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  1. G

    [SOLVED] low fps

    i have a 9400f rx 460 4gb 8 gb ram and i get fps drops below 30 fps in 720p while my brother gets constant 60-70 fps with gtx 1050 2gb and 16gb ram,howww?is it a ram issue,and here i was hoping to switch to 1080p.Saw online benchmark of rx 460 online,all had much better fps than mine in 1080p:0
  2. Tebbieboi

    Question Is the Visiontek RX 460 compatible with an HP Compaq 6300 Pro Minitower PC ?

    Will the Visiontek RX 460 work properly in my HP Compaq 6300 Pro MT ? specs: i5 3470 8 gigs ram 300 watt psu it did not work on my dell PC so im just concerned.
  3. F

    Question Pc won't turn on when I plug in my GPU.

    At this point I don't even care that it's broken I already replaced it but I couldn't for the life of my find my exact problem on the internet so I decided to post here. So I had an rx 460 that I used for 2 years until one fateful day it died on me. Now the problem is that it's not just that my...
  4. F

    [SOLVED] Is it worth buying a ZOTAC 1050 2gb mini over a Windforce RX 460 2gb?

    I presume they are very similar but I'm not too sure on that. The 1050 is slightly more expensive where I buy from.
  5. RealSmoke

    Question Gpu, Cpu and Ram upgrade for medion ms-7616

    Hi i've been looking to upgrade my medion ms-7616 but i'm not sure of the components. Current spec ---> Gt 330 (Gddr3 768mb directx10) .... I3-530 .... 4gb ddr3 ram (Dual channel) 2x2 How i would like to upgrade ---> Amd Radeon RX 460 2gb .... I7-870 .... 8gb ddr3 (dual...
  6. N

    Question AMD Driver constantly crashing

    The driver crashes in like 90% of the times when I try to play something. Not even talking about the new triple a games, it literally happens when I try to play csgo (from 2012) and far cry 3 (from 2013), for example. Things I've already tried, with no success (don't suggest that)...
  7. X

    [SOLVED] Can my motherboard handle RTX gpu?

    Is Asus Prime B250-Plus motherboard compatible with RTX 2070? Will it work?
  8. V

    Question Monitor takes many many tries to get going

    So i've got an old Samsung monitor that works well, once it gets going. i have to turn it on and of 20-30 times before it will flicker into life over 10 more flips of the switch not sure if there's anything i can do
  9. W

    Why my laptop can not run fortnite at more than 20 stable fps?

    Specifications (from dxdiag): ----------------- Time of this report: 1/6/2019, 12:26:20 Machine name: DESKTOP-DLQJM56 Machine Id: {23368DB4-4AAC-432C-9513-370832580C2A} Operating System: Windows 10 Home Single Language 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134)...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Screwed up and bought an MATX case for my ATX mobo. Is it workable?

    Title says it it all. It's a ASRock AB350 Pro4 mobo and Rosewill - RANGER-M case.
  11. T

    Are my ram slots broken?

    I have a ASRock AB350M-HDV MoBo and I just tried to install new ram into the slots. The ram sticks are all the way in but my PC will not turn on. I’ve tried 1 8 GB stick in both slots, and I’ve tried 2 8 GB sticks in both slots. I know the problem isn’t the sticks because they work perfectly...
  12. G

    CPU Won't Overclock (FX-8350 And Gigabyte Motherboard)

    My CPU Is An AMD FX-8350 And My Mother Board Is A Gigabyte 970A-DS3P, And For What I Know, They Are Both Unlocked And Allow Overclocking So Can Someone Explain To Me Why It Won't
  13. P

    [SOLVED] What to upgrade next

    I have a asus rog g11cd-nr038t exept i have upgraded my gpu to a 1060 6gb and now i wonder about what to upgrade next?
  14. K

    Question Pc Audio Jack

    My audio jack has been working fine until recently. All of the sudden it only works if i yank it to one side causing me to pull it, and tape it to the side of the computer. Does anyone know how i can fix this? Note that the audio jack does work but not by just plugging it in. I have to pull the...
  15. S

    Helios 300 Fan ISSUE

    I have a helios 300 g3-572 model, which under warranty the cooling fans were replaced. The fans doesnot reach the full rpm even after the replacement. Please help me with some solution or a link to purchase a new set of hea sink and fans
  16. N

    240hz and 1080p or 144hz 1440p?

    So I recently decided to get into pc gaming and I need help finding a monitor. I was originally going to get a 1440p, 144hzz monitor, but my friend said that he thought refresh rate was more important. He sent me a link to a good 240hz monitor, but then told me that I needed to upgrade my cpu if...
  17. D

    Since Blackout, CPU Performance Is Down And Performance Issues In General

    So earlier today there was a tiny little one second blackout during a thunderstorm (we frequently have blackouts here at this time of year during storms), no big deal. So I rebooted my pc and all was well for like half an hour. While watching youtube my computer suddenly could not handle...
  18. M

    Acer predator vs asus rog?

    So i’m planning to upgrade my monitor. The price of asus rog 24.5 1 ms 240 hz is $524. while the predator 27-inch uhd ips price is $572. Which one do you think should i buy in terms of gaming?
  19. 6

    i5 7600k vs i7 8700K

    hello would it be worth it to upgrade from a i5 7600k to a i7 8700k ? im playing on 3440x1440 Acer predator x34 100hz with asus strix 1080 ti OC......will be there any improvment in fps? bcs i dont know why but i have just 60-80 fps on bf1 and if i checked benchs average was cca 115
  20. L

    tv to amp

    hi guys. trying to connect my new(ish) LG tv to my old Teac ah500i. i have read through some of the threads on here and came across some advice that helped someine by way of using the head phone socket on the back. i have tried this but sound only comes out of 1 speaker. now my question is. my...
  21. S

    PC for net surfing and youtube

    I am looking for a PC for senior citizen. Will G4560 with its integrated graphics will do the job or I should go with i3-8100?
  22. L

    Help with changing mobo and CPU

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade my GIGABYTE 78-LMT-USB3 mobo w/ an FX 6350 to a ASUS Prime B350-A with a Ryzen 5 2600. Will I need to reinstall windows at all? If I do, I have a HDD and a SSD with Windows on it and will reinstalling it cause me to lose any data (will I need to format or whatnot)...
  23. L

    wattage cpu laptops

    is it bad to have a max wattage reading of 18.9w while palying and charging will it affect my laptop
  24. J

    Can I move my whole users folder from my C drive to D drive?

    I was wondering if I can move my whole user folder from C:\Users to my D:\ drive. Is there a way to do this, and after I do it would I need to go into every program I have and change the save location, or would the AppData all move with it?
  25. T

    Low budget CPU upgrade

    Hello, I bought a prebuilt PC with a Nvidia 1050ti and a Intel I3 7100. I want to be able to play ARMA 3 with atleast 30 FPS and to browse around games without worrying about my CPU to give up on me. (8gb ram with 1tb HHD I think)
  26. B

    Boot issues H100i

    Hi I am having some issues. I have put my new corsair H100i V2 in my system. However, it won't boot. I have plugged the top fan into the cpu header since the two fan leads coming off pump won't produce power for them for some reason the second pump is plugged into another fan header on the board...
  27. B

    Monitors on 2nd GPU aren't detected

    Hi All, I am trying to troubleshoot an issue that I am having with hooking up 6 monitors to 2 separate GPUs. I have 2 1050 GPUs and I can hookup 4 monitors on 1 gpu, but I can't get the other 2 monitors to work on the 2nd GPU. I even swapped the GPUs and tried it, same result happened, so the...
  28. B

    Need pictures of GTX 770 twin frozr

    Well, long story short, I got scammed and bought a faulty GTX 770. There are 7 missing capacitors C4037, C647, C643, C648, C654, C663, C821. I was wondering... I I could try to solder on some capacitors with the same capacitance as some which look identical to the ones missing in the hopes of...
  29. G

    What psu comes with two six pin leads

    Fitting gtx 270 and need two 6pin supply leads.
  30. R

    Asus rog strix z370-h gaming power sw

    Everything is installed and plugged in but i have no clue where to install the power sw cable. I have heard down in the right corner but i have pluged it there every way i can and no result.
  31. K

    Best hypervisor or cheap windows server software

    I just got a Dell tower server and want to run a few different vms on it. What is a good cheap supervisor, or does anyone know a cheap way to get windows server?
  32. D

    UJF-6042 Flatbed Printer - Head Error 12e (0013)

    Hi, I have came across a major issue. I have done some checking of certain processes and have come to the conclusion that the printer has a problem carrying out orders when it comes to receiving data and processing it. The processes I have attempted are as follows: Naturally by performing a...
  33. A

    Power Supply Verification

    I am building a gaming pc with Ryzen 3 1200 and gtx 1060 6gb everything is good until i came across about to the power supply, since im on a budget build im choosing two PSU Seasonic S12II 520W 80PLUS Bronze or Cooler Master MasterWatt Lite 500W 80 Plus White which of them is a better choice?
  34. P

    Time to upgrade? Ivy Bridge i7 to Coffe Lake i7

    I'm curious if anyone would recommend upgrading my current system to achieve optimal FPS in 4k gaming at 60hz. Currently I can achieve close to 60fps average on most of the AAA games, but the 1% and 0.1% lows can get into the 30s. I'm curious if upgrading to a modern CPU, chipset, and RAM...
  35. N

    Front panel switches

    I started to build my pc and I only have h.d.d led + and - in the same switch thing and power sw and can i use only these or do i need the rest like reset SW and does other ones
  36. C

    light and free antivirus

    What's the best, free, and lightweight antivirus software that you guys would recommend?
  37. M

    Is this upgrade possible?

    So I have a Acer Aspire TC705 with these specs: i5 4460 3.2ghz 8gb ram ddr3 H81 Gtx 750 300 watt Will I be able to upgrade my graphics card to a gtx 1060 6gb or do I need to upgrade anything in my system for it to work. If it doesent work with the 1060 please leave me suggestions of good...
  38. R

    error sending help

    An unknown error has occurred. Subject 'Kittie Byrne', Account: 'Gmail', Server: 'smtp.gmail.com', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 465, Secure(SSL): Yes, Error Number: 0x800CCC0B