Question Memory CAS Latency differs on CPU-Z from it's pack, which memory to buy?


Nov 22, 2013
I have 4GB 2400Mhz (CL 14 on pack) RAM running on 2733Mhz, however the CL on CPU-Z is 20! Please suggest a suitable RAM for dual channel support.

Also, can I overclock them both to a specific speed or do I have to settle for 2400Mhz for system stability? My priority is Dual Channel.

My mobo - Gigabyte A320M S2H,
CPU Athlon 200GE
Existing RAM is Starlite Gold.
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RAM OC is the most risky thing you can do, you can corrupt all of your data on the storage unit if it is unstable, until you realize it is unstable it is too late, you already corrupted data, i never recommend RAM OC, just buy a better rated kit.
For your question, combining dimms is not a good ideea, at least not on the same channel, it is ok that on the black slots to have a 2400 Mhz dua channel kit and on the white slots to have another 2400 Mhz kit but never mix the kits between them. My advice just buy a new dual channel kit at the desired frequency. For 2733 usage buy a 2800 kit or 3000 kit.
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It's showing CL 20 because that's the best the motherboard BIOS can figure out to do with such a high speed on a low speed kit. It's probably right on the edge for stability...slower speed and a small bump in voltage may get you better CL.

Ideally a matched 16gig 2x8 pair of 3600 C16 memory sticks would max out your current board and CPU and provide for future use if you upgrade. The Athlon chip you're running may go as high as 2933 or even 3200mhz memory will depend on the quality of the individual CPU and BIOS support. If you are stuck at a lower speed like 2667 at least you'll have the option to tighten timings on the memory to help alleviate the slower speed.

You can try overclocking what you have but if you want to improve the CL you'll need to settle for a slower speed.