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    Question Slow SSD data transfer speed

    Hey guys! Recently i bought my first brand new SSD - Crucial MX500 250 gb. I was really busy at the time so i left it in the box for two weeks because i had no time to install it. Finally two weeks ago (month after the purchase) i decided to give it a try. I've installed and played few games and...
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    Question SSD not in FULL SPEED

    I just got a KINGSTON A400 240GB SSD Yesterday and installed windows on it , but im surprised that im not getting the full speed , only half speed wich is 235mb/s reading and 220mb/s writing , It's Supposed to be 450mb/s - 500mb/s as mentioned from the company - SPACE USED OF THE SSD : 31Gb out...
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    When i shutdown windows, processes still running?

    Hi guys, I have just finished building new pc with windows 10 home. However, when i shut down windows the usual shutting down screen with spinning dial shows up but then it shows some processes that will be forced to shut, even though i have nothing open. Does anybody else face this problem...
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    NEED HELP! Ethernet slower than Wireless.. Now my wireless is super slow!

    I wanted to see if using my Ethernet cable (using a powerplug converter) would increase my internet speed. I currently have BT fibre optic and was reaching 30Mb on download 9Mb upload and 32 ping. However when I put my Ethernet on my download went down to 5Mb and upload at 2Mb even though my...