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  1. L

    Question WiFi card signal obstructed by case side panel

    I recently purchased an Archer T6E AC1300 WiFi PCIe Adapter from TP-Link and it has a decent signal, but only if the side panel is removed from the case (Phanteks P300A). The motherboard is ASUS Prime Z590 and all firmware should be up to date.
  2. Platinum_Gamer

    [SOLVED] How best to fix scratched side-panel on my Be Quiet 802 ?

    My side panel had finger marks and I cleaned it with screen cleaner and a microfibre which normally does the trick for most things but surprisingly, it scratched the panel. View: Was wondering if I can fix it by using a clean microfibre cloth and Meguiars Ultimate...
  3. VoidBreakr

    [SOLVED] Where can I get a glass case side panel that looks like this?

    Where could I pick up a case side panel made of glass that looks like this? The prebuilt model is the Dell XPS 8940. It's kind of a weird shape, it has a lip at the top and bottom that clip onto the case. Here is some pictures, thank you in advance. View:
  4. Koesherbacon

    [SOLVED] Any way to replace a "Fractal Design: Focus G" Side-Panel?

    Hello Tom's Hardware Folks. This may seem like a strange request but bear with me. Does anyone know if it's possible to buy a replacement side panel for a "Fractal Design: Focus G" case? I'm asking because I get migraines and the lighted fans and other internal components can be a trigger. If...
  5. BlazingAngels

    Question Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Misaligned - Any Fix?!

    The side panel on my Phanteks Enthoo Luxe has been misaligned for a while now, and I haven't figured out how to seat properly. Is there any fix for this?! I will provide an image of what this looks like if it helps. View:
  6. J

    Question Cases with a tempered glass panel on the right side?

    I'm looking for a case that has a glass side panel on the right side of the case. Is there one, or any "normal" case that can be flipped upside down? (I think the Cooler Master Masterbox Q300L can but I'm not sure).
  7. BlazingAngels

    Question How do I remove the side panel off of my Phanteks Enthoo Luxe

    How do I remove the door off a Phanteks Enthoo Luxe, mine does seem to be coming off?
  8. M

    Using laptop as a desktop

    Is it bad to leave my laptop plugged in most of the time? (connected to monitor with keyboard and mouse)
  9. F

    Can't search applications on the D:\ Drive

    Hi, After recently upgrading to windows 10 and doing a fresh install of windows, I have a problem with the search tool. I can't search any applications that are on my D: Drive. For example, I can search "chrome" and it comes up with it as it is installed on my C drive, but when I search steam...
  10. K

    Should I get this SSD?

    Im gonna get the 850 evo SSD. I was planning on just getting a 250gb SSD and then getting a 1 terabyte HDD. But now ive got some more money and decided to get a 1 terabyte SSD. Should I get a 1 Terabyte HHD and still get a 250 gb SSD as a boot drive or should I store everything on the 1...
  11. G

    CPU Cooler Question

    I have found an OCZ Vendetta 2 in my cupboard from an old PC. Is the OCZ vendetta still a worthy CPU cooler or would I be better of getting a new after market cooler. AMD FX 6300 Slight overclock to 3.75Ghz
  12. J

    Budget gaming pc build help

    I am currently thinking of building a budget gaming pc with these parts: It would be really helpful if I could hear what you think and how to improve. How would this pc run games such as skyrim and battlefield.
  13. D

    Opinion on a CPU - Mobo

    Hello community! I want to ask you , is a fx-6300 good with nvidia geforce gtx650 2gb (128 bit) ? If not reccommend me something in the price range of 160$ + a mobo in range of 80$
  14. S

    Will i7 4770 work fine with Cooler Master B-Series B600W?

    I've just bought both the i7 4770 and the Cooler Master B-Series B600W rather ignorantly without giving a second thought as to whether I need a particular type of PSU to run the CPU properly. My question is, will this power supply suffice, this is where I bought it (...