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  1. S

    I7 2600 k oc vs i7 4770 stock

    HELLO everyone !!! So I currently own an i3 4160 and msi eco h81m Mobo paired with gtx 1060 6gb.As you can see this pairing in most games my CPU is being bottlenecked.So I want to upgrade but in my country buying an i7 4770 is expensive as hell even in used .For the same price as i7 4770 I am...
  2. Y

    Tech Support - 3000 Mhz Corsair 16gb Single with X470 Mobo and AMD 2700X

    Hi Community, I have purchased Motherboard - Gigabyte X470 Aorus ultra gaming Board Processor - Ryzen 2700x I went to store for a 16gb RAM and they gavem me 3000 Mhz Ram 16gb Corsair Now the RAM is working on 2133 MHZ and I tried to change XMP profile and it wont boot and after some time...
  3. X

    Questions about switching Cpu

    This is my first thread here, I don't where else to post this question. So I'm planning on switching my cpu from amd to intel, I current have window 10 os install and I was wondering how i go about doing that. Can I just use the old hardware with the new Cpu and Motherboard or I need to get...
  4. B

    Dell laptop freezes/locks up randomly then shuts down

    I have a Dell Inspiron N7110 (17R) and it's getting quite old (almost 8 years old now) but I want to keep it going as long as I can. About 2 months ago, it started freezing/locking up while gaming. The mouse couldn't move, the screen wouldn't change and there was no audio (no loops or such)...
  5. F

    i5 8400 vs 8600K with GTX 1080 and 144hz Monitor

    hi guys, my actual system looks like this: i7 3770 GTX 1080 16GB DDR3 144hz Monitor i mostly play CS GO and PUBG and want as many fps as possible for my 1080p 144hz Monitor. no i'm thinking about upgrading mobo, cpu and ram. i could exclude some cpus, so now it's all about i5 8400 vs...
  6. T

    Ryzen 2400G or 2600

    I'm looking to build a pc for gaming on a budget. For now I'm not gonna buy a GPU ( probably a GTX 1060). Shall buy it the next year or so. So which CPU should I go with, Ryzen 5 2400G or Ryzen 5 2600. And also suggest a motherboard for the same. I'll be gaming purely on CPU power till I get a GPU.
  7. A

    GPU upgrade ?

    Dell XPS 8900 I7-6700 3.4 GHz 6th gen. 16 GB Ram 1 TB HD Stock 460 watt psu. Planning on upgrading my graphics card. Looking for advice for one that will match up to my system. Leaning towards a gtx 1060 ti 6gb. Also might be looking to upgrade PSU. But with the 1060 I think it would work...
  8. J

    Upgrade CPU or GPU first

    Hello guys i got budget around 300$ and i need help what shoud i upgrade first cpu or gpu. Cpu: intel pentium g3260 3.3ghz Gpu: gt 1030 gddr5 2gb Ram: g.skill 8gb ddr 1600mhz Mobo: h81k-m Psu:cheap 500w
  9. N

    Make newly installed motherboard boot up to Windows

    I recently purchased and installed a refurbished compatible motherboard for my DELL Inspiron 15 Notebook. The hard disk, memory and DVD drives are recognized but it always ends up with 'No bootable devices. Strike F1 to retry reboot, F2 for setup utility. Press F5 to run onboard diagnostics.'...
  10. D

    how to find screen out

    my laptop opening but continues screens becames black
  11. J

    Refresh/Restting Windows 10

    I recently reset my Windows 10 on Toshiba Laptop -Satellite CD50-A-13G. Numerous drivers and apps were removed. I now have no sound. Is there anyway to recover them? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. O

    Is wd black 750gb good?

    Hello I want to use an old hard drive for a few months. I am not going to install the os on it. And I would like to know if it is good. Here is the model- WD7500BPKX it is 2.5inch.
  13. K

    GT 1030 compatible Dell Inspiron SFF ?

    I've already got a tiny (Small Form Factor) PC: Will the GT 1030 fit its narrow mini-ITX motherboard ? Will the card GT 1030 run well with its default 200W psu ? If not, please recommend me some graphics card that compatible with my Insipron...
  14. H

    Cant turn on laptop after click recovery

    I just click recovery file to reset my laptop. Suddenly it shut down and i cant turn it on. I tried remove battery and use plug. It doesnt work. The screen on but nothing i can see. Just light behind screen.
  15. packersfan036

    ryzen 5 1600 temp fluctuation when overclocked

    my ryzen 5 1600 cpus temp fluctuates at idle from like 29 to 39 or 40c then drops back down. im also using a asrock fatal1ty gamin k4 ab350 motherboard. this only happens when im overclocking not at stock. and im using a corsair h60 aio to cool the cpu.
  16. T

    Store mi worth having if you already have large ssd space?

    Not really sure if it's worth spending more on a x470 motherboard for this feature vs saving a bit on a b450 or x370. I have a 500gb and 250gb ssd and only use the 1tb hdd for large files I don't access often like games I hardly play or videos. Now if this is going to drastically speed up my...
  17. B

    Various display glitches and crashes leading up to PC not booting.

    So late last month my PC started freezing at random times with various display glitches such as a dark blue screen, vertical grey/white lines, strange red box patterns, thin red horizontal lines, distorted text and a black screen with green and white gibberish text across the whole screen. It...
  18. T

    How can i remotely see text messages and replies on my tech saavy teenagers phone without them knowing or being able to find a

    My teenager is very tech savvy when it comes to his cell phone. I've noticed a drastic change in him lately. I want to read his text messages and replies without him having any idea that Mom is invading his privacy. Is there anyway to do this remotely to monitor his device without having to pay...
  19. awesomet2005

    How will this perform?

    Hey guys. Building myself a streaming/gaming PC. I am going to be streaming at 900p 60fps, and playing games like Fortnite, BO3, and probably CSGO / TF2. Fortnite (low settings and 1440x1080) BO3 (medium - high setting) CSGO (all low and 1024x768) TF2 (all low). The build is GPU: GTX 1060 3GB...
  20. E

    H110M-H board query

    Will i get any display if i use a 7th gen cpu on a motherboard which doesnt has 7th gen updated bios. I have got a Gigabyte H110M-H motherboard but i think its bios is not updated as even on box its written 6th gen support. So if 7th gen will not be supported will i get even to bios settings or not