Question 1660 super troubleshooting


Jul 7, 2018
Hello guys!

I've recently bought a PC with a ryzen 5 2600 and GTX 1060 super. I need both Linux and Windows 10 so I'm using it dual boot and they are both installed on the same M.2 ssd.
The problem is that many times (more often than not) when I turn on my PC it completely skips the mobo screen and windows loading screen and jumps straight to windows 10. The bigger problem is that sometimes the monitor doesn't receive signal even after boot (I hear the windows boot sound but still no signal). I can usually solve that with a couple of alt+tabs and disconnecting the hdmi cable then reconnecting it to the video card. After that there is signal but the whole system is really, I mean REALLY laggy. Especially transitions, mouse movement is lagging, window opening effects etc.. The machine still sees the video card and says it's working well but I don't think that's the case. I need to do a couple of restarts to get it working again. If I get the mobo setting screen it is always working well. I think it might be a driver problem because if I can boot it up okay the video card works flawlessly I get the correct benchmark stats and fps.
Do you guys have any idea what it might be? I have been searching for answers but didn't find any. Could this be because of dual booting?