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    [SOLVED] Does Optiplex 7010 Have SATA 3.0 (6gb/s) Port

    Hi , I'm thinking to upgrade from my Optiplex 390 motherboard to Optiplex 7010 MT Motherboard , but before that i need to know some info's please : Does Optiplex 7010 Have a SATA 3.0 (6gb/s) Port ? because i have an ssd that needs this speed . ( Kingston A400 250Gb ) Does Pci Express 16...
  2. A

    Question SSD not in FULL SPEED

    I just got a KINGSTON A400 240GB SSD Yesterday and installed windows on it , but im surprised that im not getting the full speed , only half speed wich is 235mb/s reading and 220mb/s writing , It's Supposed to be 450mb/s - 500mb/s as mentioned from the company - SPACE USED OF THE SSD : 31Gb out...
  3. L

    Which is better, a UPS or an AVR?

    Please name the pros and cons of each. Also I read that you can plug a UPS on an AVR. Is it possible and does it have more advantages? I'm asking these questions because my Sassin 1500VA AVR suddenly turned off, well not really turned off but the graph thingy turned 0 like there was nothing...
  4. light001

    4171mhz i5 3550 Cpu overclock

    Hey guys just looking for some thoughts on this, i overclocked my i5 3550 to 4171mhz with my Asus p8z77-v lx through the bios by raising the blck to 107. and a few other tweeks I have a hyper evo 212 cooler and will monitor my temps but i am not to worried. I see lots of programs like unigine...
  5. H

    Windows 10 black screen with movable cursor after boot Help

    Specs: ASUS Z97-A I5-4690K ASUS GTX 770 Direct CU II WD Blue EVGA SuperNova G2 750w Windows 10 I started getting black screen after boot with movable cursor that disappears and resets to the center when idle . Prior to this I overclocked my GPU clock speed, without changing voltage, and ran my...
  6. T

    Looking for a handle

    I will be buying parts for a new PC soon (part list is on my PCPartPicker @ iiTerminal), and I am looking for a handle to attach to my CM Elite 130 case. I need something that will last me for a good amount of time (4+ years) while being carried from house to house (I'll hold the PC by the...
  7. X

    New video card bottleneck

    Hi there! I was thinking in upgrade my "girlfriend" My pc: Gigabyte ga-h61m-s1 8 gb ram Sapphire HD 7770 i5-3330 CPU @ 3.00GHz 3.20 GHz If i a buy an AM3 cpu i wont be able to use it because my motherboard sucks and if i buy a mother i would need a cpu. I have the money to buy a R9 270x Vapor x...
  8. R

    EFI Shell Screen at Startup

    I left my PC on for 10 minutes and I came back to find the screen showing this: I have no idea what this is. How do I fix it? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.