Question Display shut down on Dell Optiplex 3010 ?

Oct 19, 2021
i have this problem where the pc boot up but with no display ,load of noise from cooler but after i set BIOS to defaults and purge power from the unit, it does turn on and works well for 4-2 minute then it shut down and it came back to the same problem(orange color button no display) again ?

I tried testing the RAM and unplugging other devices but still nothing changes.
what could be the problem ? cpu half dead - pus - motherboard issue ?

I removed the hard drive as I thought the problem could be from the drivers.

This is screen of the button color when it has the problem orange and blue when i do the default:

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Vic 40

Think first it needs a good cleaning and likely repasting of cpu. Mean cleaning of gpu too if the outside is any indication of how things look inside, might be good to reseat gpu and ram, well when cleaning the gpu would it be good to take it outside anyway. See how far this gets you ....