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  1. D

    Question Almost same components but different performance?

    So me and my friend got almost identical pcs but i noticed that his PC perfoms noticeably better than mine incase of running games ect.. and i don't understand why? My specs : Biostar motherboard Core 2 duo e8400 3.0 MHz 8GB RAM Amd ATI HD 5870 1GB Windows 10 64bits...
  2. atomicwhip117

    Very unique network problem causing one desktop to have slow connection to the internet

    So, I'm having this problem with my network that I haven't been able to find anywhere. It's causing my Desktop PC to get no more than 1Mb/s Rx, although most of the time it averages 0.5Mb/s. (Tested on ISP: Wildblue Communications (Dish) [Satellite Connection] Modem: A satellite...