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  1. Gabu|

    Question XMP Profile Option Does not show up In BIOS of GIGABYTE Motherboard.

    I have a GIGABYTE B360M-H Motherboard with an Intel Core i5-9400F that does indeed support 2666Mhz RAM, which is a G SKILL Aegis 16GB x 1 2666Mhz plug and play RAM, My Motherboard does support XMP profile as said in the users manual. However it says to achieve 2666MHz, AND enable XMP u need to...
  2. R

    Question System doesnt boot with XMP Profile enabled

    Just bought some new ram (3200mhz) and it doesnt boot with xmp enabled, so i basically have to run it at 2133. is it my cpu? (i5 7600k). I know my motherboard supports this speed.
  3. K

    Asus X540NA how to boot from USB

    I recently purchased an ASUS laptop (comes with freedos) with the intention of installing windows 8.1 from a usb drive. The problem is that in the bios interface, the usb drive is shown under "usb port", but its not available as a bootable option, i only have Endless OS and UEFI OS, both of...
  4. J

    Random programs are repeatedly installed onto my computer.

    Random programs are repeatedly installed onto my computer. I've run several virus scans including the free Malware Bytes, as well as a fully-licensed Kaspersky scan. I've run rootkit removals and CCcleaner. I've just removed a nasty browser virus that cause videos to pop up over youtube...