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Question 2 8gb sticks or 3 8 gb sticks?

May 10, 2020
I have had 3 8 gb sticks in my comp until I recently read that this was slowing it down due to it only using single channel. Do I take one out to use 2x 8gb sticks for dual channel, or do I leave all 3 in?
Check the cpu-z first--my HP 8760w laptop will run dual channels even with just 3 modules.

That being said, what is more important--memory speed or amount of memory? Because dual channel won't make up for missing 8gb of memory if you need it.


And more importantly is the fact that on most modern motherboards, there is almost always some form or implementation of "flex mode" which will allow portions of memory to run in dual channel while oddball modules or capacities run in single channel.

Generally, with three DIMMs, most modern boards will run two sticks in dual channel and the remaining stick in single, but it is important that you install the two DIMMs that are identical or the most alike, in the 2nd and 4th DIMM slots over from the CPU, and the oddball stick in one of the remaining slots. Usually it is preferred for it to be in the DIMM 1 slot, closest to the CPU, but it may work in the other if there are interference issues.