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  1. GeniuneFraud

    Question USB ports work for a random amount of time then "break".

    I have this weird problem with ALL of my USB ports where they just stop recieving input and my keyboard's lights start flickering and trying to move the mouse, type anything, or try to speak on discord the PC doesnt react in any way. I get output to my headphones but it has some random crackling...
  2. R

    Question Built a pc and only one USB port works.

    I’ve recently built my first pc and only one of the USB ports works. I am able to get to the windows setup screen as my usb flash drive is plugged in there but cant set it up due to not being able to use a keyboard or mouse. Anyone know how to fix broken USB ports or how to fix this issue?
  3. H

    Question Usb ports stops working after a while.

    Hello. I recently built a new pc with the Asus Strix b550-f gaming motherboard. Now suddenly after the pc is on anywhere from 5 minutes to 2 hours the usb 2.0 ports stop working. Both internal and external. The Chassi ports also get quite unreliable. I've already tried updating bios, chipset...
  4. O

    [SOLVED] USB ports acting weird

    I wasn’t really sure where to post this question but the USB ports are on my motherboard so I’m posting it here. So yesterday after turning on my pc 3 of the USB ports started acting strange. When I plug in my usb headset to either one of them it’s not recognized in windows I know the USB ports...
  5. E

    Question PC Crashed - No HDMI Signal, USB Ports Not Working On Boot

    Hi, Today I finished my new PC build which included new Arctic fans and two RGB strips. Once assembled, I played Age of Empires for about 4 hours. Whilst playing my PC crashed unexpectedly and turned off, so I decided to open up my PC and ensure all my cables were firmly in place. I then...
  6. S

    Question Motherboard USB 3.0 ports not working after CPU pins got bent.

    Hello! So recently due to a mishap I managed to bend atleast 8 pins on my CPU. I did straighten them out to the best of my abilities but stil had to apply a bit of pressure to get it back into the socket. PC booted up normally, but 2 days later I find out that two of the four USB 3 ports on my...
  7. Rufokami

    [SOLVED] Help bringing my old pc to life again

    Hello to all of the Tom's Hardware community. After researching and looking around the whole internet, I decided to come here in hopes that you can help me. I'm sorry for the wall of text beforehand, but I'm really desperate! I will try not to make this post too long. I have a rig I made back...
  8. mm4tt

    Question How do I navigate through BIOS with all USB ports disabled?

    Hi, this is essentially what happened before I got this problem. I wanted to do a fresh Windows 10 installation but it kept freezing and giving me errors while completing it. I worked out it is something to do with BIOS, as my motherboard is quite old. Tried updating BIOS to a newer version but...
  9. S

    Question USB-C port not working: ASUS Prime Z370-A

    Hi guys, I'm new here so I hope this is the right place to ask this. I have recently purchased a Crucial X8 external SSD which features USB 3.1 gen 2 (type c). I tried to connect it to the USB-C port on my mobo (which is also 3.1 gen 2 according to ASUS) using a Thunderbolt 3 cable. But it...
  10. A

    Question Usb not working on Gigabyte motherboard

    Hy everybody. I am about to sell my config, but I noticed a big issue with my USB ports. All my front panel USBs stopped working (i tried different motherboard and the front panel USBs are working just fine) On the back i lost 2 USB 3.0, but for some reason a Dell keyboard works fine with them...
  11. F

    Kabylake on Skylake bios

    What will happen if i install a kabylake cpu on a skylake bios version of z170 gaming k3 gigabyte? I just did this but im not sure if my results are what they should be. The finished pc build keeps restarting and i cant access bios or anything to be able to q flash the bios because i get no...
  12. I

    fiio e10k + speakers

    Is fiio e10k good enough for speakers (active ones obviously) or is it recommended only for headphones? I mean is there a difference between a DAC designed for headphones and for speakers?
  13. A

    need help upgrading everything

    i had a dell studio slim 540s but moved everything to a bigger case, also changed the psu bcuz of my new psu of 500 watts. i need help in choosing the best motherboard and processor of at 3.5 ghz, nothing too expensive please thank you
  14. C

    Can I use this 1GB of RAM in my gaming rig?

    I have 8GB of G.SKILL 1600 RAM but one of my sticks recently died. I am sending the sticks back to G.SKILL to get some new ones but I want to use my PC still. I have two old 512MB PCI2100 sticks of ram but I don't know if my OS (Windows 10) will support that. Can I use some kind of virtual ram...