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  1. S

    Backup Server Is BSOD'ing - Win Server 2012

    Hi all, Starting on Monday our HP ProLiant Microserver Gen8 had began to BSOD. The logs point to hardware but wanted to see if someone could pinpoint what hardware it is complaining about. Here are some errors below: EventViewer: The computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was...
  2. P

    MA610P noise problem

    Hello, I bought a Cooler Master MasterAir MA610P, and it makes a weird noise. I posted a video about it to reddit: It's like some resonance, especially when I start a game, but it also makes this noise while playing, or...
  3. J

    Will my motherboard support M.2 SSDs?

    My motherboard is a msi B85M-E45 and I want to add a third drive, a 500GB M.2 SSD. This drive will contain mostly games, as my current 1TB HDD sometimes run at 100% when I'm playing GTA V, which results in the map loading very poorly. Firstly; does my motherboard support this interface...
  4. dimitris_37

    cant delete temporary files 20gb windows 10!!!

    Hi to everyone,i have an issue on storage windows cant delete temp files,things that i tried: cccleaner,diskcleanup ,put %temp% but nothing happens ,storage say 20gb and cant delete even from remove files from storage menu :/pls help
  5. G

    Internet stops working when 2 ethernet connections are plugged into modem/router.

    I just bought a new modem/router and powerline adapter kit. The modem/router is a Netgear (C6250-100NAS) and the powerline kit is a TP-Link (TL-PA7020v2). The problem I am facing is that everything (both wifi and wired connections) works perfectly until I plug in a second ethernet cable from the...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] Help dont know what to delete and or clone over to new ssd !

    Hey guys I have an ssd coming in the mail tomm for my laptop and I decided to be proactive and download macrium reflect on it today, and i am confused because my hd has 5 partitions on it and im trying to see what i can uncheck and or delete before cloning here is a link to an pic i took of...
  7. O

    [SOLVED] Fan Turning Off on GPU

    My computer had been making a noise for a while and a couple nights ago I decided to open it to see if I could figure out the issue. While looking around, I noticed one of the fans on my GPU was off and not spinning while the other seemed to be working extra hard because of it (the reason for...
  8. I

    [SOLVED] New mid-high end pc. Opinions?

    Hi guys, i am considering buying a new pc and this is what i came up with The video card might be 1070,still not sure about that. The pc will be 90% for gaming latest titles on 1080 p max settings. Any opinions or something to change?
  9. T

    Maxxaudio wizard for PC

    weher can I find for WIN 10 Maxxaudio wizard for free download?
  10. Gennaios

    Ram Frequency with XMP

    hello so i figured through Cpu z that the Ram Frequency was running at 667MHz(Corsair Vengeance 1600MHz) so I used XMP while it was running 1337mhz and changed to 1600mhz that was supposed to be working.. but still in cpuz it's that like idle frequencys or there is something wrong...
  11. M

    Where to find graphics cards?

    I am looking to do my first personal build. I have bought pre made computers before, but I want to build my own this time around. However as I look at graphics cards, any I am interested in seem to be out of stock/not made any more. I am specifically looking at the higher end 1070s, 1080s. Is...
  12. L

    dead HDD question

    Hi everyone, I have been using a 1TB Barracuda HDD as my file storage drive on a desktop. Recently it started disappearing from the file manager and/or the disk manager. I could reboot and it would be there for a while and then vanish again. When it was available, it worked fine. then that...
  13. E

    Good Video/Photo editing build?

    I am trying to help a buddy build a new pc for video/photo editing. But I am a gamer, I know gamer specs, not editing specs. I know they are cpu heavy, but that's about it. For an intel/nvidia build, what is the cheapest route, for a quick video editing machine? Can I get away with an i5, or...
  14. L

    Factory reset my LT 20 gateway netbook

    Netbook turns on but no home screen Just a flashing line in the upper left corner . HELP.
  15. S

    Prism cooler on LGA 1366

    I am upgrading from an i7 930 (LGA 1366) to a 2700x Ryzen, I already have a corsair H100i AIO. I want to know if I can fit the wraith prism cooler on my old cpu to build a system for my girlfriend
  16. T

    G.Skill RipJaws RAM OC

    Hey guys. So I have the G.Skill RipJaws with a 2400mhz clock speed. I’m new to bios configuration and that sorta stuff. However, I’d love to learn how to properly OC. But before I even go into the bios, can my sticks go to like 3000? Anyone with these sticks please let me know. Or if you don’t...
  17. A

    Where can I get a replacement battery (UK)?

    I need to replace the battery in my Late-2011 13" Macbook Pro. Clearly it's way out of warranty so I don't want to go to Apple, but I do want a genuine part or a high-quality replacement rather than just the cheapest. Can anyone recommend a quality supplier who sells to the UK (or ideally is...
  18. A

    Should I go for a 8700k or a 9700k on my new PC?

    Hi! I'm building a new PC. These are the specs so far - RTX 2080 Ti (still dedicing which since the msi is out of stock) - Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon - Corsair Vengeance 32GB 3000MHz CL15 - CM Masterliquid ML240R 8700k is 460€, 9700k is 475€ I'll use the PC mostly for gaming and just normal...
  19. M

    Question What is the best and most reliable way to backup or clone a Windows 10 laptop?

    Hello, I bought a new Thinkpad with Windows 10 Pro pre-installed. Should I backup or clone the system in case something bad happen? What is the best and most reliable way to do it? Thanks.
  20. B

    Is my computer broken?

    My laptop has been freezing. If I do a factory restore and it continues freezing, does this prove there is a hardware problem? there are no viruses, thanks for your help