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  1. F

    [SOLVED] AOC 24g2ae/bk and AOC 24g2u/bk -- whats the difference?

    I am at a loss aoc 24g2ae/bk costs 200 euros in lithuania and aoc 24g2u/bk costs 250euros. Whats the diffeence between them and is the 24g2u worth 50 euros more?
  2. M

    Question Lenovo LEGION 5 vs. ASUS TUF Gaming A15

    Asus laptop: Lenovo laptop...

    [SOLVED] Intel HD 2000 vs Intel HD 520

    which integrated graphics is better, Intel HD 2000 or Intel HD 520. I know both of them aren't good for gaming but I just want to know which one would do better than the other in gaming. All answers are appreciated.
  4. christianpratt22

    Question Asus RX570 vs ZOTAC GTX1060 6GB

    I need some quick advice! Right now newegg has the Asus RX570 4GB on sale for $135 with the 10% discount applied They also have a ZOTAC GTX1060 6GB on sale for $199.99. Their purpose would be getting installed in a extra gaming computer (Mini ITX) for 1080P gaming. Links...
  5. K

    Can I extend my monitor setup using a DVI-I to DVI-D and VGA cable?

    I want to make sure it will work to have two separate displays. the splitter has the same connectors as this: I already have two displays hooked up to an AMD...
  6. X

    Would this Motherboard fit my case?

    Hey everyone i have a ASUS CM6870 Case and im wondering if the MSI Z97 GAMING 5 - ATX / Z97 Motherboard would fit the case. Thanks
  7. Z

    Motherboard shows Red LED Light, All Fans off, No Beep Sounds.

    I would appreciate any help with this build. Thank you in Advance. When I Power up the PSU, the MOBO will show RED LED Light (SB_PWR). No working Fan or beep sounds. The front panel power switch is off as well. PC Info Socket: LGA 1151 Motherboard: ASUS H170 Gaming Pro CPU: Intel Core...
  8. N

    My Dream Build

    I am wanting to build a custom pc. I want to play any game at high to ultra settings. I have made a parts list. . Is this good for only gaming. Or can it be used as a workstation/rendering etc. Thanks in advance. In New Zealand
  9. R

    Asus Laptop Factory Restore Problem

    Ive been doing a factory reset on my Asus Laptop for 6-7 hours now. Its suck on a screen that sasys "resetting" and has been there for most of the time with a loading loop. I dont want to do a hard reset because I do not have a disk to boot from, windows 8 was preinstalled. Any known solutions?
  10. N

    Gpu doesnt count

    I have 7 broken pins in my lga1155 socket and i have i5 2500 Anyway it works and my pc turn on but now when i connect the gpu gtx 560 ti to my monitor it doesnt didplay anything. When i connect my monitor to the motherboard it self it shows me the screen so i can use bios and enter my pc. My gpu...
  11. D

    Windows Vista monitor goes dead(black screen) AFTER hooking up HDMI cable

    I know very little about computers and wondering if anyone has the correct an answer to my problem. I'm running a Windows Vista laptop and I have been using my tv as mirrored image for the last couple of months. ~No problems. But just recently when I power up the laptop while I still have the...
  12. R

    Component advice building pc

    Hello, A friend asked if I could take a look at the components he has selected for the gaming pc he wants to build. I had some suggestions, but I know there are people here who know much more about this than I do! His list at the moment: CPU: Intel i7 4790k GPU: MSi GTX 970 GAMING 4G...
  13. MrSnict

    CPU (radiator) fans to PSU with molex adapter??

    Hi there everybody! Past few weeks I've been having some crazy issues with my new pc, one of which has been new h100i gtx I got. The fans don't seem to be registering on Corsair link or anything else I allows me to speed them up. I'm thinking of buying a 3 pin molex adapter for for the...
  14. S

    I'm not sure if it's my Graphics Card or Processor.

    Like I said I would do, I bought a XFX Radeon HD 6870 2gb for a steal, $45. It is running in PCIE 4x, since my processor only has 4 lanes. That's my question. Once i installed this card i was expecting to wait for the coil whine to go crazy when i fired up my game(Black ops 2) on lowest...
  15. T

    I get the BSOD every time I try to upgrade my RAM

    Hi there: I have been running my desktop on 4GB of RAM for the last several years. It is the same 2 sticks of RAM initially bought during the configuration. Recently, I have tried to add additional RAM (8GB of RAM) and keep receiving the same BSOD each time. The BSOD typically happens after I...
  16. Y

    Please share some good configs within 300-400$ Price range for gaming

    I'm new in the PC things, I had a computer before, but that wasn't for gaming. I'd like to build a cheap, but relatively good config, that can run two, three years old, or older games. To be honest, I have no idea whats a good CPU, or motherboard, and I don't know is it even possible to build a...
  17. L

    How can i utilize 5.1 best

    I have a M1910 5.1 multimedia speaker ( that i want to use with my desktop pc. My motherboard is Maximus VI Hero and it has something called "SupremeFX" which i think supports DTS Neo:PC... I currently am connecting...
  18. P

    Need a general purpose / gaming laptop

    1. What is your budget? £500 - £800 (I realise this isn't much in terms of a gaming laptop, but i'm not really looking for something completely high end. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6" is what i'm used to but i'm open to a 17". 3. What screen resolution do...
  19. F

    Looking to upgrade my rig: 780 or 780Ti? Should I wait for Maxwell? Other alternatives?

    Hi Tom's Hardware, Looking at an upgrade to my rig at some point in the near future, something along the lines of a 780 or a 780Ti, but am not sure if the price difference is worth the performance increase achieved by the 780Ti. Would waiting for Maxwell be sensible? Anything that could produce...