10 Beeps


Aug 5, 2010
I Recently replaced my motherboard with a Gigabyte EP45T-USB3P.
Everything was working fine til today.
I hibernated my pc for an hour, and when i turned it back on i started getting these beeps.
10 beeps every time i boot and every 45 seonds to a minute i get another 10 beeps.
Everything seems to be working fine but the beeps are quite aggravating.
I went online to look for a solution and everywhere i look it says the problem is most likely a cmos chip?
Unfortunately its been exactly a month since i purchased the mobo from newegg. so i cant even ask for an rma.

Anyone with a gigabyte board have any similar issues? better yet, does any know how i can fix this without sending it in?

All suggestions and ideas are greatly appreciated. :cry:

Oh, and it beeps once before shutting down


May 29, 2008
Try memtest, see if this reports any errors. I doubt its a memory problem though. IF the memory were so bad that the motherboard was detecting and reporting an error, I doubt it would boot and run without serious complications.

Because the CMOS BIOS chips is soldered onto your board, you will not be able to replace it yourself (even if you were skilled enough to remove the old chip, this would kill your warranty).

You may not be able to request an RMA from Newegg, but you should be able to request an RMA from Gigabyte. This will take some time (they had my motherboard for a few weeks once), but this is most likely the only way to fix it.

Call Gigabyte Tech Support (the US number if you're in North America). When I did, I got someone who spoke english extremely well (so if they were overseas, they had me fooled). They will either be able to help you diagnose the 10-beeps issue, or issue you an RMA to get the board repaired.

According to Newegg, the US Gigabyte service number is 1-626-854-9338 (thats a California area code).


Sep 1, 2010
If the above dont work.
I had trouble with the same board and could only get it to boot with one stick in the second slot. I tried corsair dominator, ocz reaper and corsair xms and only one stick would run in the second slot, so try them individualy in each slot it may be the motherboard. [:bohleyk:1]

I have a motherboard where 2 of the RAM slots are dead its an older 955x chipset so I dont really care. I blew em out changing the RAM voltage to 2.2v from 1.8 (was using ram that operates at 2.2v)

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