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  1. george p66

    Advice on updating GPU

    Hey everyone :) I am looking to update my GPU and any other parts that might need it. Here are my specs: Gigabyte HD 7870 2GB OC version ASUS Maximus V gene Intel Core i7 3770k Seagate Sata 500GB Kingston 4gb DRR3 1600MHz (x4) Corsair 750W Corsair C70 case 60Hz 1080p monitor Windows 7 64bit...
  2. C

    Crash after/during BIOS screen

    So, I built a computer for the first time a couple days ago. I was able to play for about a day before I experienced a random computer lockup while gaming. I was able to start the computer the next day, but it crashed a few time more while just browsing the internet. Now it crashes either right...
  3. lillozzer68

    I need Help

    I want to Uninstall Call of Duty WW2 and reinstall it... Will it delete all of progress in the game like multiplayer rank.... I want to uninstall it off of my HDD and put it in my SSD Im on a PC BTW
  4. A

    Computer won't start

    What happened is I opened up msconfig and went to the boot settings options and messed with the maximum ram option. After I clicked the option I set it at too low(256 mb or something like that) and restarted it. I realized my mistake after but now I don't know how to fix my mistake. Computer is...
  5. E

    AMD A10 apu

    I have recently built a new pc on a shoe string budget using AMD A10 9700 APU which I have managed a stable over clock of 4.2ghz on. But I am u able to find any information online about what the best GPU would be to pair with this budget APU/CPU. I was originally going to buy the 1080ti and...
  6. E

    PSU choice for msi 970 gtx SLI

    Hi guys, i was wondering how much ps would i need to run 2 msi gtx 970. My current rig is: INTEL - Processore Core i7-2600K (Sandy Bridge) Noctua NH-D14 Msi GTX 970 GAMING 4G Silent Pro M700 - Silent Pro M700 - 700 Watt 80 PLUS Bronze Certified Motherboard ASROCK Z68 Extreme4 Gen3 Corsair...
  7. computerman1234

    How much power is too much from a specified wattage of a power supply?

    I was reading online that you should buy a PSU so that your parts consume 50-60% of its total available power to allow for upgrades and more efficient performance. I currently have a 600W PSU and use about 500W power with it as I have already upgraded my GPU to a 980Ti. I am looking to upgrade...
  8. I

    new graphics card

    Currently I am looking to buy a new graphics card, which is going to replace my old 7850 1gb. I have amd phenom II X4 B50 (quad core 3.2GHz) and 8gb ddr3. In december I am gonna buy ryzen 3/5 with new mbo and ddr4. I am looking for best gpu solution. Sadly, there are no good rx prices here in my...
  9. H

    GPU or PSU Squealing at high FPS.

    When ever i hit very high frames in games, for example Minecraft - 2000 FPS, my GPU or PSU starts squealing, it sounds like coil whine. Should i be worried? BTW my PSU is the EVGA SuperNOVA G2 550W and my GPU is the MSI GeForce GTX 1060 ARMOR OC 3GB
  10. H

    Weird breathing grinding noise from pc

    Hi, A weird grinding noise is coming out from my PC in a breathing pattern. The grinding starts low and then go ups and then back down. This all happens in around 5 seconds. Normally this happens 3-4 times and then it stops. It comes back quite frequently. I can't pinpoint exactly what makes it...
  11. G

    Ram is not compatible with motherboard

    Hello, I am new to building a PC and I used PCpartpicker to help me with my build. I have Msi Pro carbon intel z270 and G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4...
  12. K

    My new GTX 1070 G1 GAMING causes my pc to restart when gaming at 2560x1440 ?

    Hi guys, I recently purchased a GTX 1070 G1 (used for bit less than a year), and it replaced my GTX 970 ASUS TURBO. When started using it since yesterday, I started to get shut downs only when playing at 2560p. Now the weird part is that I get those shut downs at games like Overwatch, Wildlands...
  13. R

    Compatability Check for my first computer

    Hello guys i am looking at building my first PC and was wondering if the Motherboard chipset and GPU i have chosen will work together. Asus - B150 PRO GAMING/AURA ATX LGA1151 Motherboard and Msi GTX 1080TI 11GB or the Asus STRIX 1080TI 11GB The CPU that i am using is a i7 7700k Thanks in...
  14. M

    Which GPU is better?

    This GTX 970 - or this GTX 960 -...
  15. JQB45

    Does anyone know anything about this CPU?

    Intel i5-8250U
  16. A

    Best combo for gaming ?

    Hi, in the process of building a new pc that will be used mostly for gaming. I have a 1080p monitor and am not too concerned about gaming at ultra settings, medium or high is perfectly fine. I was curious to know what would the best combination of components be? I'm on a tight budget, and...
  17. H

    Is it possible to use core i5 processor on a core 2 duo desktop

    Hey Guys, I have a broken laptop so I want to use my Core i5 processor instead of my Core 2 duo so can you tell me please if it is possible to use a core i5 processor on a core 2 duo desktop computer. If its not possible to use then explain me the reason and also can I use two different...
  18. K

    Issue connecting Bluetooth transmitter to samsung unju640d

    Hi, I just got a Aventree priva lll Bluetooth transmitter but I m not able to hear any sound after connecting it to the. The headpones are connected to transmitter via Bluetooth. I tried connecting the headphones directly to the Audio out cable still it does not work. Not sure if the TV is...
  19. Jamile

    recommendation for Gaming desk

    Looking for a desk that will comfortably fit my Midi-Tower which is 22 x 50 x 47.5 cm. also my 1440p, 27inch monitor with reasonable enough room for my keyboard and mouse. i was looking at the table which measures 150x75 cm, -...
  20. I

    Any way to benchmark for 1440p without owning a 1440p monitor

    I'm thinking about buying a 1440p 144hz monitor but before I do is there any way to benchmark my system to see what performance I would get at 1440p
  21. H

    rx 460 sapphire 2gb and no signal for monitor

    So i bought this new part for my pc cpu= intel g4600 , gpu = rx 460 sapphire 2gb no 6 plug , mobo = gigabyte h110m-A with a ddr 4 8gb ram and a 430 w power supply. All the fans are running, the power is in, but there is no signal from my pc to monitor , im using hdmi cable to connecting those...
  22. A

    Replace DDR3 with DDR3L in laptop

    Can i replace a ram ddr3 with ram ddr3l in a laptop? PS: I have lenovo G500.
  23. O

    Budget cpu and motherboard

    About 5 months ago I got a $100 PC because I needed one, and it's doing its job but it's a $100 PC, it's has a crappy Intel dual core processor, and a motherboard that is case specific. The hard drive could use some extra space but I made due, and it has 8gb of RAM so that's fine. What I'm...
  24. P

    Completely destroyed by malware

    Hello! I'm currently writing for a friend. She downloaded a virus by accident, mystarting123, which took control of Chrome and started downloading other malware. Now she can't turn on the pc anymore. There's only an error message and then the entire thing shuts down. What's the message? We have...
  25. G

    Computer Freezing Problem

    Recently I upgraded from an 8320, 760GMA-P34 mobo, and 1050ti to a 7600k, asrock z270, and a 6gb evga 1060 so I can play Andromeda. Everything runs fine while I play the game. Then when I go to exit out of the game the computer it closes the game and after about 30-45 seconds of my home screen...
  26. K

    I need to know how much my CPU is able to be overclocked

    Hello I would like to know if my CPU can be overclocked and how much is it able to be overclocked without problems. The PC I have is a pre-build and the model number of the PC is h8-1230z Specs: AMD FX - 8120 460 Watt HP Powersupply HP Pavilion Elite Angelica Motherboard M3970am 652951-001...
  27. C

    Graphics Drivers make my computer go crazy

    So whenever I install a graphics driver onto my computer, things go wonky. Either it will restart constantly until I go into safemode and uninstall it, or the screen will appear like this. I run windows 7 ultimate 64 bit system Intel Core i3 3220 @ 3.30GH...
  28. L

    [SOLVED] cpu help please

    Looking to buy this CPU below, but was wondering what the CPU came with? It says 125w, is that a heat sink or the amount of power the CPU uses?
  29. D

    Gaming laptop issue

    Hey guys I have a Msi gt780dxr gaming laptop, a few months ago it started crashing occasionally during games and got really hot. Recently it happens every time I try to play a game , the game may run for 10 seconds or a half hour but always crashes. I've applied new heat compound to the CPU...
  30. M

    My all Google apps are not working,why? and what's​solution?

    my Google apps are not opening,why??
  31. Deanosaur2000

    Will a A4-5000 cpu Bottleneck an RX - 460

    Will an Rx 460 Bottleneck an AMD A4-5000?
  32. D

    AMD! Front pc case audio not working

    So i had this problem for too long now front audio jack not working since i upgraded to amd graphics and i cannot install realtek audio it does not even detect when i plug headphones in usb ports working. help im about to throw pc in trash bin.
  33. K

    Can anyone tell me the name of this cooler?

    Can anyone tell me the name of this cooler? Here are two pictures: It's cooling an i7 870 CPU (socket LGA1156)
  34. B

    How to use my gpu correctly?

    Hi i have a lenovo ideapad 500-isk the problem is i want to run games on my amd r5 m330, but i think i cant. my main issue is that i want to get higher fps on counter strike, but i think it runs on intel hd 520. is there a way to disable intel hd 520 and run the game on the amd card. i have...
  35. J

    Pavilion dv5 won't turn on

    I have an old Pavilion dv5. I decided to try and fire it up just for kicks. when I plug the ac adapter in, the battery LED turns on white and then switches to amber. when I press the power button, nothing happens except the hard drive light turns on both colors at the same time. No fan or...
  36. A

    Does It work?

    Can I use a external hard drive and ssd on a desktop? If so, how?
  37. E

    OverClock The Intel S5520HC

    Hi, im new there... i need some help from experts! im italian so im sorry for my bad english... i need help to overclock my intel s5520hc... i know this motherboar is for server so i really cant overclock it... but i need to try enything... so please help me to find a solution... <<Removed by...
  38. A

    zotac 1050 with Pentium G620 2.6 ghz

    Hey, I am using pentium g620 2.6 ghz with nVidia gt 630 and 8 gb ram. Motheboard is Gigabyte H61M s2p B3 want to upgrade gpu for gaming. So want to buy Zotac 1050.I know a little bit about bottleneck. But i want to , Is it will be great bottleneck? And can I play GTA V 45+ FPS in ultra Thank You...
  39. A

    Budget PC build

    Is this good build for gaming at 1080p 60fps+? (I wanna play lots of overwatch, rainbow six siege and maybe Battlefield 1). Btw. My budget is $650. PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant CPU: Intel Core i5-6500 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor ($189.99 @ SuperBiiz) Motherboard: MSI...
  40. Deniedstingray

    What are these for?

    Just a random question for you guys, What are the three different sized holes for on the back of my pc's case under the exhaust fan.