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  1. AndurilTheSwordOfElessar

    Question Requesting help to resolve startup BSOD after the W10 Cumulative update KB5005565

    I'm using a Lenovo Thinkpad ( Windows 10 Version 20H2, OS Build 19042.1237) of which the HDD was replaced last month due to bad sectors. After the replacement the system was working smoothly until two days ago when the system was automatically updated with the "2021-09 Cumulative Update for...
  2. [SOLVED] Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004 - Error 0x800703ee

    Dear everyone, my feature updates to Windows 10 keep failing. Windows 10 Update reports the following error: Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004 - Error 0x800703ee Manual Upgrade service reports: We can't tell if your PC has enough space to continue installing Windows 10. Try...
  3. K

    Question Low sound in games after windows 10 update

    Hello its been half year when windows 10 destroyed my gaming... So early this year cant tell exactly when it started, but after windows 10 update sounds in games become low... Now i am having 30% of real sound at 100%. I seen a lot of users complaining about this aswell. Meybe someone already...
  4. ecco2k

    Question Windows updates are not installing/ uninstalling when I reboot

    My windows will never completely install updates. Said updates that will not install: 2020-01 Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems 2020-05 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64 2020-05 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version...
  5. ftuzzohra


    So here's the issue I'm having. I installed a windows update. Then my keyboard stopped working and the internet wouldnt connect either. So I did the whole restore system to an earlier date thing. And the keyboard only worked sometimes. Then I updated the drivers. Restated and started getting a...
  6. AEX19629

    Question VERY HIGH POWER USAGE - Windows 10 - HELP FIX

    There's seems to be some problem with the power usage status on task manager. This has happened recently and has not happened before. All the components are around a month old, and I believe it may have happened after I did a windows update. I don't think it can be the PSU's problem since it is...
  7. T

    [SOLVED] Windows 10 version update issue

    Hello, first time poster. I'm having issues every time I go to update to a new version of Windows 10. It fails every time. I've had to do a couple of fresh installs already since 10 came out just to stay on supported versions. I have the operating system on an ssd, and I have a raid 10 setup...
  8. Gamer_DeepYT

    Question High CPU Usage on IDLE

    I had a Ryzen 5 1600 pc for the last 1.5 years when it gets too unbearable, I open Task Manager, only to find that my CPU usage lowers dramatically from 90% to 3% I've tried all the solutions that I found by googling. I also did a clean install of Windows 10. At first, my CPU usage was at 90%...
  9. D

    Question Updated Windows 10 - Now screen brightness button in taskbar is gone

    Hi everyone. I allowed Windows 10 to update, but now the taskbar icon that used to let me adjust my screen's brightness has disappeared. Each time I clicked on this icon in the past it opened up a little window. When I clicked on the brightness button icon on this little window, the screen...
  10. Farisfreiz

    Question Windows 10 update cannot connect internet

    After update windows 10 latest version, my laptop didn't have any internet connection i don't know why, i tried anything i found by googling but it didn't work
  11. T

    My hdd is broken And I want to replace him

    Hi everybody . I have a laptop for 3 years, unfortunately my hdd 1 to is down, I can no longer use my pc, I installed windows just but my pc is too slow, I made crystaldisk it gives me Message of CAUTION, ok I understand that it is necessary to change my hdd but there are quite a few people who...