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  1. R

    I want to get a new MB

    I currently have an msi a88x g45 gaming MB which no longer works, so I need a new mb... I want to be able to upgrade my cpu in the future so an mb that can support a better cpu than the one I currently have. MB-MSI A88X G45 gaming CPU-A10 7850k GPU-MSI geforce gtx 970 PSU-EVGA 850W B2...
  2. C

    PC underperforming in certain games

    Really strange problem going on in the performance of my PC, games like AC Unity run absolutly fine, decent fps no lag what so ever however games like WoW Dirty Bomb and even minecraft run like crap with frame rate drops and the lot. What could the problem be? Temps seem to be fine 40-50C CPU...
  3. Azurumi Shinji

    PC will not turn on one night then randomly turns on in the morning?

    Hello , i have a custom built windows 8.1 pc (intel and nivida parts) that i owned for a couple years now . Then last night i got on it and noticed the screen was very pixelated and it was not frozen so i turned my pc off after trying to see if the video cord was secure. When it turns back on it...