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  1. B

    Question 'PCI Express Root Port' preventing PC from sleeping?

    So a earlier today, I tried to put my PC to sleep, but everytime I tried, it would wake back up instantly. I thought it was a one off and shut my PC down for that session. After booting it back up a few hours ago and using it, I have now just tried to put it to sleep and it has done the exact...
  2. onlygrape1266

    Question Fans Turn On After Sleep/Shutdown

    About My Laptop: I have a Dell Inspiron Gaming laptop, best model # I could find that is alike to mine is the I7567-5650BLK-PUS . Just the 1050 GTX I'm pretty sure, with a Intel i5-7300HQ, and I replaced the hybrid drive with an SSD. Problem: Whenever I put my computer to sleep using the windows...
  3. R

    Installed Windows 8 onto my new SSD; how do I wipe the old TB HDD?

    Hi all, So I've successfully installed a new mobo, CPU, cooler, ram and SSD. It turned on beautifully and I installed windows 8 onto my 250GB SSD. How can I then wipe- yes, wipe- my old HDD. I've saved all documents, photos and files that were of importance to an external hard drive so I...