[SOLVED] CPU and GPU Clocked

Feb 12, 2022
Hello. I recently built this new PC back in late December. I have been just fine with my speeds until I scanned a virus a couple of days ago, I removed it. I then installed Malwarebytes and did a FULL scan and it found nothing. My CPU and GPU Clock Speeds have been maxing out, my I9-11900k at 5100 and it fluctuates so it goes up and down to like 2400 for example. My GPU has been chilling at 139 MHz which is not bad but then sometimes spikes up to its max. I will provide a screenshot of my application showing the clock speeds while it's all on idle and I am not running anything, only chrome and discord.

Please let me know as I would like to fix this. I am sure, not sure if it is normal which I doubt it is.