Question 11700K worth it for 270 USD?

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Jan 29, 2007
You have to keep in mind that almost ALL of the Z chipsets for 5xx/11th gen are not playing by Intel's rules on power limits and Tau. Heck, mine basically never hits the clock down, and have found that one of the available XMP settings messes with the CPU boost modifier as a hidden OC. It took me several days to figure out why my i9 kept running at 70C on an AIO at idle with no (known) OC or power limit disturbed.

The Hyper 212 is one of the two go to coolers I utilize for non K or older rigs where there is space in the case. For $25 they are an exceptional deal compared to the piss poor stock coolers (particularly Intel). My other is an Enermax model that I like for low clearance cases.

This is an Asus Prime. It's playing by the rules. I have one, they're well designed and use very good components but they are not enthusiast boards like the TUF and Strix line, they won't have OC settings out of the box. They are basically derivatives of Asus motherboards that were targeted for OEMs, setup for longevity and reliability, not performance. You have to get in the BIOS and tweak to get performance from them.


Jun 15, 2020
thank you again for all the great advice. Yes, I picked up the combo today.
We are setting it at its stock speed with the 212 evo cooler, with XMP setting with the Crucial 3600MHz.
If my son finds out he needs a better cooler later on, I will consider shopping around for a better cooler. Maybe on the black friday this year.
For now he is one happy teenager.