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  1. J

    SSD randomly stops working?

    recently i have been having a problem with my SSD..... my computer will be on and it will randomly reboot itself. and my bios refuses to pick up my SSD. and trys to boot into LINUX. im running windows 7 pro 64BIT on my SSD. and i have nothing but games music picture ETC on my hybrid driver...
  2. R

    no video with higher gamer cards.

    asus board msa97, corsair 750 psu, 16gig mem, amd 6350 6 core @ 4.225 MHz video card = evga 960 superclock. no video but fans turn. no bios either. changed video to asus strix 960 and still no video. fans turn for 2secs and stop. everything is plugged in but no image on monitor. using digital to...
  3. T

    How much can I overclock a MSi Hawk R9 270X using MS afterburner?

    So, how much, and what settings/multipliers can I use to overclock a R9 270X from MSI's Hawk series? I'm relatively new to the overclocking scene, so I'm not sure if you need to know that CPU, but in case, it is a non overclocked Athlon 860k.
  4. R

    Multiple R9 270x displays without displayport

    Hi all, I'm trying to run 3 monitors from my r9 270x and am running into issues. On AMD's site, they state that three monitors may be used from just the DVI and hdmi ports IF the monitors on the DVI ports are identical. My question is, how identical do these monitors have to be? I have tried...
  5. K

    Gaming rig $400 confused about cpu+Mobo and Gpu

    Hello everyone, I am trying to upgrade my pc for the purpose of gaming my budget is $400 to $500, I play at 1080p. I want to play the new games at decent fps. I would like to have a full ATX motherboard and preferably overclockable. I want to try two SSDs in RAID 0 in the future. My current...
  6. Ibreakthings

    What Graphics Card Should I Get?

    GTX750 GTX750TI GTX750TI SC GTX650 GTX650TI GTX460 Im thinking the GTX750Ti with a Q6600 OC 3.0GHZ
  7. B

    What is a bootable windows?

    I found and OS for $15. It says re-install or install windows, but it says that it's a "bootable windows." I just want to know if it really doesn't mean anything, or I should not get it. Need it for my computer build, which I am almost done with. It is also on an 8gb USB.
  8. S

    Is this build okay?

    After a crap load of time researching and researching my small head could only pump some juice into a build. I am planning on getting another gtx 970 in the future that is why i opted for a 750w power supply. Here is my build: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/gFGMmG
  9. D

    Building a Gaming Computer

    Hi, I am looking to start building a computer with my older brother and we are trying to get all the parts sorted out before we make any purchases as I am sure most would do. I have found a couple of parts that I think would do nicely and I do believe they are compatible but I am not the tech...