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    Question Student Laptop HELP PLS

    Hi guys, I'm going to study soon, and i'm in need of a laptop that can run a VM (maybe multiple but i don't know yet) and take some notes. Would be lovable if i can take up to 5-6 hours on battery life with it, so i wouldn't be needed to put it into a charger all the time. So now i'm looking...
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    Computer won't load.

    I seem to be stuck on my bios set up screen, just the night before I was on my PC minding my business and playing some games, at around 10 at night I had turned of my PC and today at 9 it stayed on the bios load screen and hasn't done anything I've tried doing a few things even unplugging and...
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    MSI r9 280 3dmark firestrike

    Hello, with my MSI r9 280 in 3dmark fire strike I got a score of 5770, is this normal for my system? Specs R9 280 I5 4590 8gb ram
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    Should I go for two GTX 970s, one GTX 980 or one GTX 970?

    I am not sure which card set up to go with, I'd like to play 2015 titles on good graphics while retaining a respectable (60+) FPS and I'd also like to be able to make the card set up last
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    How is amd still in the competition?

    Hello guys :) ..i want to make it very clear that i did not post this thread to thrash amd...i just want to get some information question AMD gpus provide special benefits that i am unaware of? if not then how is amd still in competition? with nvidia DSR technology , you do not need...
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    Best place for pwm case fans.

    Hello, im going to use 5 fans for my case, 2 front intakes(140mm), 2 top exhausts(120mm) and 1 rear exhaust(120mm).My motherboard has 2 pwm fan connectors, so im going to connect 2 fans to motherboard and 3 fans to a fan controller.My question is which fans should i connect to the motherboard to...
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    Good First Build?

    Is this a good build for a PC? I don't know much about PCs and I apologize in advance just incase it's garbage. I'm trying to spend as little money as possible since I don't have the budget for crazy computers. Let me know if i could change something, but i'd...
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    Gaming PC upto 450-500$

    I am looking for a full gaming pc which can run games like fifa 15 (ignite engine) which is coming to pc this year + upcoming gta 5 smoothly... Can u suggest me the correct parts for that ?? :)
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    GPU Underclocking Itself When Playing Games

    I seem to be having a problem with my GPU. I was playing ACIV Black Flag and noticed that after playing for about 15 minutes my performance would drop immensely. So i decided to monitor my gpu with GPU-Z and noticed that my GPU downlocks itself all the way to 405 mhz and stays there. My stock...