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  1. rocopolas

    Question PC shuts down, it's not temperature

    The PC shuts down out of nowhere when, for example, I play video games, the temperature is ok, it's not the hard drive, I don't know what to do anymore When I stress test the CPU or GPU it doesn't turn off or heat up too much, just when I play a video game after a while it turns off!! It drives...
  2. SnappyCat7000

    Question 8 Year Old Power Spec PC Having problems with Sudden Shutdowns and Erratic Power on Issues

    I have been having trouble with an 8-year-old(?) Power Spec build. The computer has a Dual core 3.2 GHz Intel Pentium G3258, with a Quadro K2000 inside of it, and I use it for very light gaming, 3D modeling, and YouTube video watching. It also has a MSI z97 pc mate motherboard if that helps...
  3. S

    Question PC Randomly Shutting Down

    Hi All, Hardware newbie here so bare with me. I've moved house this year and noticed after the move my PC will randomly shutdown. Sometimes when using Chrome, often when I'm reopening lots of chrome tabs from a previous shutdown, other times in the middle of playing a video game. Seemingly...
  4. E

    [SOLVED] Display shut down on Dell Optiplex 3010 ?

    i have this problem where the pc boot up but with no display ,load of noise from cooler but after i set BIOS to defaults and purge power from the unit, it does turn on and works well for 4-2 minute then it shut down and it came back to the same problem(orange color button no display) again ? I...
  5. R

    Question PC shutdowns 2-3 seconds after I press power button & after 3-7 shutdowns it boots ?

    PC shutdowns 2-3 seconds after I press power button. Usually after 3-7 times it boots with "BIOS checksum error" and automatic recovery. On lucky day it boots from first time. I replaced CMOS battery (small round in motherboard) but it didn't help. How to fix this issue? I have 11 year old...
  6. Farboguy

    Question Partial System Shutdown (Randomly) after adding 4K Monitor ?

    I recently upgraded one of my two displays to a 4k monitor. I had no issues with my system prior, but probably about a week after the upgrade I had sporadic issues where both monitors suddenly turn grey for several seconds and then the entire system almost completely shuts down. The monitors are...
  7. D

    [SOLVED] PC shuts down after first boot, works fine after second

    Hello, today i put together my Gaming PC. When i try to turn it on, it works for about 5sec then turns off. After turning off, it automaticly starts for second time and then it works fine. Does anyone know a solution for this problem? The parts are: MSI MEG Z490 Ace 32GB G.Skill Triden Z Neo...
  8. Aderito Abreu

    Question Old laptop won't always turn on after SSD, Window's 10 and CMOS battery upgrade

    Hello, So recently, I upgrade an older insys w76tun with a 500gb Kingston SSD and also a Windows 10 Operation system. All good after the installation, windows 10 running perfect more faster as expected. After I opened the laptop and replaced the CMOS battery with a new 3V unit because I was...
  9. rufus.ale

    Question Tried to boot the pc after two weeks, it booted up normally but in a minute it shutdown and small explosion sound was heard. Please help

    Today, I turned on the pc after two weeks ,it booted up normally , but in a minute i just shutdown and a small explosion sound was heard from the CPU i donno where specifically it is. Please help ! I just replaced my PSU with a 400w normal one 4-5 months ago
  10. L

    [SOLVED] PC 'shuts off' after booting, need to press reset button for normal use

    Hi everyone, I've had this issue for quite some time now and hoping to get your advice on what the issue may be. I tried looking for a similar issue everywhere but no one else seemed to have it. It doesn't happen every day, but maybe once every two days. When I start my PC and open one or two...
  11. xrique007

    [SOLVED] FX6300 Overheating and shutdown in seconds

    I just bought deepcool gammaxx 300 and tried to overclock my FX 6300 at 4ghz but it was overheating at 90c so I was changing my case fans position but I forgot to connect 4pin connector at the top and ran for a minute or two after that I turned it off and connected it an started my pc again but...
  12. Akaigetsu

    Question Boot Loop troubleshooting

    Hey guys! Recently I bought some new PC parts and I combined those with some I already had. My old specs: i7 930 MSI X58 Pro-E Nvidia GTX 970 Kingston HyperX DDR3 24GB (triple channel 3x8GB) Corsair RM750x (White) My new specs: Ryzen 7 3700X 16GB GSkill TridentZ Neo CL16 3600MHz X570 Gigabyte...
  13. dorker

    Question Random shutdowns with Lenovo 80E4 (G40-80)

    GF's laptop has been randomly shutting down lately and the task of fixing it naturally falls to me. You know how it is. On to the symptoms... The main problem is that the machine will just die (as if the battery were suddenly pulled) without warning. It has a new extra-capacity battery (see...
  14. H

    Question Pc shuts down while heavy gaming/ Streaming, Thermaltake 750W Gold PSU

    i7-8700K - H80iV2 Cooler 16GB DDR4 3200Mhz hyper X Predator ram ( planning on upgrading to 32) any recommendations if I should keep those for a second pc or stick with 3200? nvme intel 1TB Main disk. MSI Z370 GAMING PLUS motherboard EVGA RTX 2080 Ti Thermaltake 750W gold - used to have a...
  15. T

    Question PC boots for a couple of seconds then shuts down

    Hi everyone. This morning I decided to clean my PC seeing it had a lost of dust built up especially around fans. I also unscrewed the cooler and applied new thermal paste. Ever since it won't boot up. It starts for a couple of seconds, doesn't go to post, there's no beep and it actually makes...