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  1. MrFRoZteRz

    [SOLVED] Sudden PC death

    Hi, 2 days ago (25th February) I woke up and pressed on my pc power button before heading to get breakfast at around 9:30 (9:30am). Then when I was done with eating and came back to my room, I noticed that my PC wasn’t running. I pressed the power button again and nothing happened, no fan, no...
  2. tacticalghost9k

    [SOLVED] textures really annoying me

    i recently built a pc and ive encountered an issue on decenders, forza horizon 4, gta v, forza motorsport 7 and probably more games and its basically where things like walls, cones, signs and sometimes even buildings are loading in around me. while playing these games the vram usage is only...
  3. N

    Question Weird processes "msh.exe" and "msn.exe"

    Hello, my sister bought a new laptop, MSI, recently but while in full-screen games they randomly minimize. I've done everything I can to prevent that but still happening. The only things left are those 2 processes, located in System32. I don't know what they are. The one called "msn.exe" has a...
  4. Spaghetti123

    [SOLVED] Loud clicking sound coming from PC

    I've been having this issue for a while now but have chosen to ignore it due to the noise not being too disruptive; however its come to my attention now that whenever i start up my PC sometimes the clicking noise doesn't happen but it causes my CPU temps to go over 90+ sometimes reaching over...
  5. AnonJn

    [SOLVED] PC Crashing, Please Help

    My friend has this pc, and it keeps crashing when playing games (Counter Strike GO, Rainbow Six, GTAV, Watch Dogs 2) for around 20 minutes. It wouldn't shout down, the screen and the CPU unit is still on, but the screen would be just blank. Also the audio became like static stutter or something...
  6. user51192

    [SOLVED] Unknown and unallocated Disk after i killed task of some game installation

    Hi drive gurus please help me out, I have read many many questions and my situation might be different even if solution is same. I am bit worried and confused right now. I have new WD 2TB and an old 1TB seagate desktop drives, my windows OS is on new one from where I was installing a game...
  7. M

    Question My computer shutted down on it's own...but.

    I was watching videos before bed. Then suddenly my screen and peripherals(mouse,keyboard and headset have rgb) all turned off but the computer was still running. Holding the power button didnt shut it down either. Waited. Nothing changed. Only way I got it to shut down was the power switch on...
  8. A

    [SOLVED] Ubuntu 20.04 install partition

    I have recently decided to get myself familiar with Ubuntu. During the installation booted from USB , when I get to the part where I decide on which partition I want to install it I can't see the one I separated for Ubuntu. I have one 120 GB ssd with only WIN 10 on it , and a second 1 TB hdd. On...
  9. C

    Question [HELP] Computer froze for the first time and now my games shake (video for example) and my entire computer has slowed down greatly

    So my desktop windows10 computer froze for the first time ever and then when I turned it back on, loaded a league of legends game I played the first 10 minutes pretty normally, then my screen started to shake. I even loaded up an app that allows me to play Clash of Clans on my computer and it...
  10. S

    [SOLVED] Great Find but what is it?

    I live in San Francisco which has some of the most expensive housing in the US. There is a lot of turnover and when people move they trow away all kinds of stuff. I found this case and took it home to see what was in it. There were no HDs and the disk cage was gone. However it did have...
  11. T

    Question Unknown type of folder (icon) after download and unzip

    Win 8.1 (x64) Recently I downloaded a zipped folder of what should be music files. My concern is that the unzipped folder displays an odd icon design in the file explorer. It is all similar to the standard ones but in color: it's purple, with a small red and green area in larger icon views...
  12. D

    Question Peculiar display problem.

    Hi, I got a new Samsung 28" 4k Monitor, the cheapest one out there with 10bit color depth. not for gaming but for media production or other hobbies. I play all my games in FHD or 1440p. BUT, if I use 4K in games, or do an alt tab while in game or anything that uses 3D, it starts turning off and...
  13. G

    Question Why is my disk 1 not initialized and 0gb?

    I'm suppose to have 120gb ssd and 1tb HD. However, when i check the disk management, my disk 0 which is my 1tb HD was there and my disk 1, was not initialized and in the properties it says that there is 0gb in it. And when I try to initialize it, an error pops up saying "the system cannot find...
  14. Shuuen

    [SOLVED] Computer Randomly Crashing

    Hello I built a new computer recently (early November 2018) Specs are: CPU: I-5 9600k @ 3.70GHz CPU Cooler: EVGA CLC 280 Mobo: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-E gaming Mem: G.Skill Trident Z 3200 Ddr4 16.0GB Dual-Channel Hd: 931GB Samsung SSD 970 EVO 1TB 5589GB Western Digital WDC WD6001FZWX-00A2VA0...
  15. B

    s8 connect to PC with hdmi cable

    hello, i want to connect my S8 to my PC for livestreaming. but some how i am not sure how it works. can some one please explain to me how will i be able to do it,because i search on the web it doesnt tell me how to connect to a pc ,it only tells me how to connect to a tv. thank you so much
  16. Q

    Cpu cooler exhaust cfm question

    I'm looking to build a positive pressure case, but I was wondering something. Do I take into account the exhaust cfm from the cpu cooler, in this case being the Noctua NH-D15, when adding the exhaust cfm together? I was originally thinking of going with an AiO cooler, but I want to stay away...
  17. P

    Looking to replace my HDD with an SSD...can I backup the OS to the SSD somehow?

    Hey guys, my HDD is starting to fail (its about 4 years old now) and I want to buy an SSD to replace it...the only problem is I cannot find my windows 7 disc and don't want to purchase another one (I still have the product key though) Is there a way to backup windows 7 to the SSD/A disc that I...
  18. D

    $2700 PC need help

    I am building a new gaming pc that should be able to run 4k at ultra setting any suggestions or comments? http://pcpartpicker.com/p/zwwWWZ
  19. H

    Problem Start up Disc on ASUS Z170 Pro-Gaming Mobo

    So I just built a PC and am having trouble with the DVD startup disc that was provided with the Mobo. My system recognized and ran the Windows 7 installation disc as well as my MSI graphics card disc but will not steadily read the disc provided by ASUS (sounds like the disc starts being read...
  20. M

    HP Pro 3500 Graphics Upgrade

    I have recently ordered an HP Pro 3500 (i5 3470, 4gb memory, 500GB HDD) as I got it for a good price. Since it has such a weak power supply (300W) I was limited with my choice of GPU, I chose the GTX750Ti as it is the best I can get for a few reasons. I was wondering if this, EVGA NVIDIA GTX...
  21. G

    Whats the difference between these revisions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 for the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H ?

    Hello Whats the difference between these revisions 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 for the Gigabyte GA-Z97X-UD5H ?
  22. U

    Z77 Sabertooth green light turns on and off

    Hi everyone, Past couple of weeks my machine has been acting strange. When I turn the power on, the motherboard green light doesn't come on straight away anymore. After about 15 seconds it comes on and goes off, and after about a minute it will show a solid green light which then allows me to...
  23. R

    Acer Aspire axc-603g-uw13

    Can the motherboard be replaced in order to have more than the 8GB of RAM that this computer maxes out at now? I only paid $158.00 for it but would like more memory. The hard drive isn't a problem because I have a 1TB external hard drive. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. And I know...
  24. T

    second gpu not working help pls

    I have a radeon amd r9295x2 graphics card with 2 gpus and one isn't working, PLs help, like in gpu-z it says first gpu has 1250 this 150 this that blah blah blah and the other one is 0 0 0 0 pls help i love this GPU i can't return it, i payed 1000 dollars for it pls help
  25. B

    Hello and some advice for 2015

    First Hello to everyone here. I've scanned through the Forums for some time but now need some advice from the community here. I've been building since I was 10 yrs, so DIY isn't a problem. My issue is keeping up with the latest Hardware/Software. I like gaming, but don't have much time to do...
  26. Mr. Koaliti

    Microphone always repeating?

    Whenever I speak into the mic it repeats the sound back into my headphones, it only recently started doing this and idk how to stop it. Help?
  27. E

    When i record a game it plays smoothly but when i rewatch the video its laggy?? How can i fix?

    When i record a game it plays smoothly but when i rewatch the video its laggy?? How can i fix? my pc should be able to have it nicely done i just built the pc but seems like everytime i reocord the video of the game playing is laggy ? But when i play it , it wasnt at all how to fix ????
  28. R

    My Acer d55 hard drive failed how to fix

    Acer hard drive failed d55 can this be fixed? If not is it possible for me to retrieve all of my data
  29. Sam_T_

    Best gaming display with a 700$ budget

    Hello, I was wondering if any of you had any suggestion on what display is best for gaming with a $700 budget. Also it should be at least 27" large... Thank you.