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    Master telephone socket

    Hello, I tried to replace my existing LJU socket with a openreach master socket 5c m4 and encountered problems. The wiring instructions noted to use 3 colours where my existing setup only used orange (broadband) and white (telephone). The wiring to the socket includes a black and green wire...
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    Difficulty with graphics card? Can't reach above 18-20 fps on almost any game, even at the lowest settings.

    It's all in the title. I'm not really sure what's going on? On occasion from a few games, I'll receive fatal crash errors at random. I'm not certain what's wrong, I just want to know if my PC is lower-end that I thought. CPU Intel Core i7 @ 3.20GHz 33 °C Coffee Lake 14nm Technology RAM...
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    Clock MIssing From Bottom Right- Grey bar?

    Recently my clock has disappeared from the bottom right of my taskbar. I assume it was my toddler's doing. That said, I noticed that there is a short, wide, grey bar at the very bottom. If I hold my mouse over that, it shows the date and time. I took a screenshot, but didn't know where to post...
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    Black screen while installing Radeon HD 7770 drivers

    Hey, i'm not able to install graphic drivers in my computer. Graphic card - Asus Radeon HD 7770 2GD5 during the driver installation the display goes black so I have to restart my pc. When I restart the windows doesn't boot it shows the automatic repair screen. i've tried installing the...
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    Whole network lags when one PC downloads anything

    I have multiple PC's on my network connected through LAN. Lets say PC1, PC2, and PC3. When PC1 and PC2 download or stream anything, it is not noticed over the network by anyone else. No performance lost. When PC3 trys to download anything larger than 1gb, the other two PC's connections...
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    looking for a games name

    A game in which two characters are sitting in car chasing other criminal's car. one character drives the car and other character shoots the criminals car . can you please tell me the name of that games? the name of the game is after the two characters in the game.
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    When should i update my bios?

    Hey everyone, I am getting a new cpu (i5 7600) to replace my pentium g4400. I do not have my new cpu yet, nor have i ordered it yet... should i update my bios now? or wait until my cpu arrives? also, when i update the bios, do i boot my pc up with the new cpu, or with the old one? thanks.
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    This setup any good for recording/streaming?

    Hello all. I just put together a basic gaming setup so I can get back to my glory days of recording and streaming on YouTube. I'd like to be able to record games like Overwatch, Fortnite, and the new Battlefield on good settings and 60 fps preferably at 1080p but I'll take 720p if it gets too...
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    My Asus won't charge nor turn on

    My asus laptop won't turn on nor charge. There's no indication the LED lights. I tried resetting by removing the battery, pressing the power to discharge and tried again to turn it on. It went on for just 3 seconds but suddenly turned off and won't turn on again. Tried removing the BIOS battery...
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    very old case some old parts

    Hi everyone so recently I've been thinking about buying a cpu cooler and I'm in conflict because of my parts : mobo : msi 990fxa gd65 cpu : amd fx 6300 stock cooler ram : adata 2 x 8gb 1600mhz hdd : 1tb Seagate barracuda 1 x 500gb Seagate barracuda PSU : aerocool v12xt 1000w (belongs in a...
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    970 EVO cloned and not booted

    I've got a MSI z87 Mpower Max MB and I just cloned my Samsung 850 Pro to my new 970 Evo. It's totally functional, but I can't select it or see it in the BIOS. I'm using "EZDIY-FAB PCI Express M.2 NGFF PCI-E SSD to PCIe 3.0 x 4 Host Adapter."
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    Gpu questions Help

    I am looking to get a new gpu and was wondering if I should go for a gtx 1070ti or 1080. I want to has 144 FPS to go along with my monitors refresh rate but also has some decent graphical setting. I want to go with the Strix cards of either so I can sink it to my MOBos lighting and also I like...
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    Surround sound system not making any sound!

    Hi, I'm really bad at anything to do with technology so please go easy! I've got a Samsung Smart TV and a Sony S-master Digital Amplifier for surround sound, I've connected it through hdmi, I've tested the speakers and they are all connected right and working but no sound is coming from the TV...
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    Windows 10 vs Windows 7 for gaming

    What's better for gaming? Windows 10 or Windows 7? Currently I have Win 10 but I'm thinking of downgrading to Win 7 because of Win 10 forced updates that ruin my pc and actually slows it down. For example, last Win 10 update really slowed down my pc and now it takes longer to boot and when I am...
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    Every game crashes on my pc

    Hello there, I've had my pc for a while. There was a symptom of it that occured occasionally while gaming, the screen started to glitch, went to black and started display some green and purple graphical pixel errors on the screen and the sound of the game still play as if nothing happened, i...
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    merging my windows c to my data d drive.

    I wanted to merge my windows c drive with my dater D drive, as my works been saving itself on both and i have just now accidentally while trying to figure this out deleted my d drive. if i could just get help getting my d drive back i would be thank full.
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    Will this cpu and gpu pair okay with Fortnite battle royale?

    Hey all, I am buying a gtx 780ti graphics card because i am upgrading my pc. i currently have a intel pentium g4400 and was going to pair it with the 780ti. I want to Fortnite Battle Royale in 1080p at high settings SMOOTHLY... i know my cpu needs an upgrade, but im going to do that in July when...
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    Will Gigabyte G41m support a 6pin GPU

    My pc has no gpu so I thought of buying Asus GTX 750TI, but the thing is, it has a 6pin connector for power supply, so I searched my mobo but found no port for it. So my real question is, does gigabyte g41m support a 6pin port and if it does where is it?
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    Replaced CPU, fans turn on but PC doesn't power on.

    GTX 1080 16gb ddr3 ram msi z87 g41 motherboard I had an i5 4670 and got an i7 4790 to replace it. I put the new CPU in, applied thermal paste and attached the cooler. Now when I press the power button on my PC all the fans start spinning, the LEDs on my GPU turn on but the case light doesn't...
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    Failed mac hardrive

    I have a late 2011 macbook pro that once just started to not boot in. It still turned on but never passed the apple logo. I brought it in the store where they just changed the hardrive and the macbook started to work again. My problem is that I have lots of important data on the old hardrive...