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  1. Shaun98

    Whats the Difference between these 2 cards? (GTX 1060)

    Hi Im buying my new GPU Now and need a cheapish but reiable Card. I have found 2 that i like the look of but not sure what the differences are and what one to go for. Link for first GPU -
  2. H

    CPU and GPU overclocking help.

    I have a i7 6700k and I was thinking 4.4ghz @ 1.25v I have a corsair H55 liquid cooler with ultra quiet fans and I have a gtx 1070 how do I overclock it and what clock speed and voltage should i do its a zotac card and has 3 fans on it if that helps you. Sorry I'm quite new to this stuff and I...
  3. P

    Laptop has become too slow after installation of windows 7 home basic

    Laptop has become too slow after installation of genuine version of windows 7 home basic . what may be the issue
  4. MileLord

    Help with choosing а CPU (High-End)

    I need to upgrade my PC, now I have FX 8350 @4.8GHz. I want to buy new CPU, budget is 350e for CPU. I use PC for Rendering, Programming, Photoshop and sometimes games. Thinking about 5820k with Bradwell-E MB. What do you recommend? (wait for zen??)
  5. H

    Can't restore Asus K52f-BBR5 laptop with restore DVDs

    I have an Asus K52f-BBR5 laptop. The original hard drive had the click of death and was discarded. I did make the restoration/recover DVDs (3 total) when I first got the computer, and made a second copy of that set. I had an old 320GB hard drive from my mom's Compaq CQ62-423NR after I...
  6. Melonator

    I need your opinions about mouse or keyboard

    I need your opinion guys What would you prefer Mouse or keyboard
  7. S

    Are these actually different socket CPUs or is Amazon being shady?

    I've been having several problems with my computer recently that I outlined in this thread and I think that I finally pinned the problem down to my computer having the wrong socket CPU. My motherboard is an LGA 1151 socket and my processor is an LGA 14C socket CPU, a socket I that I didn't even...
  8. K

    Amd siplay driver wont work if i use amd settings

    Hi i have amd 7700hd Graphics card. I installed amd settings just to improve preformance and control fan speed. If i use it my display driver chrashes during the game. I uninstalled the program and tried the game... it worked, can somebody tell me why it does not work if i use amd settings .. ty...
  9. R

    I5 6600non k ,gta v help

    Hi, I have an I5 4440 and a Gtx 970(installed today),working with 16 gb DDR3 @1600 mhz, today I was trying to play gta 5 in very high/ultra preset keeping the 3.5 gb buffer in mind and I was just fine enough having 45-50 fps. I lowered the settings a little more(very high) to get a stable 60 fps...
  10. D

    Could someone please make me a Build

    Could someone please Make me a build around that price range! I would like it to include a CPU Cooler, SSD, Case Fan, Speaker, and Monitor. (This is for GFX and Gaming) Thanks!
  11. X

    Flash Player Error Message

    I have a Gateway computer that continually shows a 'install the latest version of flash player' error message. BUT, the message as a Gateway Computer Logo on the message. I DO have the latest version of flash player and Google chrome confirms it. What could be causing this crazy message? I have...
  12. H

    computer caught in startup loop, no POST beeps

    Hi everyone, I have run into an issue that I need help with. My GPU had been downclocking when tabbing in and out of games and then getting stuck at those lower clock speeds until rebooting. After changing the power mode to "maximum performance" over "adaptive" on the nvidia control panel, my...
  13. D

    Bottlenecking 3 way 970 sli with a 8350 ?

    If i use a 8350 oc at 4.7 ghz will it bottleneck a 3 way 970 sli or will it be perfectly fine ?
  14. S

    Is VSync mandatory on 60Hz monitors?

    Hello, I have a classic full hd 60Hz monitor and with my GTX 980 Strix I see a lot of screen tearing. To fix this I set VSync to on and this fix the tearing problem, but in some games it adds a new problem: input lag. So my question is: to resolve the problem of tearing with a "standard" 60Hz...
  15. Gameshire

    Help for upgrading my system!

    My system's specs: Processor - Intel Core i5 650 Ram - 2 GB x 1 Graphics Card - NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS Motherboard - Intel Desktop Series DH55PJ Power Supply - Came with case iBall Case 250 W I want to upgrade my graphics card, RAM(to 6 GB) and power supply (according to the usage of new GPU)...