with intel overclocking how do I control it?
  6. R

    my lenovo thinkpad E550 turns on, but the screen is completely black. I have already taken out the battery, unplugged it all,

    I just received a lenovo laptop for work, and i can't get it to turn on. I hit the power button, the harddrive and everything turns on but the screen is completely black. Before I go running to my supervisor, I just want to make sure I am not overlooking something.
  7. C

    TOSHIBA SATELLITE P55T-A5202 Plugged in Not Charging Battery 0%

    Hi all. Desperately trying to figure this one out. Laptop is only 1 year and 3 months old -used maybe 4-5 times a week. The laptop just shuts down - even when it's plugged in. Battery shows 0% , but when I plug it in to charge, it says "0% plugged in - not charging". Battery was healthy...
  8. StormBrew

    Unplugged HDMI from GPU now Card Won't Start?

    Hello, my friend who recently had taken my old system told me how when he was rearranging his monitor, he unplugged the HDMI cable from the GPU and now it won't start. He has tried removing the GPU from the PCI-E lane and switching to another, checking physical connections, and other...
  9. T

    just wondering if this is a good gaming? 400$ budget

    http://pcpartpicker.com/p/sX82cf good? budget 400$
  10. J

    O level information

    I need every type of information about o level and want to know that how many years it will take. My subjects are physics, chemistry, computer and math and I also want to know that which edition of the books are used in which year. Your answer will be really appreciated. Thanks to everyone.
  11. L

    Overheating CPU at idle

    I am running on a laptop with Windows 7. All 4 of my CPUs run at about 65-70 Celsius at idle, with no programs running. This affects my laptop's performance greatly and renders some games which used to be fine before this issue, unplayable. It is also worth noting that after a restart...
  12. L

    Need help removing a graphics card

    I put in a GT 720 and found out that my integrated gpu was better so I decided to remove it today. I tried to but I use a lot of force and u still can't get it out. There's a little black think on the back of the slot but I lulled it and I still couldn't get the gpu out. Pls help
  13. G

    Which one of these are the best graphics card?

    EVGA GTX 980ti ACX 2.0+ MSI GTX 980ti 6G gaming Gigabytes GTX 980ti Gaming 6GB Its been a week msi keep running low of stock, price dropping up and down. Only EVGA and Gigabytes are available right now or should I wait to get the msi. Anyone recommend these?
  14. S

    Asus Z87 Pro for 2015 Gaming

    I'm building a gaming rig and here are my planned to be specs. I have some of the parts listed but not all of them. GPU: Evga Gtx 960 SSC CPU: Intel i5 4590 PSU:Antec-VP-450-Energy-Certified-Supply Mobo:Asus Z87 Pro Hard drive: HDD 1tb Ram:8gb How well will the motherboard in the title go...
  15. T

    ASUS Impact VII Memory Q-code error 55 (I've tried everything!)

    Hello everyone. I put together a PC (first time in 20+ years) a few months ago and everything went smooth except that I'm getting this q-code error. I can fill channel B with either memory stick, and I get 8 GB of functional RAM. When I put any chip in channel A, I get the Q-code 55, which...
  16. T

    Problems with 2 Display.

    I hooked up my 2nd display with a DVI and the screen doesn't show anything but occasionally blink for a second with my desktop screen but only with white and green. Whats wrong i think maybe my GPU is broken. Specs: OS:Windows 7 Premium 64 Bit, GPU:AMD R9 270, Monitor: (x2 ASUS VS238H), CPU...
  17. T

    Update Beggining Video Editing Build with light gaming HELP HELP HELP

    Community, I am looking to start dabbling into editing. My overall computer knowledge is intermediate. I am in early 30's so pretty tech savy but not a tech-no-geek. I am looking to start taking a lot of home videos, make edits etc. I also will dabble in some gaming. Video Editing is of...
  18. M

    Netbook monitor works in safemode, android os and bios but not when trying to boot into windows 7

    sorry if this is in the wrong section I have an acer aspire one d255e netbook running windows 7 starter and a secondary android os which it boots to first by default and then if nothing is pressed for ten seconds it boots into windows 7. It was working fine for a while but now when i try to...
  19. A

    CPU Clock always high i7 4720HQ

    Hi all, I have an Asus G551JW which has an i7 4720HQ processor. When my power plan is set to balanced and the computer is idle the task manager indicates the CPU is running at about 3.4 to 3.5 GHz. CPU Utilization in this scenario is about 20% always. When I set the power plan to power saving...
  20. K

    i7 4770k is getting high temp on 4.0ghz at vcore: 1.25 then crash if its lower << NOOB

    Build - mobo :Gigabyte Z97x Gaming 5 | Case : Zalman MS800 with 1 120mm back fan | CPU Cooling : Corsair H100i | PSU: Corsair CX600w | GPU : Powercolor R9 290x OC | Ram : 24GB(2x4gb kingston hyperblue x and 2x8 Beast - 16GB Kit* (2x8GB) - DDR3 2400MHz CL11 Intel XMP DIMM) | CPU : 4770k Im a...
  21. EduardBT

    Best chinese smartphone 2015

    Hello guys! Which would you chose between these two 5.5 inch smartphones: UMI EMAX http://umidigi.com/products/umiemax_specs.html Elephone P7000 http://www.elephone.cc/elephone-p7000.html The price difference is about 50 $. Let's assume that these two are the only smartphones in the world...
  22. O

    Absolute beginner's questions re: PC gaming setup

    My apologies to all you experts, but I need help with 2 very, very basic questions in the context of considering getting a PC rather than an Xbox: 1) How does a PC accommodate 2 or more different controllers--can they be wired, or do they have to be wireless? if wired, then through which ports...
  23. S

    Hyperx cloud 1 or 2's for my motherboard?

    So I'm in need of a new headset mostly for gaming as my old Siberia V2's have finally broken. After looking around quite a bit I've settled on the Hyperx cloud's but I cant decide whether to get the cloud 1's or the cloud 2's seeing as I have an old motherboard with integrated sound. The...
  24. J

    HP sata TS-L633J drive will no longer burn DVD's

    I have been burning DVD's on my laptop for 3 years. I have an HP Pavilion g series with Windows 7 X64 Home Edition. CD drive is HP Sata TS-L633J cd rom. I use the same Blank DVD's. I have about a dozen left. It will say windows cannot read the disc or try burning by having the disc spin for a...
  25. B

    transformers dark of the moon PC???

    hello ive just been wondering is the 3rd transformers game on the pc because ive never seen it. i no longer own a 360 and really want to play it. if anybody know if its on the pc please let me know and if possible link me to a sight i can buy it ;) thanks
  26. A

    High Disk and memory usage after crash

    Hello my Lenovo g580 crashes last night and went into recovery mode. This morning the system seems to be running incredibly slowly, and frequently crashes due to memory. The task manager indicates that the memory and Disk usage are very high, even when the computer is idle and has no programs...
  27. L

    I7-4790k on laptop auto over clock core voltage at 1.300v normal?

    i have a Sager np9772-s laptop with a DESKTOP core i7-4790k. It has Intel auto over clock enabled and on cpuz the core voltage said it was 1.300v. I heard th going over 1.25v is dangerous and I have this laptop for like about a month now. Is this normal at all? And if it is not, should I disable...
  28. Y

    Is 850W enough for this system (including dual titan x)?

    How much power would I need, is 850 enough to cover the maximum requirement for the setup below, and still have a bit of room for more? If not how much would I need? I know 850 is overkill in most cases, but with the overclocking/dual titans I wasn't sure how much higher my requirements would be...
  29. D

    crossfire a r7 250 1gb gddr5 with a r7 250 2gb gddr3

    ive been told that this is possible but i dont know how to and i was wondering if anyone knew
  30. L

    Can this laptop run Grand Theft Auto 5?

    Hey guys, newbie here! I am shopping for a new laptop that I will primarily use for school and occasionally gaming. I was thinking of building a new gaming desktop, but I am constantly moving places so portability is a must. Anyways, I was checking this laptop out on Amazon and was wondering if...
  31. H

    I can't activate my windows

    So i format my windows because there's a problem. When im done formatting, it tell me to activate my windows, when i activate it says "activition error description not found". please Help. Im using a VAIO laptop
  32. M

    i7-860 2.8Ghz and GTX 670 4Gb SLI update

    So I'd like to update but don't know what to update next. I do my research and I know that my CPU is not bottlenecking my GPUs. So if I'll chouse to update GPU the only way is go for 970 but only SLI because single 970 still not enough to beat 670 SLI. I don't want to buy 980 because of lower...
  33. S

    Is my CPU bottlenecking my GPU?

    Hi, I've got 2x MSI GTX 760 TF OC 2GB in SLI, and I'm wondering if it bottlenecks my cpu, which is the i5 3570 no K, overclocked to 4.0 GHz. In some games, like BF4, my system gets some serious frame drops when Vsync is either turned on or off, especially when turned off(60 to 35-40 frames with...
  34. Y

    Lost Win8 Activationkey, HELP

    Guys i need help. Okey so: - I bought a laptop with win7 on it. - Later i upgraded and bought win8. - Then i reformatted my pc back to win7. - Now i want to upgrade to win8 again, but i have lost the activationkey :((( HELP
  35. R

    WTB 4790k, 4770k, GTX 970 HAVE- PayPal (Lots!)

    4770k- $200 USED W/ BoX 4790k- $250 USED w/BOX GTX 970- *ANY BRAND EXCEPT ZOTAC* - $250 used w/ box ZOTAC GTX 970- $235 I have cash and can pay right now. Verified paypal buyer w/ US shipping address
  36. M

    Monitor Acting Really strange, Need help figuring Out whats wrong!

    So I have a monitor thats 1080p Samsung. This monitor works with an xbox but does not 'recognise' my pc when its connected to it via DVI or HDMI. My PC works perfectly with another crappy monitor (1440x900) using a HDMI cable. I'm fairly confident it isn't a hardware issue inside my pc as...
  37. G

    Is the GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 a good motherboard for my PC?

    Hello all, I recently purchased a new processor and then I found out that I had to buy another motherboard. So I stumbled across the GIGABYTE GA-990FXA-UD3 and I was wondering if it was a good mobo and if it would work in my build. I really don't want any more surprises so anything you could...
  38. H

    Best Setup For 1500

    I want a setup for gaming that can run all games at ultra 1080p with monitor and peripherals
  39. F

    Msi 970 gaming. No power switch

    Hi there I was looking at the msi 970 gaming mobo and I was reading a review and it said there's n power or reset switch... What does this mean. Ps that s is for a fx 6300 and a msi 280

    Memory slot problem

    Hi My motherboard has 2 memory slot's and neither of them works I'm sure my memory is fine I put it in either one and none of them works I get 3 long Beep's and the display don't show anything I cleaned the memory slot I thought maybe there's dust in it but nothing happened PLEASE HELP