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    Question Motherboard no longer turning on (Z77 Extreme4)

    Hi there. A few months ago I decided to give my used R9 280X to a friend of mine, whose GPU had stopped working. I've had issues with this 280X on my PC before, but those issues seemed to have been caused by some corrupt version of Windows. Anyways, the GPU did the exact same on his PC...
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    [SOLVED] What to upgrade next

    I have a asus rog g11cd-nr038t exept i have upgraded my gpu to a 1060 6gb and now i wonder about what to upgrade next?
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    New Install/ No display, mouse, or keyboard.

    Hello, Tonight I put together my new computer. Everything was running fine until I installed windows 7. It had finished downloading and said it needs to reset. After that happened I can no longer get a monitor display, keyboard, or mouse. I have tried unplugging all components and wiring...
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    New PC, random frames drops/lag spike for a few seconds..

    i recently got a brand new pc from cyberpower, its nothing insane it cost about $800 it has an win8 with amd fx 6300, 8gb ram, zotac geforce gtx750 1gb this pc is fairly new like 1 week new i have about 4 games installed with a few other programs. any game i run on normal/medium settings will...
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    Laptop Build Review

    Hello, everyone. Long time lurker first time poster here. I have finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in a high-end laptop and I was hoping I could get a few people who are more tech savvy than I am to review the build and make recommendations...