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  1. Z

    Question Zip file password, please

    Hey guys I just tried to open an old file with some very important things in it, to the point I'm really depressed about it because i can't remember the password... Is there any way to get around it? I don't care how difficult..i just need to get into it. Any help would be really appreciated...
  2. Mugreboy

    Question Zip taking way too long to download.

    Hey guys, hope you're doing ok. Ok, I have a strange problem that never happened to me before. With my friends we found a game to play online (Revolt), it's an old game from 1999, and it took 5 minutes to download for them, when I try it to download, it takes 2 hours for a 1.3gb file. It doesn't...
  3. R

    [SOLVED] How to open PAK (.pak) files

    Anyone been playing VALORANT recently? The game sounds are packaged as .pak files and I'd like to replace the sounds in them with my own. I've tried a few tools i found online but they throw an error whenever I try to open them. Also changing the extension to .zip and using 7zip doesnt work...
  4. benyaminjj

    Question amazing problem system !!!

    i bought new system my new system INFORMATION cpu corei5 9400f ram:HyperX Fury 16 gig 2400mhz cl15 power:GP650A-UK PLUS HDD:SX6000 Pro PCIe Gen3x4 M.2 2280 (512GIG) motherboard:B360 HD3 rev. 1.0 (bios version F13) Windows installed:win 10 my internet (Line 1=cable) connection...
  5. X

    Question USB-stick problem

    Hi. I have a 16GB USB-stick that I have photos and videos on. When I opened it up this morning, it only showed one file, which was just named "4". However, Windows still shows that I have 5,22GB left of that 16GB. I ran a CHKDSK in CMD but that gave me no errors, telling me there's about 800...
  6. M

    Question Can I surface format Zip 750 disk in Windows 7?

    I'm moving some old data files stored on Zip disks and have run into one that cannot be read either with a Mac or Windows 7. Message appears in 7 asking to format the drive but I assume that will wipe the Zip disk clean. Is there a way to "surface format" the disk while leaving the data untouched?
  7. R

    Question How to fix a corrupted zip file?

    Hey everyone, I just downloaded Assassins Creed for retracted by moderator. I downloaded it completely (2.27 GB) but one file inside the zip archive (data1.bin) is telling me that it is corrupt when I extract it. All other work perfect and I don't even get a message normal while extracting...
  8. Review Acer Predator Triton 500 Review: RTX 2060 Holds its Own

    The Acer Predator Triton 500 has a sleek, lightweight design and an RTX 2060 but is riddled with too much bloatware. Read more here. ANDREW E. FREEDMAN @AndrewFreedman Andrew E. Freedman is an editor at Tom's Hardware focusing on laptops, desktops and gaming as well as keeping up with the...
  9. P

    [SOLVED] VEga 64 Or Rtx 2070

    Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to upgrade my rx 570 to an Vega 64 or an Rtx 2070. In my country their price is almost the same at circa 500 euros. The thing is I am a new game developer and I want the one with the best computing performance. The only thing I find around the internet is...
  10. P

    Liquid Metal On Laptop

    I was wondering if I could try liquid metal on my laptop. I know there are some risks I should be aware of, but I seen people on YouTube, like Linus who use liquid metal on his acer predator laptop, and saw amazing results and I was thinking I should go for it, will it be okay lmao? <MODERATOR...
  11. F

    Center Speaker Replacement

    Hi, I'm new here. I've got a 7.2 home theater system comprising of floor standers, rears, sub and a center speaker. My Definitive Technology Procenter 1000 has given out on me and am looking at Klipch as a replacement. There's a few models available, and I am looking for one thats at least on...
  12. I

    Which keyboard is better?

    Hi, I'm looking to get a mechanical keyboard and I found these two pretty similar keyboards. Is one better than the other in terms of quality or features? Or are they basically the exact same just with a different logo? Also, if you have one, can you tell me if its a good keyboard? First...
  13. S

    how can i use a headset without spillter

    i have a headset it has a single male jack but my pc has seprated female jack can i use mic and headphones at same time without spilter
  14. G

    CPU and memory recommendations please for building a decent coding and development/testing machine

    I don't have a price point in mind but I do want to hit the sweet spot between price and performance for my needs. Gaming graphics is not important. Looking to build a desktop box for home use by a programmer/developer. Will be used for coding with Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, running a...
  15. C

    Something to reverse this .bat file loop...

    So I created a .bat file with the following for... reasons... and ran it @echo off taskkill /f /im explorer.exe start explorer.exe exit As a result now whenever I startup my PC there is a black screen with no GUI at startup along with command prompt, so I'm annoyingly having to type in...
  16. L

    M/B Bios Overvoltage

    Hi all, i've been reading all kinds of posts here about overvoltage, power surge and etc. In My case my bios shows 24.480 on 12V and 5.5V on 5V So I Tested my my CPU with a digital multimeter but everything seems fine. only in BIOS it is showing Over voltage. My M/b is asus x99 m-ws. PSU -...
  17. U

    Transfering Files using Samsung Migration from HDD to SSD

    So i've been trying to use a dual drive setup, with 1 SSD for booting, and 1 HDD for large storage. I just got a Samsung 860 500GB SSD, and just downloaded Migration on my HDD, SSD is in the box, because I've been told it won't work without windows, and windows support says I need to remove...
  18. L

    Good enough components for low-end gaming

    So, I finally got enough money to build a desktop, it is not much, but since I pretty much most of the time play games like Rocket League, Overwatch and CS:GO, and ocassionally some heavier game I have, I think an R5 1400 + 1050 Ti combo be enough, right? I might even consider the 1060 3GB since...
  19. N

    System Upgrade: What would be the best bet to boost performance?

    Hi there I'm currently looking to improve performance of my system for gaming - I experience low frame rates on modern titles such as Battlefield 1, Battlefront 2 and Assassin's Creed Origins. My setup is as follows: ASRock Z97 Pro4 Intel Z97 Chipset Socket 1150 Intel i5 4690k 3.5-3.9ghz 16...
  20. C

    Laptop memory upgrade?

    I've purchased a new laptop. The MSI GP72MVR 7RFX-Leopard-Pro. i7-7700HQ 1060 3GB 8 Gb of 2400mhz RAM 256GB SSD 1TB HDD. I'd like to upgrade my ram to 16GB of ram, while i don't want to just pull the one that's inside of the laptop out and not use it i'd like to upgrade it. It's got a 8GB DDR4...
  21. J

    BIOS Failure: CPU Fan Acting Up

    Hey Everyone, Last month, or so, I powered on my PC and received a "BIOS Failure" message. I'm not 100% sure what else it said as I lazily clicked through it in order to play some games. The first thing I noticed was that my fans, especially my CPU fan, started acting up. When it is only under...
  22. B

    Cpu/Gpu underperforming massively

    About 4 days ago I my cpu and gpu started to underperform massively. I have tried uninstalling drivers for my gpu and then reinstalling them. That did not work. I decided to factory reset my laptop to see if that would help, still nothing. I am also on windows 10 if that is important. Here are...
  23. R

    Power supply cable fried

    Trying to checking up my pc and found these problem. The L side is burn out. Using on power supply. What cause of it? Can I run my pc using this cable or should i change
  24. J

    Swap GTX 1060 for RX 580?

    Hello guys, I've recently purchased a 1080p 144Hz Freesync monitor. I'm currently using a GTX 1060 6GB. I have found a good deal on Sapphire Pulse RX580 8GB for 350€. I can sell my current GTX 1060 for just about the same. Do you think it is worth it? I have to mention that I have +220MHz on...
  25. W

    are this fake hyperx ddr4 4gb 2400mhz cas15 ram?

    I bought it online, in lazada, and it worth of 3090 philippines pesos, I look in internet the sticker is really different in the back and the package are slightly different heres the pictures kindly scrol down for another photo but the verified buyers says its legit, I can't test it because my...
  26. Z

    How to extend c: disk volume (SSD drive) in Win10?

    I found that there is an option in Win10 to extend disk space, but I still have a problem: I opened Device Manager, Disk Drives and I see my c: drive Here is how it looks: Here is how it looks On my C: drive I see 130gb NTFS, next I see 966mb Recovery Partition and the next is 86.9 Gb...
  27. J

    ssd goes offline when trying to migrate (clone) hdd

    My new samsung 850 evo keeps going offline when im trying to migrate from hdd to the new ssd. I have tried everything from turning it back online and formatting it but it turns to unformatted aswell when I try to migrate. Im using samsungs own migration software (newest version) on windows 10...
  28. R

    closed loop graphics card

    would it be possible to install ORIGIN PC Frostbyte 360 on gtx 1080 ti cause I would realy like 360 radiator on both graphics cards in closed loop not water cooled meaning each graphics card has ORIGIN PC Frostbyte 360 on it not one on both cards
  29. R

    RX 470 Latest Driver FPS drops

    My FPS dropped like 40 frames (from 110-100 to 60-70) in Quake Champions since i updated my RX 470 driver to 17.9.2. Does anyone else have this problem? fix??? amd???
  30. H

    thunderbolt 3 to dvi-d 144hz? (please help!)

    Hi guys, i recently moved so i had to part with my i5 1060 desktop, instead i got a dell XPS 15 9560, i wanted to keep my monitor as i play overwatch in the grandmaster level and so i need 144hz, is there a way i can use the laptops thunderbolt 3 port, and take an adapter to convert it to...
  31. N

    Hi my toshiba satilite laptop is connected with my mobile wifi but the browser is not working pls help me

    Hi my toshiba satilite laptop is connected with my mobile wifi but the browser is not working pls help me
  32. T

    PC shuts down randomly, company could not find the issue

    My computer is shutting off randomly. (I build the PC myself with all the components from one store, I reused a hard drive from my former pc, the other parts are new) It is a complete, no warning shut down. No BSOD, no visual clues at all. The computer then will power itself on after a short...
  33. P

    Would an Alienware laptop be good for record games from Xbox one?

    I wanna get a laptop but don't wanna waste money if it's not gonna be good please help!
  34. G

    Looking for general laptop under £1000

    Looking for a laptop after my old iPad is nearing its time and my computer is not what I want. Only had a laptop years ago and it costed £60, please excuse any blunders as I'm not good with tech words. Looking for something smallish with a nice quality screen (mainly using the laptop for...
  35. C

    Help with overclocking i7 6700k

    Hello, I've just recently built my first gaming PC and wanted some opinions on my overclocking situation. After installing windows and getting all of the latest drivers for everything, including the most recent BIOS update for my Asus Z170 Pro Gaming, I started trying to overclock. At first, I...
  36. A

    Do I need extra cooling for my PC build?

    I need help in building my custom PC, do I need extra cooling for it to function properly? Specs: Asus ROG Strix Z270F Gaming motherboard. Nvidia GTX1080 ROG Strix A8G 8GB GDDR5. Kingston 16GB DDR4 RAM. Intel i7-7700. Kingston 240GB SSD M.2 Seagate 2TB 7200rpm HDD Case: CoolerMaster RC-K282 KWN1
  37. X

    What computer case should I get?

    I'm going to build a new ryzen build. I'm struggling to determine what computer case I should get, and so I'm hoping for some suggestions. These are the requirements I'm looking for in it: 1. I should be able to fit at least 8 3.5" hdds, and at least 1 2.5" ssd (as that's what I currently have...
  38. T

    When will the Price of the Rx580 go down?

    I recently built a computer with a R7 240 and i5-7500 but choose not to buy a gpu due to the extreme prices. I noticed 2 months ago you could buy a cheap RX580 with 8GB of memory for only $200. Now it seems you will need to spend at least $275-$300 assuming your able to purchase it right when it...
  39. B

    CPU for Gaming and Streaming

    i7 7700k or i7 6800k? Thanks
  40. TMalley5

    Computer lagging at times

    Hi, I recently built a new computer and it sometimes lags or slows down and freezes when playing games or trying to open 2 applications at once. The parts in the build that are brand new are the GPU, MOBO, CPU but the RAM and Harddrive ive had for a couple years now. My ram is 8gb and fairly...