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  1. G

    Question Special Laptop Troubleshoot(Lenovo B560 power led blinking, No display)

    So here's the whole story. I was trying to repair this laptop i.e. Lenovo B560. It had lagging issues. The way it was lagging, I was pretty sure it was cause of tons of viruses in it. So I started installing a fresh windows on it. And after that, when I was about to install the antivirus, I...
  2. B

    Question I downloaded a file from the Internet and got a virus

    I downloaded a file from the internet that said it had an ISO file for the game I wanted but when I mounted the ISO as a virtual drive using cyber link the program did open a setup window but while I was reading through it an other window/page flashed in the background and I was curious about...
  3. Karbonic

    Question Strange Problem Affecting Multiple Programs

    Hi, for the last few days, I've been having an issue that's been affecting multiple programs, for the most part making them not respond or crash on start. The programs in question are: Paint Tool .SAI Blender MalwareBytes Radeon Settings: Host Application Adobe CC Programs (AE, PS) I've tried...
  4. TheBearMethodist

    Question Changing my GPU in Nvidia Control panel causes really weird name change when applied

    I have a 2 GPU set up with one EVGA GEFORCE GTX 1060 SSC and an MSI GTX 1070 Ti. My goal is to run my games only off of the 1070 Ti and everything else with the 1060. This seems to be working, but when I set the Global Settings to use the 1060 as the CUDA-GPUs setting and click "apply," I am...
  5. JustADoughnut

    Question Pc keeps crushing/freezing a few minutes after startup

    Everything was working just fine today until the computer randomly freezed. The mouse wasn't working and the clock stopped.The only way to get it back is by pressing the power button for a few seconds to close the pc and then turn it back on again. After I did that the pc worked nor ally for 2-3...
  6. J

    [SOLVED] What components of a computer do different types of viruses run through before infecting it?

    For example, if there is a BIOS virus in my computer, what components of the computer would it have run through before it reached the BIOS (e.g. CPU, modem, RAM, etc.)?
  7. B

    Question Windows 10 - in the classroom/office

    Hey Guys, Thanks in advance for any helpful info! I'm fairly new to IT and even more so with windows pc's, if any of this seems like stuff I should just go and learn I completely understand but thought I would see if you knowledgeable people could throw your 2cts in. So I have the task of...
  8. C

    Question Virus preventing some operations

    In the last few days my PC is totally unusable, I got some kind of virus on my PC which deleted my Antivirus, disabled Windows Defender, disabled Windows update, every time when I turn on my computer it probably starts to mine bitcoin because my GPU is much louder and it's usage is over 50%. I...
  9. J

    Question Windows

    Hi everyone. I have an issue with the internet access on my windows 10 machine that I have been unble to solve for several days. My computer recently got infected with a virus. I formatted my SSD with the OS on it and re-installed Windows 10 Home. Since doing this I have been unable to use the...
  10. E

    Question CPU usage at 100%, drops when task manager opened

    Hi everyone! My CPU usage is at 100% and when I open the task manager it near instantly drops to around 10-15%. I''ve had this for a while now, actually. It was just today when I decided to check it out online and found out multiple posts saying it's some kind of virus. one of the posts said...
  11. T

    Question I fear my PC might be getting attacked

    I was talking to a creepy dude a few days ago and he told me some weird things about my computer that make me feel uncomfortable so I didn't talk to him ever since, but I am fearing if this guy could be attacking my pc. Please help me so I can know how to deal with this situation. Programs I...
  12. P

    Question Laptop Keyboard Malfunctioning!

    About a week ago I learned my "-" key was having issues. It seemed like it was just not responding. I was worried I might have a failing key, but then it started to affect my "left Ctrl" key, then my "5" key, now my "6" key and "Numpad 6" key. They all just seem to turn off then back on, and all...
  13. E

    Question Can't copy any file from my Desktop to external hard drive

    Please help me i can't find a solution it's suicidal 😭 😭 note my desktop is running on windows 7(i don't use it much and it has not been updated since ages) I switched on my desktop after 5-6 months and found that my system was attacked by ransomware virus most of my files pictures documents...
  14. Thundurh

    Question Computer Automatically restarting

    I have randomly been getting this problem where my computer is restarting right when I start any game, disabling me from playing any games. I know it isn't my PSU, or overheating. One of the times my computer reset, it sent a report that it was a win32trojan virus... so I am guessing that's what...
  15. Z

    Question Virus blocking all reset tools

    Somehow my computer seems to have gotten a powerful virus and I have tried every damn thing I can to reset the computer and reinstall windows and just have a fresh wipe. Nothing has worked it keeps getting blocked saying can’t run this program or it will just kill the process. Any ideas on how...
  16. I

    Question Proxy Check Virus

    So i've had this virus on my computer for 4 days now i tried to do alot to get rid of it and i dont think its working because it keeps comming back i need help please.
  17. W

    Question I can't find this program (Lavasoft Webcompanion)

    Hello, I can't find the location of this file in my disk and I think it's hidden on purpose. Today I started up my PC and I had some kind of ''LiveUpdate.exe'' asking me for permission to open. I declined and checked the startup settings in Task Manager and found out that there is a blank...
  18. A

    Question Something is eating my C:

    I posted a thread yesterday but it's gone not sure why it was deleted. If I posted in the wrong sub, sorry. The story is, my PC has been saying to free up space for I think a couple of weeks but given that I had installed a game not too long ago, I figured it was that. Fast forward to few days...