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  1. F

    Question Ryzen 2700X stock fan

    For the Rysen 2700X, is the stock fan good enough for home video, browsing, some light gaming etc...? Otherwise, what would be a good fan under $100 mark please?
  2. A

    Question Best Sounding Headphones - Closed. For abot 100$ ?

    Hi, im alex! Im looking for recommendations for headphones under 100$ . The only requirement i have is good sound quality, they can be made out of balsa wood and held together with sticks for all i care :D . So, What are the best sounding headphones for about 100$ ? Im gonna use them for...
  3. A

    Question Over clocking will not apply

    Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but usually when I have computer issues, you guys usually have answers, unfortunately after hours of online searching trying to find a fix, nothing has worked that I’ve found that had worked for anyone else! Simply put, my bios overclocks will not apply at all...
  4. A

    Question Does an AMD A-6 6400K experience any difficulty with GTX 650?

    Does an AMD A-6 6400K experience any difficulty with GTX 650 1gb, are they compatible. will i be able to play CSGO at 60fps? thank you for fast replies please :))) - aberdeen scotland (yes im aware its old and your graphics card is better)
  5. seasandf88

    Question Strange behavior in KINGSTON DataTraveler 106

    Hello all. I'm having an issue with this flash drive, and I don't know if it's normal for this model or not, reading speed is stable but when I try to write something the speed fluctuate and keeps dropping to zero every few seconds! I uploaded a video showing the problem. PS: This is the second...
  6. luk17

    [SOLVED] Connection between two PCs in different location

    HI, i would like to ask you some question, 1 Can i link two different pc's on a different internet position with the vpn creation from windows ? for example: a laptop is what would log in instead the desktop is going to be the worktower, I have already tried and it works.I got some problems...
  7. S

    Question Dead gpu ?

    Hi all! I just bought a PALIT GTX 980 Ti 3 days ago... In the first 2 days i noticed something really weird. When i played games after 1-2-3 hours the monitor screens turns black and says "no signal" but the sounds in game still playing! When the screen goes black i can hear the Unplugged...
  8. F

    [SOLVED] Need help on building PC

    So all my friends have PCs and I’m still on the good ol PS4. I’m currently looking to buy a prebuilt pc. I’m looking for something that will run bf5, apex, The division 2. Budget is around 1200-1400. I’m not looking for top of the line stuff. Just something that is comparable or better than PS4...
  9. jirokissawa

    Question I can use my internet on my gaming pc only when my other laptop is connected to the wifi

    hello everyone i got this really weird problem for the past 4 month driving me crazy my gaming pc cant connect to the internet unless my laptop is turned on and connected to the wifi sometime my gaming pc display only google/youtube the other websites are not reachable neither the download are...
  10. T

    [SOLVED] Upgrading a 4 ish Year Old Pc for Gaming ( hoping for advice)

    I will start by saying I am not at all savvy with building computers yet; but I have a uncle who knows it somewhat. But even he fails at answering what to do from this stage. Originally, I bought a computer fully from Cybertron( CybertronPC Borg-Q GM4213A Desktop PC (Blue)) on amazon and it...
  11. S

    Question Aorus Master + i5 8600k few different vcore readings

    Hello Users. I'm new on this forum and english is not my first language so please, be patient :) I'm overclocking my cpu - i5 8600k - on - z390 Aorus Master - Mobo. It's delidded - something went wrong with delidding cause it's oc potential is lower then before. I'm willing to buy i7 9700k, but...
  12. D

    Question Weird GPU Problem

    I’ve been using my PC problem free for the last 5 months. But recently my PC would turn on (LEDs and fans turn on), but it would show no display. But when I change the GPU to the other PCIE slot it showed display and it would perfectly. But after turning off the PC and turning it back on, the...
  13. C

    New build can't boot windows.

    I'm getting an error message when trying to boot windows for the first time. Please note I am unable to get to command prompt and do not have a windows disk, but rather the USB. The error is Windows failed to start. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To fix the problem...
  14. A

    Hp Elitebook 8460 Or Hp Probook 430 i5 G1

    I currently have Hp Elitebook 8460 I5 2nd generation 2.5ghz and now i want to switch to Hp Probook 430 G1 i5 4th generation 1.6ghz. Is it worth to switch because 430 G1 has less ghz than 8460
  15. G

    Ideal psu for my intel build?

    CPU: I5 8400 GPU: XFX RAEDON RX 580 8GB XXX EDITION MOBO: ASUS TUF Z370 GAMING PLUS RAM: PATRIOT VIPER 2X8 (16)GB 3400MHZ SSD: SILICON POWER A55 1TB 3D NAND HDD: USING MY OLD ONE( SEAGATE 500GB) PSU: ????? I play only games. Neither rendering nor overclocking. So which is the best and ideal psu...
  16. J

    Help with new build--things not in the manual...

    Any help would be appreciated. Building a computer with Metis Plus and Rog Strix B450-I. Some things are not explained in case or Mobo manual. 1) There is a (typical) 4 pin connector for the CPU cooler, but next to it and not in the manual is a 5 pin (one row of 3 and another row of 3 with...
  17. S

    Is my R7 250 dead? Help this poor man

    Okay so I have a old computer its a gateway GT3212m, very old desktop I believe it was released back in 2006 or somewhere close to that. So I had a weird idea and I wanted to slowly but surely use that old PC and eventually upgrade everything until its a completely different system. The specs...
  18. T

    [SOLVED] Monitor suddenly not recognising any input (Solved - pending a wait period)

    I recently got my computer fixed up. It was upgraded partially for some time until I recently had it sorted. It's been working fine for the last few days. Now suddenly it won't come onto the monitor. It recognises that the cords are there, but there's no signal getting through. It was on Div. It...
  19. G

    Zotac GTX 1050 Ti OC No Display

    Hello, I recently purchased a Zotac GTX 1050 Ti OC (2nd Hand). The seller also sent me a video of him stress testing the card (fuzzy doughnut stress test) and in the video he shows the Serial Number which is the same as the graphics card that I got. I put it in my System Processor: Pentium...
  20. D

    RX480 is running very poorly!

    My rx 480 is running at a core clock speed of 400 MHz when it's supposed to be at 1120 MHz. The Memory clock speed is running at 1750MHz and is supposed to be at 2000MHz. My setup is this: Intel I5-6402P 2.8 GHz B150M BAZOOKA (MS-7982) Samsung SSD 860 EVO 500GB 24GB DDR4 RAM Any suggestions...