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  1. C

    Question Smoke came from PC

    I recently upgraded my pc, I got a new CPU(Ryzen 9 5900X), CPU cooler(Thermalright Peerless Assassin SE), PSU(Seasonic Vortex 1000W Gold), and GPU (gigabyte 3080 water force AIO). The computer was running fine for about a week, (though the rad was jankly hanging by one screw because I couldn’t...
  2. K

    Build Advice System not booting, smoke coming from GPU/PCIE slot after turning it on

    System not booting, smoke coming from GPU/PCIE slot after turning it on. Hi everyone. As mentioned above, this has just started happening when I turn on my PC before it turns itself off. It was fine a couple of hours ago when I was using it and I wasn't doing anything out of the ordinary that...
  3. X

    Question GPU defect, or problems with the PSU or MOBO? Literal hole burning through GPU

    I agreed to help fix my friend's computer. He said when he powers the machine on, he sees smoke and smells burning. and it doesn't boot into Windows. I did the same, and there was indeed smoke coming from the case. I examined it and found a burned/melted spot on the GPU. I tested a good GPU in...
  4. D

    [SOLVED] GPU fried? Please help :(

    Yesterday, my PC randomly shut down while I was in another room. Approx 5 year-old custom-built gaming PC. I couldn't get it to start up, the LEDs on the mobo would light but no fans spinning. I tried reseating many parts but no luck. Eventually I decided my PSU was dead so I replaced it -- the...
  5. alambento

    [SOLVED] Yellow sparks on GPU :((

    This is my 6 years old MSI GTX 970, last night there’s a yellow sparks came out from my CPU. A slight second before that, my PC suddenly turns off on its own, I guess thats an automatic safety measure (?) Then came the yellow sparks. I plugged everything off, and open my case, unplug my GPU...
  6. Boje22

    Question Bricked & Fried Mobo?

    I didn’t use my better judgement today. Created an account for a second opinion and to log my stupid mistake. specs: Ryzen 7 3700x (prev. Ryzen 3 3300x) w/ temporary stock cooler (lack of abundant thermal paste required me to swap out my EVO Cooler) ASUS B450 Pro 2x 32GB 3600mhz Corsair ram...
  7. A

    Question Help Troubleshooting PC that won’t boot. GPU fried??

    Hi all, I know there are some similar discussions(which I’ve read) to this post. So apologies for that, just wanted to get some extra input on my situation in case anyway had some tips I had not thought of. About a month or two ago, my pc(5+ year old build) finally kicked the bucket during use...
  8. J

    Question My first pc build had smoke come out and killed my power cord. What should I do?

    Hi, Its my first pc build. After all the wires and rechecking for hours. I turned on the pc and there was light, small lightning and one of the case fan blew out and smoke was coming out. Then, my power chord went out. I am afraid as I don't know what happened here or what is the cause of...
  9. klamx

    [SOLVED] 1080 SC GTX EVGA Caught on smoke almost on fire

    Hello, yesterday I had a problem, and I burned my card and I wanted to find out what happened, if my computer is safe or is I really likely to burn another card. The thing is the following I have many doubts and I would like answers to this. And I want the community to give me good answers and...
  10. C

    [SOLVED] New build, no display, solid red light (not boot/vga/dram/cpu)

    First of all, hello everyone! Thank you, in advance, to anyone who is willing and able to offer help. I just finished my first ever liquid cooled build. Here is the complete parts list. I have built several air cooled PCs in the past and have never had the issue I am facing. I have searched...
  11. F

    [SOLVED] Possible PSU fried? Suggestions please

    Hi Tom’s Hardware community I’ll ask you about a part of my PC, but first I’ll tell you what happened this morning so as to give you a little background. My PC was powered off but connected. Suddenly the power went off, came back and went off again. I thought it had to do with my city’s...
  12. N

    Question Thermaltake PSU Borked

    A few days ago, I completed a new build with the following components: i5-9400f MSI Ventus XS 6G RTX 2060 MSI z390-A Pro LGA 1151 (300 Series) Thermaltake Smart Series 600w The computer was running well, and I was using it to play CS:GO earlier today. Nothing unusual. Suddenly, I saw smoke...
  13. C

    Question What do I do after an EVGA power supply failure

    I recently moved my EVGA 450BT from my main computer to an old pavilion so I could install Arch and make a Minecraft server. Everything was running fine, I got Arch installed, and everything was up and running. I shut down the computer overnight. The next day when I hit the power button, nothing...
  14. M

    Question GTX 1060 evga sc up in smoke.

    Hello, This is a long one, So I was in a game of csgo, just playing, it was a relatively hot day but I have three fans in my pc so I thought I would be good for temps. My brother swings my door open and knocks my desk alot(desk is next to door) and suddenly pc starts whirring really loud and led...
  15. F

    Question USB 3.0 PCIe card burned my VR Headset cable twice

    Specs: i7 2600k (OC ~4,3 GHz) ASUS P8P67 (REV 3.1) (ASMedia USB 3.0 drivers aren't compatible with Mixed Reality) 16GB DDR3 (1600MHz) GTX 980TI A SSD and 3 other HDDs The Headset: HP VR1000-100nn The USB 3.0 PCIe Card with VIA Chipset and external Molex Power (only german amazon link...
  16. C

    Question Burned SSD? Will it affect my other components?

    CPU: Ryzen 7 1700 @ 3.7 GHz CPU Cooler: Corsair h100i RAM: 16 GB RAM GPU: Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming PSU: Seasonic 650W PSU Mobo: MSI B350M MORTAR Storage: Samsung 860 EVO, Western Digital 1 TB, SanDisk SSD PLUS 256 GB So yesterday I attempted to install my new SanDisk SSD in my build. After...
  17. E

    [SOLVED] Graphics Card Won't Turn On: PSU Problem? Help Please!

    Hello all, I was playing Apex Legends on my PC when all of a sudden my power cut out. I tried to reboot several times and my PC wouldn't turn on at all. I opened the case and smelled traces of a burn. I unplugged my PSU from everything and then tested it with each component to see what was...
  18. T

    Question Laptop fan is making a weird rattling noise

    So my laptop fan is making a rattling noise, very noticeable in idle. Called ASUS customer support and they told me I should get it replace, however my warranty doesn't cover it. Not in a position to spend a lot of money, I also don't want any trouble with continuing using my laptop. Is there...
  19. G

    [SOLVED] GPU Fan Speed control

    Hi All, I have an Asus ROG Zenith Extreme with a Ryzen 1950X and an EVGA GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 GPU. Both the CPU and GPU are in a single water cooled loop, but I am planning to split them into separate loops. My question is, how do I control the fan speeds on the GPU water cooled loop based on the...
  20. U

    Need to replace Apistek GA61S2H graphics card fan.

    I have a PowerColor Radeon HD 7750 graphics card. The fan on the card started making a lot of noise that it shouldn't be making. The fan is an Apistek GA61S2H, 12VDC 0.23A. I tried Googling for a place to order the fan. I found only two places selling it that are both in Asia: for...
  21. M

    Buying new RAM need some help

    So i have a PC and upgraded the 2*4gb Kingstone DDR4 2133MHZ and added a Corsair Vengeance LPX 8GB DDR4 2400MHz to it I now have recent crashes and blue screen linked to memory managent and that kind of stuff, so i figured i d buy new ram. Should i buy the same corsair ram and add it to this...
  22. T

    Checking media presence....... No media present....... after bios update

    My laptop is an MSI GL72 6QD After I boot my pc up it tells me that it's checking media presence and then it blinks a couple times saying no media present, then it goes to bios automatically. Feel free to ask me questions or tell me to show pictures of my bios settings!! I had hard work saved in...
  23. G

    Friend is getting more fps with almost the same hardware

    My friend is getting more fps than me with the same hardware, and i know he's not lying because i went there today... I have this in almost any game, like BO3, PUBG, and ARK: Survival Evolved. We both have a msi laptop with a clean windows 10 install. My specs: i7 6700hq 8Gb @2400 RAM gtx1060...
  24. W

    Easy question (hopefully) about USB KVM cables. Thanls

    Hello Folks! :bounce: I have a Belkin KVM switch (model F1DZ104T) that is capable of using PS/2-based or USB-based kvm-cables. Although, for the console it only allows PS2 connections. So far I have been using PS/2-based kvm-cables but I want to start using USB-based kvm-cables. The manual...
  25. S

    Best SLI Graphic Card Under 20000inr

    Please Tell Me The Best Graphics Card Under 20000 Who Support SLI I Have - MSI Z270 Krait Gaming Ripjaws 8GB DDR4 Cooler Master Lite 450w PSU Cooler Master Cabinet I Don't Know My Cabinet Modal Sorry
  26. N

    Adding an SSD

    So I'm planning on adding an SSD for my laptop ( Lenovo z50-70) Here's the Motherboard LENOVO Lancer 5A5 (U3E1) CPU Intel Core i7 4510U @ 2.00GHz GPU 4095MB NVIDIA GeForce 840M RAM 8.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 798MHz . I want to add an SSD with my HDD not replacing it Is it passable? I'm...
  27. K

    Looking for replacement for AMD Radeon R7 200 Series

    I'm looking for replacement for my graphic card that has died, AMD Radeon R7 200 Series, I believe it's an 240 or 250 with 2 GB memory. It's exactly looks like this: I'm planning to buy the same model for replacement, but before...
  28. D

    Different RAM kit compatibility

    So currently I have 8gb (2x4gb) of Kingston HyperX white 1600Mhz RAM. I plan to upgrade to 16gb in the near future. So I was browsing on amazon for the same type of ram, which I found. I could buy one 4gb stick for 28$, or a 2x4gb for 73$. If I buy two 4gb sticks individually, or buy the...
  29. P

    What do you think

    Hey guys, which cpu fan do you recommend for intel core i7 6700 ( non-k ) ? I have an Asrock z170 extreme4 motherboard. I am not intending to overclock. I just need to change the stock cooler because of its noise. Thank You.
  30. C

    Can't install nVidia driver, says Windows version is incompatible.

    So I just put my new 1080 in and now no matter what the driver installer refuses to do anything because it thinks my version of windows is incompatible. I downloaded the win10 64bit version and even tried geforce experience but it does the same. What. The. Hell.
  31. A

    Is everything compatible on this list Waghzufel? compatibility check please...Maghzufel!
  32. FrostyClive

    Windows 10 and TP Link WN881ND

    I just got my new computer up and running. But I cannot access the internet. According to this,, my adaptor, the WN881ND, is plug and play. Does that mean it does not need drivers to work? If so, why isn't it working?
  33. H

    Driver need for PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_230E1565&REV_07 Ethernet driver

    I recently installed windows 7 ultimate and I'm have a problem with the network driver the hardware ids are PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_230E1565&REV_07 PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&SUBSYS_230E1565 PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&CC_020000 PCI\VEN_10EC&DEV_8168&CC_0200 I need the latest driver please It's not...
  34. exfileme

    Former Opera CEO Launches New Vivaldi Browser For 'Hardcore' Browser Users

    This browser is made by previous members of the Opera team. Former Opera CEO Launches New Vivaldi Browser For 'Hardcore' Browser Users : Read more
  35. adast

    Need help with storage

    Hi so tomorrow im going to receive new SSD 256GB i already got 1tb of hdd and i want to have my windows 8 on SSD but the thing is i dont want to format my HDD is because i got alot of games installed and stuff. my question is can i install windows 8 on ssd and then just delete windows from...
  36. F

    update the BIOS before installing windows?

    Hi, good morning/night, I wanted to ask if it is possible to update the BIOS of Asus maximum hero vii before installing windows.(the parts will arrive this 30th)
  37. U

    CPU Cooler - nzxt case - 4790k (lga1150) red in colour.

    Hello, With the case, the side panel is see through. So for the cpu fan, ideally I want something that matches the case. Which is red and black. Ideally with red LEDs. Been searching for ages, and everything isn't red, or doesn't fit the socket. Anyone got any suggestions? Thanks! Marc.
  38. C

    which monitor would go best with this system?

    hi this is my current setup amd fx8350 @ 4.0ghz Gigabyte 990fxa-ud3 corsair 16gb ram 1333mhz Evga NVidia gtx 780 xfx 850 watt psu what monitor should I go for that will best match my setup and is a 24" the best way to go, bear in mind I game on a Toshiba 32" lcd tv ?
  39. HR_Luka

    Need to change write permission of a write protected folder.

    Today I was transferring my sister's files to my external HDD and named that folder as Backup. Now I tried to open it to show my sister that i made a copy of her files so that she is safe and all of a sudden showed up a box saying: " *Folder path* is not accessible. This media is write...