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  1. Question Weird pixel with shadow on the screen

    I tought its dead pixel but then I tried to take screenshot and it still appeared on the screenshot. I got this months ago on different position on the screen, I tought that I have virus or something, can someone help me please I dont know what it is
  2. A

    Question Being blocked from accessing Windows Defender! Says your IT administrator has limited access to some areas of this app.

    Hi there, So I have recently tried to get into bitcoin mining with NiceHash, I am able to install the miner and everything but when I got to whitelist the folder in windows defender I am being blocked. I need to do this so the program does not get blocked. I have tried to just restore the...
  3. J

    Question WUIconWindow preventing shutdown

    Hello, I recently installed the latest update for windows and on shutdown I was prompted with "WUIconwindow is preventing shutdown" I'm unsure what this is or how to resolve it, it shut down after anyway but is it something to be concerned about? Thank you
  4. O

    Question Do I have a virus or is my Computer just notifying because of something else?

    Yesterday I was on YouTube watching videos when all of the sudden I got a pop up Windows 10 notifications that I have 3 viruses and there was two options below that to choose from 1. upgrade McAfee Subscription or 2. Don't Show This Again. I have Windows Defender which never detected anything...
  5. C

    Question Need help with possible spyware

    Hello, My friend said someone sent him a link that allowed them access to some of their [his ?] data. can someone check the link for me? and if there is spyware show me how to remove it safely? <<Suspicious link removed by moderator>> If anyone can help me I am grateful <<Inappropriate offer...
  6. T

    Question Computer randomly restarting. Might be the PSU ?

    A month ago, my computer started randomly restarting. It would happen randomly; didn't matter if I was browsing the web or putting a heavy load on the CPU and GPU. The most it restarted was three times a day. Screen would turn black, fans would crank to the max for a couple seconds, and the...
  7. Thundurh

    Question PC Freezing Issue

    Hello! I have had a problem with my computer freezing while gaming for about 3 or 4 years now. Sometimes while I am gaming it will happen in about an hour or two, and sometimes it can be just 5 or 10 minutes. I have replaced every single part in my PC (besides my storage components), which has...
  8. gordonmousedeer

    [SOLVED] Can a used hard disk drive carry viruses?

    I bought a used hard disk drive. The seller assured me that it has no bad sectors. I need to know something.. Even after a hard disk drive gets reformatted or gets all of its information wiped clean, can it still carry viruses from an older system?
  9. M

    Question Mouse double-clicking, cancels holding down mouse

    My mouse frequently double-clicks, but also cancels the click when I hold down the mouse button, instead turning the hold click into two clicks and a hold. The tension spring doesn't seem to be the problem if the mouse cancels holding down the mouse button. I've downloaded a double click...
  10. M

    [SOLVED] Opening a bank account online

    Hi, I have 0 knowledge in these stuff, so bear with me please. I want to open a bank account in Europe (France), but I cannot travel so I found that I can open it online and then transfer money from my local bank. However I'm afraid that my pc is hacked or contains a virus that may steal my...
  11. boltyfiut

    Question is that a malware/virus? if so, how to get rid of it??

    one day i needed some files from my old pc, and since these files weighted like 100GB i had to connect the hard drive from my older pc to my new on the thing is, my previous unit was really run down with viruses and malwares after i connected the hard drive, the pc started to act yiffy, with...
  12. K

    Question HELP! Serious Undetectable Malware Infection

    Hello, I suspected there was a malware infection on my system after I found a weird process called "net-helper.exe" running. Rkill detected the process and terminated it. Malwarebytes pro couldn't detect it, and Sophos Hitman Pro also did not detect it. The service isn't a default windows...
  13. D S Q U A R E

    Question .WBXD Virus!!!

    Hey Fellas, First of all thanks for seeing my thread! Now IDK from where this thing came from but every single file on my PC.From my docs to my music, Every single file is just encrypted with this .Wbxd extension, Also in every folder there is this ransom note saying : ATTENTION! Don't worry...
  14. U

    Question Windows 10 defender virus detection

    Hi, Everytime I'm openning a software or a game, my Windows Defender detects several threats (5 to 10 files on every opening). Of course, I have a virus, but when I start an analysis, everytings is a threats. So, what should I do ? I need your help, please 😀 Thank you very much !
  15. C

    Question I've Lost info and I'm Sure I have SOmething Crawling Around

    Hi guys, SO for about a month now I've been dealing with the Google/Bing Malware/Infection Whatever you wanna call it. When I type in a search in Chrome it bounces to BING. I researched and researched how to fix this and nothing worked. I've tried EVERYTHING. I built my PC and consider myself to...
  16. Ensign Scrulu

    Question BSOD and suspected virus infection

    My PC just encountered a event BlueScreen event quite unexpectedly and unprovoked while I was reading an online newspaper. An error msg that came up after restart read (approximately, as I have translated it from Swedish as best I know how): - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -...
  17. Question Having problem with internet download manager! Not sure if it is virus or not...

    I have using paid version of idm for 3 months but recently a problem occurs. Every time I close my chrome browser idm shows a message like below. I dont know what to do. Any idea???
  18. D

    [SOLVED] Can Chromebooks be a Vector for Windows Malware?

    Hi there. Ok, so used to be, I always reformatted a USB on a Mac (not quick format, I used the option that has 3 passes) before I insert it to my windows laptop/pc. I did this to lessen the chances of getting a virus from other windows computers since I occasionally needed to use the USB on...
  19. zafttttt

    [SOLVED] Programs tabbing / closing by itself

    So I'm having 2 separated problems. One is programs mostly games tabbing out by itself though I can still go back to the window and then another problem is the program closing by itself. The 2nd problem is happening in every program including google chrome. After the program was closed, the...
  20. T

    [SOLVED] Image files changed to another format by possible virus infection

    Was repairing friends laptop today (Dell Inspiron N5010) and while checking the drives found that most of the image file format have been changed to .A640 file type. Backed up all those files to another PC/hard disk and clean installing windows 10 on the laptop as i type this in. My question...
  21. [SOLVED] windows 10 pc issues

    My pc (dell optiplex) has been acting up recently, some of my files seem to be deleted? It keeps getting worse. The pictures might help but it seems like some of my files are gone. I cant find them anymore
  22. R

    [SOLVED] what can i safely backup after RAT infestation?

    so i got RATS (maybe, at least im paranoid enough to reset win10) i know without knowing the type/kind of RAT, it would be hard to answer this, but what is safe to backup before reset let me ask more specifically 1. can virus/rat attach to random text and media and program files in my hard...
  23. Nevis

    Question Need help removing a virus

    So I unpackaged a zip file that had a virus attached to it, I have a kapersky antivirus and it was able to detect it and neutralize the virus before it could do anything. One of the virus detected tho said it was no longer available. I did not notice any changes to my pc for 2 days already but...
  24. S

    [SOLVED] I just did a full scan and got this!!

    I did a full deep scan with avg, at the end it said it only found one infected file/virus etc and it said: html evil cursor-b [trj] it was in quarantine and i have deleted it now, i checked the file location and it said it was from brave, which is a browser i used a long time ago, my...
  25. InfuriatedFrog

    [SOLVED] As soon as i open task manager. CPU usage is high and then it dips back to normal.

    So, I had my motherboard replaced. I installed the wrong drivers earlier and then installed the correct ones soon after. These past few days, as soon as i open task manager. CPU usage is between 60% to 80% and then dips to 1% to 10%. I thought my PC was cryptojacked. I ran malware bytes and bit...
  26. IcoSam

    Question PC or Keyboard "posessed" and typing by its own

    Hi everybody I couldn't find a solution for it anywhere. I got a problem with my PC. Sometimes, my keyboard or rather the PC types stuff by its own. It's usually just the most used keys (like QWERASDF, TAB - keys used for gaming) but there are somehow moments, where it types in MY PASSWORDS...
  27. K

    [SOLVED] Virus/Malware blocking my web browsers

    Whenever I open google chrome, or any other browser, the search engine is changed and set to some random one ive never heard of. First it was, and now it loops into 3 of them and then 404 errors. I've been trying to get rid of this for the past 2 days and nothing seems to work...
  28. pinkers51

    [SOLVED] CPU usage at 100% when doing nothing

    Hi, I'm having an issue where my CPU is being used at 100% even when i'm doing nothing. I've looked into this myself, and have found that it is most likely due to a mining virus (it is at 100% when I do not have task manager open, then springs back up when i close it), but I have tried all the...
  29. kingston97bg

    [SOLVED] Decryptor for Ransomware "righ."?

    Hello everyone! Before time ago I got infected with ransomware under the name "righ.". And since then, my files have been sitting in the clouds. My question is is there an option to fix it today? (Photos and videos only) You can join my PC with TeamViewer to drop an eye.
  30. L

    Question "Pirates Buster for e-book/Application (Decoder for Eisys)" taking up lots of space and cannot uninstall

    Hello all. So this is a program I've seen on my computer a long time ago, and I think it used to take up a relatively low amount of space, and thought it was not important. I was just optimizing windows and cleaning up files when I noticed this in both the Windows Settings -> Storage and...
  31. Muhammad Jahid

    [SOLVED] Do I have to update Windows Defender virus,spyware and malware definitions every day?

    I am using windows 8.1 Home Edition. I know virus,spyware and malware definitions are files that are used to identify the malicious or potencially unwanted software. Do I have to update these definitions everyday or once a month?
  32. D

    [SOLVED] Help with chrome virus

    When I restarted my computer and chrome popped up, a tab called "" showed up. When I closed it, it opened a new app with pornography on it. Whenever I opened a tab, a new tab of opened as well. After 2 minutes, it stopped doing it, and I scanned...
  33. AlbiDX


    I think I have a virus because like my time is showing this View: and my game is lagging and I am not sure what to do Anti Virus aint picking it up
  34. 6

    [SOLVED] Blue Screen :(

    Ok so here goes. Earlier today I clicked on a download link that was quite peculiar, my windows defender flagged it but I didn’t think it was harmful as Windows defender usually flags anything I download. But I was wrong. Afterwards random pop ups started opening for example CMD, Disk cleaner...

    [SOLVED] Whats the best Free AntiVirus program for windows 10?

    Hi,👋 In the past 24 hrs, I've had 3 viruses on my ultrabook. Windows defender failed to remove the viruses. I used ESET's virus removal tool to remove them successfully , what's the best free antivirus program, what would use the least amount of resources?
  36. P

    Question Normal Windows Behavior? Or a Trojan/Virus?

    I am hoping you can give me guidance and advice. I am running Windows 10 and only have Windows Defender. Recently Windows Defender found some threats, which it said it took care of. The threats were: Trojan:Win32/Vigorf.A Trojan:Win32/Skeeyah.A!MTB Trojan:Win32/Occamy.AA...
  37. louietien

    [SOLVED] Is Vanguard Safe?

    Hey guys, I must admit I haven't really been doing much research on the subject, and haven't exactly traced it back to Valorant. But I just need an expert opinion. My friend notified me recently that he did a malware scan and had a bunch of backdoors, trojans and bitcoin miners on his computer...
  38. K

    [SOLVED] Help with virus / rat

    Downloaded something for a game on a forum (DLL that I injected into my game) and now my pc is acting weird. I ran a malwarebytes scan and deleted everything it detected. I tried opening google chrome to download an antivirus to try to get rid of it but my chrome wouldn’t load any webpages...
  39. rizzeh

    Question SOLVED: Bitcoin Mining Virus (Masked as NVIDIA Corporation)

    Hey everyone, just an update. The lovely people from Bleeping Computer has helped me remove the virus completely and my Task Manager functionality restored. I'm not sure if you can share links to different forums here, but if anyone wants to read up on how how we were able to fix it. Or if you...
  40. clancefergie_

    Question suspicious things in Task Manager

    Recently I looked into my Task Manager to find two applications called "YourPhone.exe" and some program named "腾讯手游助手" I know its a virus or something so I don't want to touch the two programs at all. What exactly are these things and how do I remove them? I don't want to fiddle with it at all...