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  1. F

    Question 2x 8GB ram or 4x 8GB ram on a dual mobo

    2x 8GB ram or 4x 8GB ram on a dual mobo I got 4 sticks of ram on a dual channel , which is better performance wise?
  2. Ahmeddux

    Question How do I set up ram?

    Hello everyone, I don't know if you are going to see this Post or not it's my first time here, I had 2x8 DDR4 T.Force Ram and I wanted the update to 32GB so I bought another 2x8 DDR4 T.Force but different model, both ram has 3200mhz and cl16, my question is how am I supposed to place the to...
  3. J

    Question Buy matching 2x8 kit or new 2x16 kit?

    I currently have G.Skill Ripjaws V CL16 3600Mhz 2x8GB and was looking to upgrade to 32GB to go with a 5800X3D. I can either get a matching kit making it 4x8 GB or get a new 2x16GB kit for basically the same price and was wondering if there is any difference in performance or if there are any...
  4. R

    Question Dual channel RAM issue ?

    I've been using this PC for approximately 6 months perfectly well from Jan to June. One day, it failed to POST, so I took it to the store. They diagnosed the issue as a malfunctioning RAM module, replaced it, and the PC booted up fine. It worked perfectly well for the next 6 days, but on the 7th...
  5. GoodQuestion

    Question Clevo P870TM Laptop Memory - - - 2x32Gb in Single Channel or 4x16Gb in Dual Channel ?

    Hello TomsHardware Fans Longtime "reader" first time "chatting" I'm building a Clevo P870TM (a.k.a Sager NP9877, Eurocom SkyX9C) laptop with an i9-9900k Intel CPU. The CPU Memory specs are as follow: Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type) 128 GB Memory Types DDR4-2666 Max...
  6. U

    Question Two sets of 2 x 32gb ram instead of 128gb kit

    Hello, I tried searching but couldn't really get a clear answer. Unfortunately store is all sold out of the 128gb kits and my friend's bday is in a couple days. Can I use 2 sets of a 2 x 32gb kit if the CL stuff on the label match? Or should it be same brand as well (because there's only 1 in...
  7. M

    Question HP laptop 15-dw3000 series, want to add 16 GB in free slot. It has 8 GB. Compatibility?

    The laptop is an HP 15-dw3363st aka 4Z3A9UA#ABA. https://support.hp.com/ph-en/document/c08015536 The CPU is an Intel Core i3-1125G4. The whole thing functions OK, but it’s not a speed deamon. I accept that. I currently have an 8 GB Samsung M471A1K43EB1-CWE SODIMM in the laptop. I have a free...
  8. Budgeteer_262

    Question How do I get my 4x4gb Corsair Vengeance Ram to post?

    Hi All, I purchased ddr3 4x4gb 1600Mhz 9 9 9 24 ram modules. Corsair Vengeance However, upon closer inspection, I realised that they were two separate 2x4gb ram kits. Two of the ram sticks only have memory dies on one side of the pub while two of the modules have dies on both sides of the pcb...
  9. ColopiX

    [SOLVED] RAM Upgrade/Does it run on Dual or Single Channel ?

    Hello,today i bought 2x8GB DDR4 3200mhz CL16 ram modules -FURY KF432C16BB/8 I combined this 2 sticks with 2x8 also Kingston but HyperX that i bought 2 years ago.-HX432C16FB3/8 Everything was good,i was able to set XMP 2.0 profile to 3200mhz/1.35v (16-18-18-36) for all 4 sticks. After installing...
  10. otringal

    Question 2x "single" RAM sticks vs. a kit of 2x "dual" RAM sticks

    I'm close to buying my new 2x16GB modules, however I'm a bit skeptical over the following thing: Before going any further, I KNOW what everyone out there says: "there's no such thing as dual channel modules, you only need to make sure your modules have the same specs so that the motherboard can...
  11. Arturovski

    Question Triple DIMMS

    Hi, I've upgraded my RAM and I'm wondering if I can use my old DIMM as well. Before, I had a single 8GB DIMM installed, and I bought two more 8GB DIMMS (a total of 16GB). Do I leave the original one inside for a total of 24GB of RAM or do I only install the new ones as dual channel. My...
  12. J

    Question POST shows not the whole installed memory as seen in BIOS

    I use the ASUS Sabertooth 990 FX with an AMD FX-8350 and this memory modules: Corsair XMS3 DIMM Kit 16GB, DDR3-1333, CL9-9-9-24 (CMX16GX3M2A1333C9) Corsair XMS3 DIMM 4GB, DDR3-1600, CL9-9-9-24 (CMX4GX3M1A1600C9) I know about the problems in this case with different volt, speed etc. That's ok...
  13. xpLoaDeD

    [SOLVED] Mixed RAM only works at dual/single channel

    Hi, So im upgrading this system: i5 7500 asus prime z270-k original RAM installed GSKILL Ripjaws V DDR4-2666 CL15-15-15-35 1.20V 8GB (2x4GB) Running at dual channel at 2133 (2666 with XMP) I went and bought a couple of Crucial Value 8gb 2666 CL19 so i can run them at 16gb dual channel (2x8)...
  14. Nikhilniks

    [SOLVED] Can i upgrade Ram to total of 20GB 9 (16+4) in my Dell G15?

    Hello, I have a Dell G15 having two slot of Ram for Dual channel configuration. My system already has preinstalled with 4 + 4 that is 8 GB of total ram (having 1r x 16). My system can support a maximum of 32 GB (16+16)of ram. Can i install 16gb of 2rx8 ram in anyone of two slots and make them...
  15. JCMaxxwell

    Question Upgrade RAM for my laptop

    System configuration: Intel core i3-8145u Intel UHD Graphics 620 iGPU 8 GB RAM (PC4-19200 1.2V 2400MHz SODIMM 260 pin) System board: HP 85EF Storage: 250GB Samsung 970 evo Plus (PCIe3)+ 1TB HDD 5400RPM SATA 6GB/s I want to upgrade my laptop RAM. It has 2 DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM slot. Now I have a...
  16. R

    Question Upgrading my ram to a lower frequency but running dual channel to meet max cpu ram frequency.

    So I want to buy 2 sticks with 16gb each. I could buy 16gb @ 3200MHz but the 2400MHz ones are cheaper even if my computer supports 3200mhz. If I run them in dual channel can I get 1600MHz (dual channel) from each stick making a total of 3200MHz speed???
  17. jinqty

    Question change 16GB 3000mhz to 3600mhz or add them together?

    Hello, It's been years since I made a post. I hope you guys are doing well. I have a situation that I've never had before. I usually buy and replace my memory but in this case, I currently have 16GB 3000mhz cl15, and I just bought an additional 16GB but this time it's 3600mhz cl18. Should I use...
  18. FakeWizzard

    Question BSOD when using 2 new Ram

    I bought 2 ram kingston HyperX Impact Sodimm 2666hz 8gb, after installing it.. I begun having random BSOD and also guaranteed BSOD when playing fallout 4 ( as my last post i thought it all because of fallout 4lol but its not, i bsod even idle but rarely) soo i then have the guts to test it...
  19. T

    Question Help with RAM compatibility.

    I have adata AX4U3200716G16A-SR30 and i can see AX4U320016G16A-SR30 on the market, will it be compatible ? Below is the Memory part number decoder: https://www.adata.com/adata/upload/image/PNDecoder/XPG_FAE_PNDecoder.jpg the one on the market is missing "7" which stands for "Component Config...
  20. Xavi190

    Question Microphones not working as intended

    Hi there! I bought a pair of Karaoke microphones and connected them to my PC (needed a TS-TRS and a TRS-TRRS adapter). Now however, I can't separate the channels and whatever I speak into one mic, is reproduced in both channels. Can someone help me out? I need each mic to work in mono (I want to...
  21. D

    Question PC seems slower after installing new RAM

    Hey guys. As it says in the title, PC seems slower after installing new RAM. I've also seen CPU being at 100% in task manager when barely doing anything on the computer. Games started stuttering and freezing. This is the RAM i had before...
  22. L

    [SOLVED] Dual channel vs more memory

    I’m about to buy an asus laptop that has the first 8gb ram soldered onto the board. I’ve read & found compatible ram for the laptop so that’s not an issue. But rather my question might be a weird one that I can’t find an answer to. Using the factory configuration that the laptop ships with is...
  23. R

    Question 1 out of 2 RAM slots not working

    Motherboard: Biostar B450MH RAM: G.Skill Trident Z 16GB 3000MHz RGB CPU: Ryzen 5 2600 GPU: GTX 1660 6GB System worked fine for 2 years, albiet without XMP, I cannot recall what the issue was, but there was a problem trying to boot with XMP profile which enables 3000MHz, so it was set by default...
  24. G

    [SOLVED] Extra RAM causing the system to freeze (only while gaming)

    I have an HP Pavilion Gaming Laptop with Ryzen 5 4600H in it. It had a 8 GB DDR4 3200MHz CL22 memory stick by Samsung in it out of the box. I purchased a GSkill stick (because I couldn't find original Samsung stick) of exact same configuration and timings and both sticks does get detected...
  25. A

    Question Dual Channel Memory Not working

    So today I finally got my hands on an RTX 3060. I put it into my PC and decided that I would clean my case out while I was at it. I ended up taking off my CPU Fan and the CPU stuck to the heatsink when I pulled up. I looked over the CPU pins and they all looked fine, and I have a Ryzen CPU so I...
  26. adham alghreeb

    [SOLVED] dual memory or single memory

    i have a 16gb (one piece) 3000mhz memory and 8gb (one piece) 3200mhz memory , i install them as a dual but i can't run them on 3000mhz ( auto is 2400 ) and every time set them to the lowest mhz the pc crash so what's the better 24gb with 2400 and dual or 16gb with 3000 no dual
  27. abhiNahi

    [SOLVED] Hp Pavilion Gaming Desktop

    Hi, I am looking to upgrade my PC's ram to 32gb but I have a doubt. The RAM installed on my PC has 16gb of memory and runs at 3200 mhz. So, if I buy another 16gb stick with supported frequency upto 3200 mhz, will it run at 3200 mhz out of the box or will it run at lower speeds? PC name: Hp...
  28. Y

    [SOLVED] Getting 1866MHz RAM for 1600MHz Motherboard

    I currently have 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz CL11 HyperX Fury sticks on a Gigabyte GA-H77-DS3H motherboard, the motherboard only supports RAM speeds up to 1600MHz. I found a good second hand deal on two more 4GB HyperX Fury sticks that are rated at 1866MHz, I just wanted to know if installing these...
  29. superserbia2607

    Question Input lag only in Dual channel

    My current PC build is: CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 GPU: GTX 1060 6GB Mobo: Msi b450 TOMAHAWK MAX II RAM: Crucial 8x2 3600mhz KIT PSU: Eurocase ATX_650WA-14 Soo I changed GPU(from RX 580 4gb), RAM(from HyperX Fury 2x8gb 3200mhz), MOBO(From MSI b450m a pro max), changed mouse, keyboard... Reinstalled...
  30. ziad ahmed

    [SOLVED] what is better for performance , 2sticks of RAM or 4Sticks

    I was wondering what's better for performance , installing 2sticks of RAM or 4Sticks ? EX : 2x16GB or 4x8GB same (Freq, Volt, timings) my question is about both systems (AMD & Intel)
  31. X

    [SOLVED] New RAM - unable to run at max speed

    Hello all yesterday, I decided to double the RAM in my rig. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the exact same RAM I had currently and it’s causing some issues. My specs : i7 - 9700K Z390 Gigabyte Aorus Master 2x8GB GSkill 3000-16-18-18-38 500GB SSD 1TB HDD 250GB NVME 850W gold Corsair PSU I...
  32. P

    [SOLVED] Will RAM configuration of 16gb + 8gb work in dual channel?

    Once again in my time of need, I turn to Tom's Hardware! Hey guys, I have a question. I bought my PC about a year and half ago and at the time, since I didn't know any better, I got 16gb single channel RAM (HyperX 3200MHz module). Now, I've found out that dual channel works a lot better in...
  33. M

    [SOLVED] Not using dual channel in Amd Ryzen 5700h (laptop)

    Hi all, I'm in the market for a new laptop that needs to have a lot of cpu cores and I stumbled upon a Lenovo one which seems pretty good with an Amd ryzen 5700h (8C16T). The main issue for me here is that it has only 8 gb of RAM at 3200 MHz, out of which 4 gb is soldered to the motherboard...
  34. I

    [SOLVED] Adding 16gb RAM to existing 8gb RAM ?

    Hello everyone, I have 8GB(4x2) Dual Channel Already installed currently in my motherboard which has 4 memory stick slots. My query is regarding adding another 16GB Dual channel (8*2) to the remaining memory slots. Would that work? I'm a complete noob and looking to upgrade my ram as 8GB now...
  35. C

    [SOLVED] 8 RAM sticks with a dual channel CPU??

    Hi all, I'm looking at upgrade options for my PC and I'm wondering whether a RAM upgrade will be of any benefit to me. At the moment, I currently have; Ryzen 5900x CPU 4x8GB G Skill Trident Neo 3600Mhz CL14 RAM MSI X570 Gaming Plus Motherboard RTX 3080 What I'm thinking of doing is upgrading...
  36. P

    Question Ram and SSD upgrade on a Asus Zephyrus G15 2021

    Hello! I am getting my Asus Zephyrus G15 2021 RTX 3060 16GB RAM model tomorrow. (model: GA503QM-HQ145TS ) For exact specs: https://rog.asus.com/in/laptops/rog-zephyrus/2021-rog-zephyrus-g15-series/spec This laptop has a 8GB + 8 GB config for the ram, with one RAM stick soldered. I want to...
  37. A

    [SOLVED] Memory CAS Latency differs on CPU-Z from it's pack, which memory to buy?

    I have 4GB 2400Mhz (CL 14 on pack) RAM running on 2733Mhz, however the CL on CPU-Z is 20! Please suggest a suitable RAM for dual channel support. Also, can I overclock them both to a specific speed or do I have to settle for 2400Mhz for system stability? My priority is Dual Channel. My mobo -...
  38. dheeraj9933

    [SOLVED] Can I put this 8GB RAM in my setup?(Which has 8Gigs already)

    I want to get Dual channel RAM in my system. My CPU-Z memory Screen shot https://ibb.co/JQr50t7 The RAM I want to put https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01D8U2BKA/?coliid=I1FYTBVNEHG7RJ&colid=39I3NFKQ5MAQT&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it They are both 8GB HyperX and CL 15 is there anything i need to look...
  39. nicknico2

    [SOLVED] Best config for HP dc5700 with 0a60h board

    Good morning everyone, I have dusted off a corporate HP Compaq dc5700 machine which comes with a Pentium D 945 and sometimes as a hobby I like to update this type of machine. I was checking that at the time the best configuration that HP offered was with a Dual Core E6700 -...
  40. pavlaras74ever

    [SOLVED] Acer Aspire 5 A515-44-R93G upgrade ram

    I am looking all over the internet for the answer but nothing , few sites says that it has 2 slots dual channel ram , and others that it's just one slot single channel.(provided memory is soldered) The laptop model is Acer Aspire 5 A515-44-R93G can anyone help me , are there 2 slots of ram or...