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  1. IAmTheTofu

    Question PC only starts up in Single Channel

    Hey guys, I got new RAM recently ADATA XPG SPECTRIX D41 16GB 2x8GB 3000mHz (AX4U300038G16-DT41) and it has been giving me issues on my AsRock AB350M Pro4 w/ Ryzen 2700x. Both XMP profiles don't work and I'm confused. The only way I can get my system to boot up in dual channel mode is through...
  2. N

    [SOLVED] Performance with 3 sticks of ram

    So I've heard you can use 3 sticks of ram on your motherboard, but I've also heard it could decrease performance because you have to use one stick in single channel mode. My question is, if ram usage stays under 8gb (assuming there are 2x4gb sticks running in dual channel and one 4gb stick...
  3. S

    Question Low fps, possible ram issue?

    My Build: So when uplay just now gave away AC Unity for free i decided to try it out but i quickly saw that it was barely playable, running at 20-30 fps! Is this because i only have one stick of 2400 mHz DDR4? Would getting another one with the EXACT same...
  4. Sri VaidheeshN

    Question Two Single channel as dual channel

    Can I buy two same 8gb 3000mhz ram instead of 2x8 GB as a ram kit? Because if I buy two same 8 GB ram price is very low when compared to buying it as a kit.
  5. Atix

    Question Would dual channel ram upgrade make a difference in Fortnite and other games?

    Hi guys, I have the Asus FX504GE TUF gaming laptop with i7-8750H, 8GB of single ddr4 ram and gtx 1050ti. The problem is for example fortnite isn't running very well, I have a PC as well which has 8+4 dual channel ram and GTX 960 which is about the same or maybe quite weaker card and it runs...
  6. G

    Question cpu and graphics card

    is a gtx1050it better then a gt710 and will a gtx1050it work with intel core2 quad q6600
  7. N

    Question HUGE problem with RX Vega 64

    Hey guys, alright so I'm super frustrated. I just bought a used Rx Vega 64, guy said it was working fine, and indeed it seemed to be okay when I first used it. However, I had to reset my PC entirely, and after reinstalling everything, including the latest drivers and whatnot, I attempted to...
  8. B

    Question BSODs, many of them and different errors every time

    In the past two days I've been getting BSODs with a bunch of different errors, these I've logged for example - System_service_exception Win32K Critical Failure Critical_Structure_Corruption driver_irql_not_less_or_equal Driver_overran_stackbuffer And a few more I haven't saved. I have no clue...
  9. C

    Question New build - No display or GPU fan spinning

    Hi, First time builder. I am building a HTPC and I have managed to get all the components together and I thought I would be able to get it running but wasn't to be. I put it all together and turned it on in hope and then nothing appeared on the screen. Here are the components: MB: ASRock...
  10. A

    Question So I have bought a new motherboard. The MSI MPG Gaming Z390, how to power 8+4 cpu power?

    So I have bought a new motherboard. The MSI MPG Gaming Z390, how to power 8+4 cpu power? So I have bought a new motherboard. The MSI MPG Gaming Z390, I have set up the board and installed everything, however there is a cpu pwr1 which is an 8 pin (which my psu has) and another cpu pwr2 which is...
  11. S

    [SOLVED] Want to move the center of my TV screen

    So I'm using the AMD Radeon Settings to Center my screen at a smaller resolution (4k to 1080p), and instead of having the smaller screen in the center I want to move it to eye height so I don't have to look up. Is there any way to achieve this?
  12. B

    I think a part of my system is failing and I do not know which.

    I built my computer sometime around 2015, have kept up with regular maintenance and had never had many issues. However, just out of nowhere nearly all my games have "stopped working". They either give me the generic this program has stopped running, or just stays a black screen forever. Some...
  13. M

    Is it the PCB or the heads?

    My 2.5" HGST hard drive is malfunctioning. I have the majority of stuff backed up but there are still one or two non essential things I would like to rescue. It was beeping so I opened it up (yes I know dust etc you don't have to tell me I've wrecked the drive) to check were the heads stuck on...
  14. J

    Looking for a CUSTOM computer case

    Hello, I want to build a small form factor computer, and I can not find any that 100 percent satisfies me. Is it possible to simply go to a website and input everything you want your case to have (from materials used to size to drives, power button, etc, EVERYTHING CUSTOM TO ME)? I do NOT want...
  15. remixislandmusic

    [SOLVED] Need help with Linux driver support for a usb wifi dongle

    Hello. I recently have installed lubuntu on a usb drive and am booting from it on my laptop. I have a broken motherboard connector that makes my internal wifi card nonfunctional. I am using a very cheap CUDY branded dual band usb wifi dongle using a realtek chipset. It works pretty well for my...
  16. C

    [SOLVED] RAM 2x4gb + 1x8gb?

    Hello everyone, I already have a 2x4gb RAM set, and my MOBO can get up to 4 slots. I'm in the need to upgrade ram, 8gb is being low for me. Sadly, in my country RAM is expensive as gold, so can I buy just a 8gb ram stick to add to my 2x4gb? Or I'll need to dump away my 4gig sticks in order to...
  17. L

    [SOLVED] AVR specifications for PC

    Hello, i plan to get an AVR for my PC. Here are my specs: i7-8700 GTX 1080 Auros H370 Gaming 3 Motherboard T-force Delta 2 x 8g 2666MHz Thermaltake Toughpower 750w Gold Is there such thing as a recommended specification for an AVR that i must find? thanks!
  18. M

    [SOLVED] Gigabyte RX570 performing poorly in games

    A few weeks ago, I upgraded from a GTX 1050 graphics card to an RX 570. Before I did anything, I uninstalled the NVIDIA driverswith DDU, installed my RX 570, installed the recommended drivers (18.12.3) and everything went fine. However, I have noticed that many games perform very poorly. ETS2's...
  19. T

    Recommended air cooling setup

    I just bought a “Fractal Design Meshify C” mid atx tower case. From the manual it says I can have 3 120mm front or 2 140mm 1 120mm bottom mounted 1 120mm rear 2 120 or 140mm top mount fans. I’m wondering the best combination here as I’m using a hyper 212 evo air cooler so I won’t be needing...
  20. L

    Is it worth the upgrade

    Hi Guys, recently I bought an RX 580 8gb and I wanted to ask if my current build is not good enough to get the most from the card: i5-6500 ASRock B150M HDV LGA1151 8GB DDR4 2133 ADATA (I have tried with 16 GB and didn't see any difference) If I do an upgrade I would go for something like: AMD...