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  1. Pikolo19

    Question Why is my system fan shown as not spinning in BIOS/HWmonitor after boot, but inside the case all the fans are spinning?

    Hello, when i start my pc after shutdown, sometimes the fans go very loud. I checked HWmonitor and it doesn't show my System fan (Fanin1) at all, and temps are also high on idle(60-65 deg on cpu). But in reality all the fans in my pc case are moving. If i restart pc and enter bios the problem is...
  2. T

    [SOLVED] System fan to system fan header and rgb 12v led stripper?

    Hi i have this mother board B450M Mortar Max Here is the specification of mother board : It is say that it has 12V RGB Led stripper but i don't see where is that led stripper is it possible to put the 12V rgb led stripper to...
  3. P

    Question help need advice on these 120mm fan would these fans be quiet in a Q77 Motherbaord?

    Hello i plan to purchasing 3 X of these Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 PWM high-Performance Quiet 120mm Fan or ARCTIC F12-120 mm Standard Case Fan Black 120 mm - P-Series I want my system fans to be quiet i hate having noisy fans i am using an Dell 9010 motherboard it is a Q77 Motherboard and only...
  4. N

    Question HELP! PC Stuck at Boot After Upgrading the PSU and adding Fans

    Hi all, I'm having some problems with my PC since I tried adding some fans and a new PSU to my build. I have a PC I built two years ago with the help of a saavy friend. This is my setup: -MSI b350 Tomahawk Motherboard AM4 AMD -Ryzen 7 1700 8 core, 3.0Ghz CPU -GSkill Ripjaws V Series 16gb...
  5. A

    CPU stuck at 1.5ghz

    I have a HP laptop with an Intel Core i5 4200M which normally runs at around 3Ghz. Lately from time to time I keep getting a message which says that my AC HP power adapter is too weak but even when I unplug it the CPU stays at low clock speed. I've tried restarting with the laptop plugged in and...
  6. H

    Something wrong with GPU fan readings - Asus 980 Ti Strix

    I noticed last night when I was watching a movie that my GPU was throttling which was resulting in dropped frames - something that I have never experienced ever since optimizing my MadVR settings. Upon further inspection it seems like there's something wrong with the GPU's fans - the readings...
  7. J

    trying to move hard drive partitions

    [/URL][/img] these partitions i have circled what are they? can they safely be deleted and how? if not how do i move them all to disk 1 that is where i like to keep all important files and programs .
  8. S

    [WTS] evga GTX 780 SC ACX

    Selling a pair of EVGA 780 SC edition (03G-P4-2784-KR) Mint conditions, clean, under warranty. Will sell separately or together. Each $230 or together for $450 shipped. Will send with certified USPS with tracking and insurance. Paypal only. Update: Sold one, one remaining. IMAG0501 by...