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    Is it worth the upgrade

    Hi Guys, recently I bought an RX 580 8gb and I wanted to ask if my current build is not good enough to get the most from the card: i5-6500 ASRock B150M HDV LGA1151 8GB DDR4 2133 ADATA (I have tried with 16 GB and didn't see any difference) If I do an upgrade I would go for something like: AMD...
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    Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L-rev-2.3 what socket does it use / CPU upgrade

    First of all i want to warn that I'm not really good with all those motherboard chipsets, Cpu generations and I don't speak english natively. I have the GA-P55-UD3L-rev-23 motherboard The CPU on the board is an i7 920. I found on...
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    [SOLVED] Is this expected performance?

    Ive had my build for about 2 years now. Has given me 0 issues. Asrock Mobo 6600k 16gb ram evga 1070 Ive OC a bit, but can only hit 60FPS on ultra in BFV, I feel like I should be getting higher than that? CPU is OC to 4.4ghz GPU clock: 2126 Gpu Mem 4151 Can I go higher on the card? Im getting...
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    FX-6300 Uses Only 2 Cores?

    So whenever I play Games Like Fortnite,CS:GO,etc. I see that My CPU 1 And CPU2 are at 100% and the Rest 4CPUs are at 0% My Task Manager says that I Have a 6 Core Processor What's Wrong?
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    Intel i9 9900k stock - low cinebench score?

    On cinebench, I get 1799-1845 on my system. I am confused because this is a much lower score than average for this CPU. System EVGA 1080ti SC2 i9 9900k M.2 Samsung 970 EVO SSD (250 GIG) Samsung 860 SATA SSD (500 GIG) Gigabyte Aorus z390 Master 16 gig DDR4 Corsair Vengence @3200mhz Corsair...
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    Laptop will not boot up.

    my laptop will not boot up. I have lost the recovery disc. Toshiba Satellite Laptop L355-S7905
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    1050 fans spinning but no signal

    So, I built a new PC, but once I connect it via HDMI to my monitor, it won’t recognize the 1050. It starts spinning when I turn on the PC, but stops a few seconds later. While it’s plugged in, onboard graphics don’t work (That would be normal) but the 1050 won’t output any signal. I still have...
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    B250 replacement motherboard

    Hi i have an intel b250 motherboard and i would like to replace it. i have an mini 1070 and an i5 7400 and 8gb of ddr4 ram in it. it is mini itx. and my budget is 200 dollar
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    What type of cherry mx switch do you like?

    I have been wondering everyones opinion on a cherry mx switch. So if you know than please explain why. Thanks!
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    is 350 watt psu enough for rx 560 gpu?

    The graphics card I want to upgrade to is this: The psu I have is more or less this...
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    cannot boot as windows, guess its physical SSD probloms. need detail help!

    hello everyone, i have an issue of booting into windows lately, windows are suddenly cannot boot with 'pnp watchdog error'. i google it and read lots of it but most post isnt fit to my probloms, i cant even boot on to windows. therefore i try to re-install new windows. i prepared bootable...
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    Will I have enough PCIe lanes for a raid 0 upgrade?

    I currently have an Intel Core i7-4790K which has PCIe 3.0 x16, which I assume will be used for my GTX 1080 ti. My mobo H97M Pro4 offers 1 PCIe 3.0 x16, 1 PCIe 2.0 x16, 2 PCI. I currently have 4 SSD's and would like to add 2 HDD's in raid 0 (with a raid controller card). I read an article that...
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    Windows ten wont work properly

    Hello, I recently built a gaming pc. I bought a usb stick and key on eBay. Windows 10 installed fine but a when I tried to install netframework 3.5/4.5 or whatever its called and it wouldn’t. I ran the trouble shooter but nothing came up. Also I tried to update to windows 10 1803 but I wouldn’t...
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    Laserjet P3015 Factory Reset

    I am trying to perform a factory reset on a Laserjet P3015 printer. After I go to Configure Devices- Resets- Factory Reset Settings- OK. It doesn't reset the printer. It retains the current static IP address. I have power cycled the printer. What am I missing?
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    Help To Decide Ideal Monitor Size For Gaming And Movies

    I'm going to buy new monitor. ASUS 24 inches VZ249H or ASUS 27 inches MX279H. But now i dont have gaming pc.In few months i'll have gaming pc.mostly i'm watching movies .1080p is fine with me. But guys, i have one serious problem. I'm sitting 60cm-80cm to monitor. So should i go with 24 or 27...
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    Why does my router say it can do up to ac2600 but it only does 802.11ac

    I have a D-Link router and it is a AC2600 MU-MIMO WIFI Router. I know what is said on the box is theoretical but i can't even stream 4k or even 1440p so easly. I'm not sure if its my modem or if it is because i live in a condo and all the other signals are interfering with my. I am debating...
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    CPU Temperature is high on i7 8700

    Hi, My cpu temperature is high from computer starting. At the beginning temp is 55c & while i am running normal task, it stays from 61c-70c. I have run Intel Extreme Tune 5min stress test. @ 100% load, cpu core temp goes upto 85c. I usually run 3d animation & vfx software. Now I am concern with...
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    High-end PC Build

    Hi, putting together a pc for a friend and we've put together a list of some components. Looking for some advice in tweaking it to be any cheaper or more efficient. Thanks! Intel - Core i7-8700K 3.7GHz 6-Core Processor Cooler Master - Hyper 212 EVO 82.9 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler Gigabyte -...
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    Should I sell my MSI GTX 1070 Gaming X and get a used GTX 1080Ti

    Long story short in a couple of years I want to upgrade my Motherboard, RAM and CPU because i'm on the 'old' LGA 1150 socket and because in a couple of years I feel I wont be able to get 80+fps on ultra. Should I start the upgrade process now by replacing my 1070 with a 1080ti and further down...
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    Does nvidia gt 1030 low profile is support on my PC?

    CPU:g640 Pentium 2.8 ghz Motherboard: h61h2-m2 Ram:6gb SSD/HDD:350gb GPU: PSU:450w Chassis:hcl OS: windows7 ultimate. I don't know which graphics card is compatible with my PC pls suggest me and i have only budget for graphic card so pls help me