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  1. Ayankhan78

    Question low price gaming websites

    i want to buy gta 5 but i dont have enought money so is there any legit websites which sells used games or unused which sells games in low prices because on the internet there are many scams i want a legit website
  2. X

    Question Simple Photo Upload tool for Elderly Users?

    I manage a website for a local master naturalist group, the vast majority of the members of which are over the age of 60, and not particularly tech savvy. These users want to be able to share their photographs with the rest of the chapter, and I need an easy solution for them to be able to...
  3. Arturovski

    [SOLVED] Download a website

    Hi, I want to download an entire website for offline viewing. There's a website on which I can view all my grades from school, as well as all comments and other information. However, since I'm done with school, I will lose access to my account and won't be able to view them anymore. My school...
  4. J

    Question Please someone help me with accessing a website

    Not sure if this is the correct location for this question if not I apologize. I work from home i have a company computer which I use a vpn with and I also have to use an additional vpn PaltoAlto to access public health information on a website called Trisano that the Southern Nevada dept of...
  5. KappaLenny

    [SOLVED] Is BeQuiet PSU calculator software good ?

    So I wanted to know my psu requirements for my future pc list, but there are many sites that calculates how much wattage you need, and BeQuiet is one of the reliable sources of good quality PSUs but many of the other good sites, like coolermaster, newegg and seasonic PSU calculator has a lower...
  6. Question Win10; some websites loads forever on local PC

    Hi tomshardware community, So from one day to another my PC started acting weird, I daily work in Azure and also with the ITSM system called Jira, but all of a sudden I am stuck loading azure until I am met with "Hmmm.. Looks like something went wrong" and in Jira, I am having problems clicking...
  7. Jamezz2

    [SOLVED] Chrome automatically types in phrase in website search bar

    For a long time, i'd say close to a year at least, everytime I open or reload a page on it automatically types in "gloves" in the search bar on the site. It's very annoying, every single time I reload a page, open a new page, anything, it auto types it in. It does it regardless of...
  8. Matthughes576

    [SOLVED] 10th Gen, WHAT IS IT?

    So I'm creating a website, [removed], that will have a complete list of CPUs from both AMD and Intel. Now this project is still VERY earlier in it's developmental lifecycle and most likely will not be finished for quite some time. Now my question is; which one is 10th gen, Cascade Lake or Comet...
  9. S

    [SOLVED] Finding a website with prebuilt Pcs to customize

    Good day, Im looking for a website where i can look at prebuilt gaming computers and then customize them to my need. I have found caseking already but would like to look at different sites as well. The only problem is that they will have to be able to ship to Norway. I hope you guys can help me out!
  10. S

    [SOLVED] How to make direct download links that dont take my website users to third party ?

    How do I make direct download link which does not take users to a google drive page where they have to click the download button (as all the tutorials tell me to do this). I want a link that directly asks where they want to download this file or just download it right away in their default...
  11. M

    [SOLVED] Getting logged out of Google and Reddit after a few weeks for no reason

    First of all, I'm using the latest Firefox on the latest Windows 10, and I have 2FA turned on for my accounts that's why it's a pain to log back in every time. Also, the problem only occurs on Google and Reddit websites. The problem still persists even after: using ipconfig commands to reset...
  12. N

    Question Websites not Loading Properly On Any Browser

    Mobo: MSI MAG Tomahawk Z390 CPU: Intel Core i7-9700k GPU: EVGA Hybrid RTX 2080 Super RAM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR4 3200MHz Memory: XPG GAMMIX 2TB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD PSU: ASUS ROG Strix 650W 80+ Gold Certified I just recently did a new PC build, with an MSI MAG Tomahawk Z390 Motherboard. Ever...
  13. M

    [SOLVED] web mail login issues

    everytime i try to login to my yahoo e-mail the curser automatically shifts over as if i hit the tab button which i didn't. i am using on outdated version of firefox could that be the issue? i don't have that issue when i am loging in to any other webstie
  14. slumpycs

    Question Copying websites

    Hi everyone, so, im aware there is a thing called, a website stealer/copier. I wanted to try this out, so i can download the website. but the website has a thing called DDOS Protection, so whenever i try to download it, it will not download the site, only te page...
  15. U


    Hi, I wanted to know if there is any way to set time limits on certain websites. So that it is inaccessible after for example, 50 minutes of use. Is this possible? Thank You
  16. A

    [SOLVED] 500 Internal server error , but i'm sure it's my connection fault.

    Hey guys, i ran into a problem of 500 internal server error while surfing some websites View: and i know that normally it's from the website itself, but i open the exact same websites from my 4g data on mobile phone and they worked normally , so i assumed it's a fault...
  17. gordonmousedeer

    [SOLVED] Do I have to add USB ports to this power supply unit calculator website?

    I use the eXtreme Outer Vision power supply unit calculator website ( ) to calculate the amount of power a computer needs and a UPS with an appropriate VA value for it. If my motherboard (GIGABYTE B365 M AORUS ELITE (rev. 1.0)) has (or supports up...
  18. E

    Help with my Work Website

    My business involves fabrication and electrical services and I have been using wordpress to build my website and my website template is the Customify template. My host is bluehost and my domain name came from google domains. : ((Link removed by Moderator)) My problem is that after I have...
  19. H

    Question Business website

    Hey, i don't know where to post this, so i will post it here. This is about video editing FYI. But i want to start a small online business where clients can make a account and have there own interface, where they can upload content directly to me(video footage) where i can download it edit...
  20. J

    Question Why can I not access the website I created from another devices.

    Hello there. I am very confused about why I cannot access the website I created using wampserver. I used a free domain and hosting from My website's purpose is for e-commerce so I basically connected it through WordPress and did all the things I have to do. I have no idea what I...
  21. S

    Question Is SMTP support to send and recieve emails a common feature included with domain registration?

    I'm looking to register a domain (example: and create an email address that uses that domain name ( However, I'm getting vague information about what email services are generally included with domain registration. only provides...
  22. P

    Question First link in Sticky Thread is broken

    There is a problem in the Sticky Thread entitled, "How to Ask for Advice about Choosing a New GPU". The very first piece of advice in this thread is to look at "Tom's Hardware Graphics Articles". This link is broken, leading only to an error page. Given how important this topic is to the...
  23. A

    [SOLVED] Using a Domain as Processing Power

    If a person wanted to send a computer a really big request, maybe create a thousand Microsoft accounts, but their computer wasn't fast enough to actually handle the requests, because it's a thousand Microsoft accounts, then could they use a domain or website, and possibly use their computer as a...
  24. shahidmohmed99

    Question My phone keeps connecting/disconnecting continuously when I connect it to my new Hp laptop with an Data cable.

    Hi. I bought a new lap two weeks before the model is HP Notebook - 15-da0074tx. I installed windows 10 on my own. Not yet activated. But when I connected my Samsung Phone with a data cable it starts connecting/disconnecting continuously. Sometimes it works fine, but mostly it keeps...
  25. S

    Question Why can't I choose any other country?

    I have no idea where else to post this so I'm putting it here - View: Whenever I wanna purchase something off of SportsDirect, and I go to checkout, it shows me ONLY Moldovia, while I live in Israel. It's been happening for a while now and I don't know what to do.
  26. [SOLVED] Cannot connect to Microsoft or few other websites..

    Hi , Today i just noticed that i cant connect to & for some reason this error shows :- I tried trouble shooting the error, and the troubleshooter tells me this :- ========================================================= Other websites work perfectly for me but only...
  27. R

    Ram upgrading, I'm an idiot probably.

    Obligatory long time lurker, first-time poster nonsense. Essentially, for Christmas I received a new 2x8gb 1600mhz Corsair Vengence DDR3 Ram Kit. I placed this in the black channel of my Asus p877-v motherboard w/ an i7 3770 @ 3.4ghz. In dual channel putting it into the far left black slot and...
  28. R

    Headset microphone not working

    I have a ozone rage 7hx 7.1 gaming headset.This headset comes with a microphone that I can remove if I want.Today I turned the mic off and it is not coming back on even though I tried several times and restarted the pc.When I try to update the drivers to see if it would fix it, the driver...
  29. Rodion15

    How often does Google Drive sync data in Windows and Mac?

    How often does Google Drive sync data in Windows and Mac? Does it work with Power Nap as well? When does it sync? I couldn't find an article explaining this?
  30. G

    8th gen CPU with 6th gen Motherboard

    Hi. I would like to know whether the i3 8100 will work with MSI H110M Pro-VH 6th gen Motherboard? Thank You!
  31. 1

    The difference between the two

    what is the differences between x86 and x64?
  32. B

    DT770 80 ohm without amp/dac?

    Okay so I'm looking to buy headphones, never had any, + mic ofc And I was thinking about the DT770 80 ohm, but I'm not sure if my motherboard can handle that or not. Do i need amp/dac/soundcard or whatever it's called, pretty new to this? Because I can't afford dac/amp/soundcard Motherboard is...
  33. R

    Laptop wireless card in tower? possible?

    I have an old laptop laying around that I can use for random parts. Ive been having trouble with my USB wireless adapter for my tower, it will randomly shut off and disconnect my wifi, not here to talk about that now but it gets annoying. Can I take the mini-pci wifi card from the laptop and...
  34. K

    my r9 390 with a pretty good fan is gettin toasty for no reason

    So I own a Asus Strix R9 390 and she is gettin hot all the sudden, i replaced my fans in the case a day ago to improve air flow without the fans being crazy loud. I installed Asus GPU tweaker after i had installed the case fans to monitor fan speeds on my gpu to see if i could make things...
  35. K

    Wireless not working

    My laptop is about a year old now but for somereason is saying that it cannot connect to any wifi at all. It doesnt even give me a option anymore it just shows a symbol which looks like a ethernet cable next to a monitor. Just wanted to know what it is and how to solve it
  36. S

    How do I calculate the size of a Firewall?

    We have to proposs a NGFW with the capability so support 4 WAN connections of 100Mb each and a max. estimated quantity of 4000 clients connected with 2-3 devices each. What does the firewall throughput should be? What factors should I consider in the estimation of a NGFW?
  37. D

    will i7 3770 3.4GHz & Xeon E3 1240 v2 3.4Ghz have same gaming performance?

    i need to upgrade my cpu from i5 3470 to i7 3770,coz i always play GTA V,Witcher3,Watch dogs...(openworld titles),i cant go for skylake because my mobo is msi h61m-p32/w8(1600mhz ddr3 8gb) but in my country i7 3770 so expensive,then i decided to go for used Xeon e3 1240 v2 3.4ghz. I NEED TO...
  38. E

    Budget PC for Gaming

    Hey all, I wanna build a budget pc that can run TF2 and Battlefield at comfortable (60+) framerates at medium to max graphics settings. Here is a build put together by my buddy that'll run me $375. Does anyone have any suggestions about it?
  39. M

    Help Building My Computer

    Hello everyone, I am building a computer right now because the parts i have added to an old one have not been so great. However I am still learning a lot about computers and am not too smart with server related parts. Things that I have: Graphics card: Quadro 6000...
  40. P

    Build for a Christmas Gift for My Mother - Home office use dual monitor/ultrawide

    I want to build a PC for my mother for Christmas. She doesn't need a whole lot as far as power, she wouldn't use 90% of it anyway so I don't need a top of the line gaming rig. She's very much into genealogy and does a lot of work with that. She's the Registrar in our states DAR chapter, so she...