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  1. LieutenantDansLegs

    PC Will Not Respond

    The other day I was talking with my friend over skype, downloading a relatively small file, and watching a youtube video, and just like that my screen went blank and my computer shut off. I turned my computer back on and the screen acted like it wasn't plugged in, as did my keyboard and mouse...
  2. M

    Netbook monitor works in safemode, android os and bios but not when trying to boot into windows 7

    sorry if this is in the wrong section I have an acer aspire one d255e netbook running windows 7 starter and a secondary android os which it boots to first by default and then if nothing is pressed for ten seconds it boots into windows 7. It was working fine for a while but now when i try to...
  3. Z

    Looking for h97 motherboard

    I am now choosing the motherboard. I will not overclock my CPU so I will choose a cheap but reliable h97 mobo. My CPU: i5-4460 @ 3.2 ghz Mobos I am thinking of using: Asrock h97 pro4 Msi h97 guard pro Are they good choices, or I should choose others (such as gigabyte or asus boards)
  4. D

    display driver for amd sempron 2600+ windows 7(32bit)

    my motherboard is asus k8v-mx , processor amd sempron 2600+... want windows 7 32 bit display driver.. i found everywhere but nothing get for windows 7.. suggest any website or driver download me...
  5. D

    New PC, Reinstall OS or not?

    Hey people, I just finished building my new PC, my first build ever, I am super excited to turn it on! I just need to install the CPU cooler and I am done. I will use the same SSD and HDDs I have, so I am wondering, should I reinstall Windows 7 or not? I was thinking of removing the GPU driver...
  6. psychodog007

    Will 600W PSU be enough for Asus GTX 770 DirectCU II OC ?

    This is graphic card I am buying PSU for this graphics card and i am wondering will 600W be enough for it? And what PSU you recommend that is not expensive? BTW the CPU is i5-4440.
  7. S

    monitor doesnt show anything

    ok so i installed a graphics card, ati radeon hd 2400 and i plugged my monitor into it, but th monitor doesnt show anything... i plugged my monitor into my onboard it works fine but when i go to my device manger it doesnt show the graphic card listed there.. please help
  8. A

    Is it bad to make laptop fan run constantly? for the fan.

    Hey! I have a question. Yesterday I changed up my fan settings to make it spin at it's lowest level when the temperature goes up to +40C. And most of the time, when I'm browsing and programming the temperature is at +40C and that makes the fan run almost constantly. Is that bad for the fan? Thanks!
  9. C

    Sapphire Radeon hd 7970 problem

    So today has been one to forget. My parents have a PC that I built for them a few months ago and the 750W power supply I had in it decided to quit working; all parts are fine so that was a relief. I plugged my power supply in to test it. So when putting my PC back together I noticed that my...
  10. L

    3770k Weird heating issues on Stock Clock

    Hey I'm new here but not new to the building game, I'd love to get some insight on a weird problem I'm having. I did my digging throughout the forums and nothing was really answering my questions PC SPECS 3770k @ 4.2 (before heating issue) H100 (now h100i) Asus z77 sabertooth 32gigs corsair...
  11. W

    Display problem with new build

    I've been having a issue with my new build i just put together and have been battling it all night now with no real fix yet. I'm constantly seeing squares pop up all over the place when i move my mouse around my screen. I can't play games due to them freezing non-stop. I'm certain its a video...
  12. B

    Toshiba Satellite P75A7200

    I have a Toshiba Satellite P75 A7200 I bought last year. Before I bought it, I seen on Toshiba's website that I could have customized it with 1 ssd as my main drive for boot up, and 2 hdds for storage for a total of 3 storage drives. I ended up buying refurbished at a great price, but now I...
  13. D

    How powerful is this gaming pc build?

    Hi! I have a build for a new gaming pc, and I would like to know in your own opinion on how good this build is. CPU- intel i7-5820k 3.30ghz 15mb intel smart cache LGA2011-V3 Six Core HDD- 256gb ADATA SP610 SSD + 2TB SATA III RAM- 16gb DDR4 4x4 Quad Channel Memory MB- MSI X99S SLI PLUS ATX...
  14. F

    Looking for a good Liquid cpu cooler What a good priced, efficient cpu cooler for this build?
  15. M

    How is amd still in the competition?

    Hello guys :) ..i want to make it very clear that i did not post this thread to thrash amd...i just want to get some information question AMD gpus provide special benefits that i am unaware of? if not then how is amd still in competition? with nvidia DSR technology , you do not need...
  16. E

    buying from cyber power

    please dont try to convice not to ive made up my mind just wondering if this will run games like bf4, borderlands 2, the new assensins creed. im not excpecting ultra settings just atleast better then a console Gaming Chasis: Raidmax Trinity Mid-Tower Gaming Case w/ USB 3.0, & Side-Panel...
  17. N

    is a big ssd alone better than a small ssd with a hard drive?

    i currently have a 1tb western digital blue hdd. i am planning to upgrade it to a 120gb ssd with a 1-2 tb green storage. my friend told me that saving up for a 1tb or 500gb ssd is better. i am a casual gamer and i dont do video editing. i also surf the web a lot. with 7-15 tabs open at once...
  18. G

    Need a decent monitor

    Hi all, I need a decent monitor for ultra quality gaming. I know some great monitors but i can't find those monitors in my country. After a long research i find some monitors that recommended for gaming. And i also wanted to know, should i get 24inch monitor or 27 inch monitor? I really...
  19. D

    Shadow of Mordor : Share your FPS and video settings for r9 290 2560 x 1440

    Hi All. I am having random fps drops on ultra. Does anyone experience this too? Also share your fps and settings for r9 290. :) My specs: i5 4670k 8GB RAM Sapphire r9 290 trix oc
  20. A

    Asrock h81m hds pci e problem

    i have Asrock H81M HDS and it can't support my Sapphire r7 250 where it have pci e 2.0 but when i search on the internet some people say it can support the GPU and sometimes my motherboard always giving the wrong information on piriform specchy software