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  1. T

    How much more performance will i get??

    I just got an i5 4690k, and I love it to start off. but would i have gotten a lot better performance if i got a i7? Also i am overclocking at 3.9 with temps around 75 with gaming. I think that is high. I have a hyper T4 with artic thermal compound. I would like to overclock to 4.2 or higher but...
  2. G

    best £40 headphones

    hello, what are the best headphones for music and gaming for approx £40? -Max -Thanks
  3. R

    Windows Defender on Windows 10 - Is it good enough?

    I would like to know if Windows Defender for Windows 10 is good enough for me or if theres another anti virus program i should use. Perhaps the most popular one? I do not download anything illegal, however i do use websites like putlocker and streamlord to watch films etc. But that is (i think)...
  4. M

    will the graphic card support

    i have zebronics 945 motherboard it has pcie 1.0 slot with no locking am looking to buy a decent low budget graphic card which is supported with my motherboard and will can run a little bit good graphic games till now and so on.i have looked for a good card which is in my budget.and can...
  5. H

    Plz suggest laptops with hybrid disks

    Hello,im gonna buy a laptop rhis week. So can u suggest some good laptops with hybrid disks???
  6. R

    Seagate HD Stopped working, should I replace the controller?

    Hi guys! I'm desperate for some help. My 3tb Barracuda HD just stopped working, the computer or the HD did a bip sound and the HD never came again, after multiple reboots, tried to put it on another computer same results. It does some clicking sounds for a little bit, but once windows is up...
  7. R

    Advice for a New Graphics Card

    So, recently i decided that i need to upgrade my Graphics card a little in order to play Games that i used to play like: - Mass Effect series, - Europa Universalis 4 - Dragon Age Series (Inquisition would be nice) - League of Legends with a Stable 60 fps (Currently running between 25 (in...
  8. Z

    Drivers causing System Interrupts when downloading

    EDIT: totally forgot that I wasn't sure where to put driver issues, so I put them here. If I need to put them somewhere else, let me know mods. I have been working on this for the past few hours, and I have figured out that "System Interrupts" has been using all of core 0 of my quad core...
  9. W

    More overclocking with MSI Afterburner

    I want to overclock my GT 640M LE. I installed MSI Afterburner 4.2.0. I can Overclock GPU clock up to 135Mhz. But I want to overclock more. I changed the config like this: UnofficialOverclockingEULA = I confirm that I am aware of unofficial overclocking limitations and fully understand that MSI...
  10. S

    Graphic drivers issues + Blue Screen of Death (Windows 7)

    I (apparently) got issues with my graphics card and/or graphics drivers that have persisted for the last 3-4 weeks. It all started with a freeze of the screen when in the menu of a BETA-game (Rome - Total War). As I left the pc for two minutes and returned, the game being in its menu at the...
  11. L

    i74790k Hot Cpu Reading but Cold Heat Sink

    Hi I have a new i74790k from amd fx8320 but i'v have searched around with temp guide's but nothing that can help me with this issue. When i stresstested it for 1hour my temps for the cpu are 85c Max on 1 of the core's, but the heatsink is cold, i know with amd that when it is at 60c the...
  12. I

    Is it possible to upgrade my PC?

    Is it possible to customize my Dell Inspiron 660? The current Specs are: Intel i3-2130 Processor @3.40 GHz (2 Cores) Intel HD Graphics 2000 6 GB of RAM I don't know Motherboard I have Dell Inc. A09 BIOS My max resolution for my Monitor is 1440x900 I don't know my Power Supply I want to put in...
  13. S

    [Solved] FX 8350 OC 4.4ghz 1.42v safe?

    I am overclocking my amd fx 8350 and I have tried so hard to get it to 4.5ghz but i just cant get it without putting my voltage skyhigh. So the best ive been able to do is 4.4ghz with 1.42v. Is this safe? The max temp it reached while stress testing with Prime95 was 61C
  14. SirTrus

    Is my AMD card broken?

    Over the past week, I've been re-installing windows, losing a lot of important files such as 3D modeling files for my up-coming indie game and such. Whenever I install AMD drivers, the whole computer messes up, when I boot it up, after the windows 7 icon appears, it just goes black then goes...
  15. R

    windows 7 storage

    how to tell windows 7 where to store files, eg: on the hdd not the ssd
  16. E

    Which materials are safe to put hardware on?

    I try to figure which one of my ram is dead and i need to place one of them somewhere but i dont know which material can damage it. Which one of these can damage my ram: plastic, wood, glass, paper? I dont have any of those antistatic bags and i dont know where i can buy them
  17. dovedescent7

    1045t vs B93 for This Htpc & other suggestions

    I finally got the parts to start my own HTPC after using desktop and laptops, getting annoying. I've got: Zotac 880g mini itx am3 board 6gb/s ssd 16gb ddr3 ram (free) Phenom ii B93 unlocked X4 925 +oc Antec htpc case. My issue? I want to not only dual boot openelec and win 10,but I run...
  18. B

    900$ build.. need opinions on it what do i need to change? budget is 900$max
  19. L

    A+ Videos (CBT Nuggets and Professor Messer)

    Hey all, I am currently studying for my A+ certification. My employer has a subscription to CBT Nuggets for training, but it is running out soon. I have heard Professor Messer videos are pretty good for helping with the exams. Instead of renewing the subscription for CBT Nuggets, would Messer...
  20. K

    need help with overclocking

    hi, i would like some help and possibly if you could tell me how much i could overclock my pc
  21. R

    Cheapest GPU to get ultra settings on 1680x1050? e.g. Witcher 3

    I don't intend to replace my 22" 1680x1050 monitor until it dies, it's served me well and has excellent color reproduction. I'm currently using a R7 260X card, which can give me decent framerates at med settings in most games. I'm considering upgrading to a card which can give me ultra...
  22. L

    Is my motherboard compatible with this cpu and gpu?

    Hello, i want to renovate my PC and i have a P7P55 LX motherboard with a 2x2Gb DDR3 ram and a intel i7-860. I have a Tacens power supply too(i dont know how many w have). I want to buy 4gb Ram ddr3 more and i want to buy a GPU like a geforce 960 or R9 270X. Some knows if i have some problems...
  23. S

    Which is the best gaming monitor?

    Which is the best gaming monitor in lowest price???
  24. J

    Which component to upgrade?

    I have some extra cash (about $800) and I'm looking to upgrade either my mobo/processor/ram or video card. I cannot do them all at once so based on my hardware which should I change out first? I have an i5-2500k factory at 3.3ghz with a AsRock Z68 Extreme3 Gen3 board and 8 gigs of ram. I...
  25. T

    2 Different GPU's on 1 Rig for 2 monitors?

    My PC consists of an Intel Intel Core i7 i7-4790, and an XFX R9 290x. I have 2 monitors, but the second one is strictly used by VGA. My GPU does not come with a VGA port, but I have an Nvidia Geforce GTX 660 ti laying around from my last build. Is it possible for me to use the Nvidia GPU with my...
  26. E

    Keyboard not working, can't access bios

    Hi guys, I'll begin with saying I'm not computer savy at all and I have came across a weird and annoying problem. I noticed after being afk once that when I clicked on something like the start menu, it would just immediately close when I went to hit a button. So I turned off my pc and now it...
  27. R

    FPs drop in games

    Hello I'm currently having an issue of halved frames per second in almost all games, specifically Guild wars 2 and Grand theft auto 5, my temperatures are normal, i have reinstalled all games and drivers but still no results.. This issue is persisting since i installed Gta5. I have a Gtx 670...
  28. Holy_snacks

    Is this a good build? (First Time Builder)

    I have this build but I'm not sure if its good. Can you guy help me see if it is? AMD FX-8350 4.0GHz 8-Core Processor MSi 970 Gaming ATX AM3+ Motherboard Hitachi Ultrastar 750GB MSI Radeon R9 390 8GB Zalman Z11 Neo Evga SuperNOVA NEX 750 LG GH24NSC0 DVD/CS...
  29. N

    IS this a good gaming pc on budget

    It has a Fx 6300 3.5 ghz 6 core processer, 8 gb 1600 mhz gaming ram, gigabyte ga 970 gaming mother board, Eva gtx 760 ssc gold ocz trion 120 gb ssd seagate 1 tb sata 6 hdd 600 watt power supply adn black antec gaming case running windows 10 pro THE price a guy on craigslist is asking for a even...
  30. P

    What do you think of this 'gaming' computer?

    Hello, I am planning on purchasing my first ever gaming PC before xmas. I was just wondering if this computer could play games high end games such as the Witcher 1,2,3 Skyrim, Fallout 4, Battlefield 4/Hardline etc. I cannot build a gaming PC as this is out of my hands unfortunately, sorry. I put...
  31. B

    My wife's desktop PC on start up gets as far as the picture to click to get to the password screen. The mouse doesn't work to

    My wife's desktop PC on start up gets as far as the picture to click to get to the password screen. The mouse doesn't work to get past the picture. Shut it down to restart and hit the F 2 button and the screen that comes up is asking what keyboard you want to use, Arabic, English, typewriter and...
  32. D

    Is This a Good Budget Rig For 720P @30000 INR?

    I wanted to know that is this rig good enough to run new titles at high at 720p. My budget is 32000 INR at maximum. If you have a better option with same price please tell me. 1. Core i3 4130 @3.4 Ghz 2. ASUS H81M-CS 3. Corsair Vengeance 8 GB DDR3 RAM 4. Antec BP450PS 450W PSU 5. WD 1TB HDD 6...
  33. LC1331

    New motherboard – computer will not start

    I have just purchased this new motherboard. I soon changed it out from my old one. Now my computer will not start up when I press the power button. As you can see the light is on. it's not my power supply. I was just using it yesterday with my old motherboard. I don't know what to do, please...
  34. E

    Win 10 and SecuROM HUGE ISSUE!!!

    So I have my new system up and running beautifully, and finally I am able to install my favorite game (Sims 2 Ultimate Collection) And I go to play the game, and BAM I get an error message saying security module cannot be activated. I looked farther into this and it turns out michrosoft doesn't...
  35. Qenetor

    Is NVidia Gtx 970 overkill on AMD fx 6350

    Hi ! I am considering buying new GPU next summer, and I thought gtx 970 would be good one. It is quite powerfull and it is in my budget (around 400€). Now the question is, would it be an overkill with my current CPU, Amd fx 6350. If it is, would overclocking solve the problem, and if not, what...
  36. S

    Location of link on Chrome Favorites Bar

    I have on my Chrome favorites bar a link to the favorites imported from IE. How do I now move those favorites to a new computer. These are different from those in my favorites folder on the current (old) computer.
  37. Z

    Choosing right laptop for work

    Dear community :), I am currently looking for a new laptop as my old Acer Aspire V3 is going to leave this world soon. I felt in love with Dell XPS 13, I also kind of like MCB Pro 13 retina (2015) BUT! I am afraid both doesn't meet my performance requirements, but I am not totally sure about...
  38. Kisianik

    New day, new ERROR or what is that?

    Was posting answers as usual for the past a few hours, then my browser freezes, in a minute I suddenly got this when tried to post another answer (I am using the same Pale Moon browser setup for the past 4 months or so): After using backup and refreshing toms page, I got this: I answered...
  39. C

    MSI R9 380 4G PCI Express 3.0 x16 (x8)?

    I have a Gigabyte GA-Z97X-GAMING 3 motherboard can I run my MSI R9 380 gaming 4g in the PCI express 3.0 x16 (x8) slot? It covers up 2 of my PCI slots that I need if it's in the PCI Express 3.0 x16 (x16) slot. Only using the one video card. Not doing crossfire.
  40. U

    Uninstalling/Installing Display Drivers

    In some games I get frame dips from 60 fps straight to 55 fps and causes the game to freeze and stutter for a second and has become extremely annoying. A reddit post (link below) solved it and many commented success. I was wondering, mainly because I am worried I will completely ruin my PC, if...