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  1. N

    Question My front case fan is not spinning anymore.

    I built my computer around 3 years ago, so it was about time to clean the insides anyway. I've tried spraying compressed air into the case (taking every basic precaution) which did fix the problem for a bit, but it ended up stopping again. My case is a Xion XON 310 BK, a cramped, ugly mess of...
  2. D

    [SOLVED] PC shuts down after quiting anything gpu intesive

    This is probably a problem with my PSU which is a low quality one that i will be changing soon but i just want to make sure if it maybe isnt an issue with something else. So what happens is whenever i either play a demanding game (in this case Metro Exodus) or i stress test my gpu it shuts down...
  3. K

    Lagging on i5 6500k and GTX 970.

    I’ve got a problem with FPS in games (like R6S, BF3, BF4, BF1, Fortnite, PayDay 2 etc.). I’ve got only 7-23 FPS. On ultra, High, medium, low graphics preferences is the same problem, nothing changed. In normal resolution 1920x1080 16:9 in window I’ve got a 20-35 FPS. I’ve got lagging in desktop...
  4. J

    No life in my system

    I cannot get my computer to start. I was having issues with the system crashing so I decided to take the system apart, clean it with a paintbrush then rebuild. When rebuilt I couldn't get it to start at all, no LED lights anywhere so I figured it was my psu, tried it in another system and it...
  5. S

    How to reset a Windows 7 password with a "Windows Password Reset" dvd ?

    How to reset a windows 7 password with with a "Windows Password Reset" dvd?
  6. S

    ryzen 3 1300x overclocking

    Can i safely overclock the r3 1300x to 4ghz with the wraith cooler?
  7. M

    Dell Dimension 5150 [Not Booting]

    I am currently trying to revive my good friends old Dell Dimension 5150. We believe it is the power button but have no way to prove it. The motherboard's green light turns on and remains on when everything is plugged in properly. I have swapped the PSU out with my EVGA 1300W superNOVA and the...
  8. G

    Synology Shows Off New NAS Servers, Gateways, More At Computex

    Synology didn’t have a booth at the Nangang Exhibition center for Computex 2017--it had too much stuff to fit into a small booth, so it changed locations to make sure it had enough space to show off its products. Synology Shows Off New NAS Servers, Gateways, More At Computex : Read more
  9. 1

    R9 390x bios artifacts

    Hi, I recently purchased​ a used r9 390x off Amazon and it seems to run furmark and over becnhmarks/stress tests fine but the bios splash screen is extremely weird displaying mostly blue screen with random colour boxes along the bottom, this only happens in the post screen and after googling it...
  10. N

    oc with a MSI Z270 Tomahawk?

    So just a quick question, I bought a I7 7700k cpu and a MSI Z270 Tomahawk motherboard to upgrade my pc. I don't have all the parts yet so I was just looking at reviews of the motherboard and I saw one that said I cannot overclock with the Tomahawk motherboard. Is this statement true or false?
  11. D

    Will this gpu work?

    I'm trying to help a friend out with his basic pc. It's integrated amd graphics and he wants to game with it. I've told him to look at maybe a EVGA 1060 but not sure if it works with an AMD processor. This is the link to the computer he has...
  12. elgiov

    Computer Micro-Freeze/Stutter every few seconds

    Hello everyone. Well, as you can read in the title, I am having problems with my brand new build pc. I bought my new parts no more than two moths ago and I am having this problem that is quite annoying right now. The parts I bought were: Gigabyte Micro ATX DDR4 Motherboards GA-B150M-D3H, Intel...
  13. F

    Will Fan+radiator+fan+radiator+fan configuration work?

    I have a micro atx case with limited room and in addition to the Corsair H55 cooling my CPU, I would like to use another H55 to cool my graphics card. No room or possibility to install 2nd radiator against the case. Is it possible to install using a fan+radiator+fan+radiator+fan configuration...
  14. R

    Weird torrent problem

    I was downloading a couple files (legit) and it was slow going. I've never had any issues before today, but things were really crawling for a couple hours. I'm talking anywhere from 50kbps to 200kbps - real erratic. I checked speedtest and I was getting 15mbps down according to them. Then the...
  15. A

    Laptop Gfx Card - Not Working

    Hi All, I cannot seem to get the GeForce GTX 870M in my laptop to function. I'm not sure if it's an OS compatibility issue, drivers or if it's just fried. I'd love a way to determine which it is. Device Manager: "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"...
  16. O

    will my 650w thermaltake smart series be enough to run my new pcs+ r9 290?

    Here is my set up. -AMD 8350 8-core. -8Gb 1600mhz GDDR3 RAM. -Thermaltake Smart M650w 80 plus Bronze. -MSI 970 gaming motherboard. -1T WD black. Wanting to upgrade from my GTX750. It recommends the 290 750w minimum, but I know that manufacturers will over estimate.
  17. KenKraken

    what is a cpu?

    what is a cpu and what does it do? and how important is it to gaming
  18. S

    How do you choose the right Z97 board?

    I've checked around and getting a bit confused over which Z97 to get as an upgrade, it ranges from US$100 to US$399. I want to do a bit of PhotoShop, video editing and some gaming like League of Legends and be able to play Game of Thrones when it comes out. BTW, my budget is around...
  19. Z

    Samsung DDR4 Question

    Hi i've recently been putting together a pc consisting of a 5820k, 32GB Crucial 2133MHz RAM etc, and have been informed that there's a shortage of Crucial DDR4 but they can give me 2133MHz Samsung DDR4 I have zero experience with Samsung RAM and wanted Crucial because I know it's received widely...
  20. N

    Ram usage problem

    I use a 64 bit operating system also , tried all those methods using msconfig and all , still not resolved