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  1. AgentTran

    Help Overclocking Clarkdale i5

    I have an i5 650 at 3.2GHz, and it technically is only a little bit worse than an Ivy Bridge i3. Why I say technically is because people have said that these chips overclock great, but the problem is I've never looking into overclocking, and the farthest I've gone is "Intel Turbo Boost" and...
  2. K

    Somewhere to buy windows 7 home premium 64 bit key

    I'm looking for a place that sells windows 7 home premium 64 bit key (key only no need of box), preferably somewhere well known like amazon, can someone recommend me ?
  3. M

    which ssd better for me

    kingston ssdnow 300v 120gb intel 335 80gb adata xpg sx900 128 gb
  4. L

    Heavy Lag Spikes

    FOr the past 4 years, me and my brother have used our computer daily, and it work extremely well. A few months ago, when playing downloaded games,(browser games are %100 fine) the computer would begin to lag heavily, to about 4fps for about 2 minutes, and the lag got longer and more frequent the...
  5. G

    Broadcom's WICED SDK Enables Wi-Fi HD Audio Streaming

    A new audio SDK for Broadcom's wireless embedded device platform promises to deliver seamless wireless audio to the home. Broadcom's WICED SDK Enables Wi-Fi HD Audio Streaming : Read more
  6. V

    I need a driver!

    Hello, I've just done a clean install of windows 7 Ultimate x64, alongside my old windows XP Pro 32 bit. Everything works fine except the fact that i can't get any sound from my computer, with the error "No audio output device is installed" when i mouse over it. I've tried going to the HP's...