11.9 Catalyst wow!


Apr 4, 2010
Ok, maybe it wasn't 11.9 version, because I've been sitting on 11.6 and neglected to upgrade as the new ones came out. But I finally installed 11.9 and all I can say is OMG!!

I have Crossfired XFX 6950's and run them hard with my 3 28" monitors in Eyefinity. Playing games like BF2 and Crysis and others can build up some temperature. I use MSI Afterburner to setup my fan profile and monitor my temps and these cards used to get in the 80 degree range running these games. Ever since I've installed 11.9 my cards are maxxing out at 58 friggin degrees!!

Have you AMD owners noticed this as well? How do they program these cards to not run as hot but yet still deliver the goods? Amazing!


Aug 11, 2010
dont mean to ruin your party, but it could also mean
1. the 3d clocks of cards are reset to 2d speeds even when on load
2. the cards are throttling at 20% or so load
3. CF is not working.

i'd say to confirm that both cards are working fine in a working CF and the frame rates are also consistent with a CF setup.