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  1. Question Can anyone help me determine if this is a dead pixel or an internal crack?

    So I've had a Sony X7007f 55 inch TV for 3 months now. And just two days ago I noticed black spots on my TV. I tried wiping it but it seems that it's inside the TV and not on the surface of the screen. I'm thinking it's an internal crack but it could also be dead pixels. I've never hit the TV...
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    Question Can I upgrade the storage on a ironside computer?

    Hey all so I recently purchased a ironside computer it’s the minion Ultra ver. I was worried about my storage and wanted to know if I could upgrade it from a my 1 tb hard drive to a 2tb without damaging my computer.Also another question,if I mess with my ironside computers components will it...
  3. T

    Question Intel's Warranty Policy & Temperatures

    Dear Tomshardware community, I'm aware that according to Intel's policy, overclocking a CPU even if it's unlocked will void the CPU's warranty. But what about under volting? Usually, motherboards are giving by default way too high voltages for a CPU to run at stock settings and maybe...
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    Question GPU Warranty Registration

    Looking to buy a second hand card. I was wandering if you could change the account the card is registered to for warranty purposes? Cheers
  5. P

    [SOLVED] GPU not working properly after reapplying thermal paste

    Hello! I recently reapplied the thermal paste for my GPU (Zotac GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Extreme) and have noticed a multitude of problems since. Firstly, the fans on the card aren't spinning, well sort of and I'll say why in a second (even putting them on 100% in MSI Afterburner doesn't do anything.)...
  6. S

    Question Is scratched display covered by HP standard warranty?

    Hello, I have a problem with my HP Pavilion 14-ce0000nc. The problem is that my LCD display is damaged (there is a groove 6cm from the top of the display and it goes almost all the way across). It is caused by the edge where the lowered keyboard is coming up to the touchpad. My local support...
  7. R

    Question Buying used 1080 ti?

    Hi, I have two deals for Gtx 1080 ti's that I can go for right now. A Evga 1080 ti SC2 for $510 or a Zotac 1080 ti AMP [Not extreme] Edition for $500. My question is which one should I go for or is buying this a bad idea in general.
  8. C

    No Display to GPU

    Hello I just moved u i rooms and my wifi card fell out in transport i was stupid and tried putting it back in when the piwer was on it slightly grazed ny gpu and there was a light white flash, no burning smell or any smoking whatsoever but now i cant get any display to my monitor except when...
  9. P

    31 gb storage too much ?

    So i updated my windows last night and i frequently use disk cleanup and clean system files,when i checked my storage it also showed me 31 gb to remove,it says if i use it i will not be able to restore my windows to previous version.Should i delete it ? i mean its 31gb
  10. G

    Fps drops suddently

    Hello Recently i bought a new graphic card, GTX Colorful 1050ti mini I've set it in the pc, installed drivers from geforces site and it all went fine for a while when playing rust. At high glrahics i had 60+fps Next day i went to a new map in rust and for the first 10 mins i had na lags and then...
  11. Y

    AMD Ryzen 2700x cooler

    I would like to put the AMD Ryzen 2700x in my gaming pc build it comes with a an own cooler and i dont know if this cooler is good enough to keep the ryzen 2700x at low temperatures. is it good enough?will the cooler keep the cpu at low temperatures? should I add another cooler?
  12. M

    my igpu has a problem

    when i play a game that meets the system requirements it lags and its slow
  13. S

    Is this a good budget build?

    Hi just wondering what kind of performance I can expect in CS:GO, Fallout 4 and all the free to play games on steam? CPU - Fx8350 @ 4ghz Ram- 8gb Kingston 1600 MHz GPU - GTX 660 TI 2GB 500gb HDD WILL BE ADDING A SSD SOON
  14. T

    Backlight Bleeding and clouding after slight movement - return worthy or overexaggerating?

    Hi guys! So I got a new laptop (HP Pavilion Power 15) and noticed quite early on it had a case of light backlight bleeding on the bottom left corner, and the bezel wasn't on too tight on the top right. The screen itself didn't wasn't entirely flush with the bezel, with the top and right lines...
  15. K

    How to install the Realtek driver

    Hi, so recently I've formatted my hard drive and I let Windows 10 install all of the drivers automatically. Unfortunately Windows didn't install the realtek driver, and now I have to do it manually. So I've downloaded the realtek driver from my mobo's website...
  16. T

    AMD OverDrive Assistance

    Is AMD overdrive compatible with Ryzen 3 1300x? If not, what software like amd overdrive is compatible with this ryzen chip
  17. T

    Is this GPU seated correctly?

    I've literally just taken this brand new machine out of the box and removed the packaging from inside the case and I noticed the GPU is properly on the wonk!! From what I can tell, all of the connectors and fixings are in the correct place and are secure. However, the card doesn't sit as...
  18. RedScope

    RAM Overclocking Limits

    I have the Gigabyte B250-D3H motherboard and it supports RAM speeds up to 2400MHz. I own a Ballistix LT Sport Red 2x4GB kit @ 2400MHz. I was wondering if I enable XMP and set a custom profile if I could overclock the RAM up to say 2666MHz even tho it says the motherboard only supports up to...
  19. G

    I can't run games on this good PC.

    Hello. I have recently bought this iBuyPower trace930. It has i7-7700 @ 3.6ghz and gtx 1060. I have noticed that I can run some games above 60 fps easily (for example dead by daylight and PUBG) but I have also noticed that I cant even get 30 fps on other games like Rust, Assassins Creed, and...
  20. S

    CPU For Computer Science.

    Hello, I'm going to be starting a degree in computer science. In the listing of later classes it talked about having to do programming. I'd be doing my class work as well as gaming 4k In my off time. While I know what kind of GPU I'll be looking for, does anyone have any recommendations for CPU...