Question 1 rear exhaust or 1 rear + 1 top exhaust?


Oct 12, 2014
My PC case is Meshify 2 Compact

CPU: 13700K
GPU: 6800XT

Currently planning to do 2x140mm Arctic P14 front intake and 1x120mm Arctic P12 rear exhaust. Cooler is a AK620.

1 buddy recommend me to put an extra 120mm top exhaust towards the rear. But another buddy say it won't make a difference.

What do you guys think?


Adding that fan will make a difference, although maybe small. BUT it might be hard to understand the difference unless you know what to expect. Adding that fan will increase the capacity to blow air through the case. Some expect that the TEMPERATURE readings will be quite different, but that is not so.

There are two main cooling control systems in your computer - one for the CPU chip, and another for case ventilation fans. Each of those has a TEMPERATURE sensor to guide it. Each alters the speed of its fan(s) to reach the temperature setpoint it is using. If temp goes up, the fan is sped up until the temp comes down. So what happens when you add more air flow (more fan)? You get more cooling and the temp starts to go down, so the automatic system slows the fans down slightly until the temp target is met. The temp TARGET was never changed, so the actual temperature it shows does not change very much. What does change is that the fans involved can do their job at a slightly lower speed. In addition, this means that at VERY high workloads with high heat generation, the fans you now have are better able to move more air and keep up with the extra heat BEFORE they reach their top speed.