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  1. O

    Question Case fans problem.

    Hello everyone, I bought 6 Corsair fans(4 pin connector) and somehow two of them working on about 1900 rpm and making a lot of noise, while others spinning on about 500/600, also there all connected with 4 pin connector, so I tried to configure them in the bios, by putting them on 30% but it...
  2. R

    Question ASROCK b350 pro 4 fan header issue

    Hi, i recently upgraded my cooling in my rig and i bought 3 SickleFlow 120mm fans and a H500 Case. ( https://www.coolermaster.com/catalog/coolers/case-fan/sickleflow-120-2000rpm-red-led/ ) ( https://www.asrock.com/mb/AMD/AB350 Pro4/index.asp ) (...
  3. [SOLVED] Case fans running at lower RPM? Any fix?

    Motherboard - MAXIMUS VIII GENE I recently bought Artic P12 Value Pack 1800 RPM 3 PIN case fans. But have a problem, only one is running at max speed while the rest are at 1600 RPM. I tried manually increasing all to max, but it didn't work. Fans defective? Not enough power?
  4. K

    Question CPU cooler always Max rom

    I bought a used rtx 2080, i7 8700k, Alienware Mobo and aio. The parts are from an aurorus r7 I think. But the aio is always at Max rev. Is there a way to change the bios to a default Asus bios or a software to fix can speeds?
  5. Jlg823

    [SOLVED] MSI GTX 1080 Fan RPM Low Despite 100%

    So, the GPU I have is the msi gtx 1080 gaming x 8g and I've always wondered why despite running at 100% my temperatures have always been slightly high (around upper 70s lower 80s when playing really intensive games. I checked the MSI Afterburner RPM and its around 2400RPM at 100% despite people...
  6. swompdonkey

    Mobo help? Incompatibility? Eek?

    Good evening all...I have started my first build. Albeit with limited knowledge and no experience. I fear I've already made one blunder. I have purchased a B150 Mobo: MSI B150 Gaming Astheticaly pleasing? Yes, but is the upgrade for use with skylake processors going to be a hassle? MSI...