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  1. A

    No POST with GPU installed

    My new build will not POST when the GPU is plugged in (it will with the GPU seated but not plugged in, if that matters). I can get it to POST without the GPU, but I cannot get display input when my monitor is plugged into my mobo (via HDMI). The CPU of my old build died, and to replace it, I...
  2. B

    I need to know if this is a good cpu gpu combo

    Right now my motherboard is Asus m5a78l-m. I have a amd fx 4350, gtx 1050, and 6bg of ddr3. I am going to buy a Fx 8350 so would a Fx 8350, gtx 1050, and 6bg ddr3 be able to stream games like fortnite at medium settings?
  3. F

    Memory compatibility QVL vs reality

    Hi, I have the Asus Crosshair VII Hero mobo and the QVL mentions that the memory CMR16GX4M2C3466C16 (2 kits = 32GB) can be run at 3000. I currently have it running at 2800 and it is still unstable. The PC resets automatically sometimes (not that frequent, but it happens). When I use the auto...
  4. A

    My HP laptop doesn't connect with my Epson Short throw projector

    I need help to connect my laptop to projector was working before but stopped suddenly no signal How can I connect it again
  5. D

    My msi 750ti shows no signal

    i had this problem that whenever i run game, it freezed in 2 seconds and rebooted automatically i showed my motherboard they repaired it, then other low level gfx cards are working but not my mis gtx 750ti, it shows no signal with VGA AND HDMI, The computer boots and the fan is spinning, when i...
  6. Tiress

    i7 7700k w/ Hyper 212 Evo 70c while gaming?

    So I just installed my new i7 7700k and cooler, and when im gaming, the temps peaked at around 70c. I did not overclock it, it is all auto settings. Are these temps too high? I tried re installing the cooler but it didn't doo much except fixed the problem where my PC would randomly restart. I'm...
  7. W

    [Help] Computer Freezing and Not Responding to Power and Reset Switches

    I recently built my pc and I had received all my parts except for my ram at the time so I borrowed some ram from my friend and my pc ran without any issues. What he had was a single 4gb stick of hynix ddr4 memory clocked at 2133 mHz I believe. After my ram did come in (this kit...
  8. S

    What games can i play with this laptop??(help)

    so i have the Dell Inspiron 3520 and i dont know what games are good for this laptop to handle it has Intel core i3-2370M @2.40Ghz Intel HD Graphics 3000 and 4GB Memory so...what games can this laptop run good?
  9. famillybaror

    GTX 1050Ti or GTX 980m For A Gaming Laotop?

    I'm looking at some budget gaming laptops that are not more than $1,200. I am debating between getting one with a 1050Ti or a 980M. I know the 980M is a last-gen card, but it's also a bit more powerful than a 1050Ti (assuming I can find a laptop with one) But, the 1050Ti is more up-to-date in...
  10. E

    I want to upgrade my Dell OptiPlex 755's graphics from integrated to a card

    Hey guys! I am looking to upgrade my Dell Optiplex's graphics from integrated graphics to a card. My CPU and RAM already meet the most intensive games i want to run (Terraria and Rocket League) and now i need graphics card. I am looking to get it for quite cheap, at around 25 pounds, 34.48...
  11. Rafael Mestdag

    Are all "Make Windows 300% faster" Youtube videos just full of s*** or do some of those tricks actually work?

    Could someone on here please make a list of tips that will actually make Windows 10 faster or at least point me to some YT video or site that has one? Also will any of those kinds of tips work on a fast pc like mine (i5 3570K + 2 2TB 7200rpm drives + GTX 750)?
  12. A

    Computer keeps crashing

    Hello , i've been having computer problems and it has been driving me crazy. I asked questions on this fourm before and people told me to upgrade gpu , so i upgraded to a 1060 and it still crashes ! Sometime it even takes me to the Blue screen of death ! Now i have a feeling it's my motherboard...
  13. OmaerNyc

    Disk Usage at %100. (Win 10 pro)

    Hi, i am having this issue like many others. I googled it and tried many steps before posting this but i am still having the problem and it drives me nuts. I tried, Superfetch win search prefetch change power plan to high something about chrome and skype also something about AHCI chkdsk f r x...
  14. M

    GPU fans not working?

    OK, so here's my build: EVGA GTX 950 R5 1600 Asrock ab350m pro-4 8gb corsair vengeance lpx Corsair tx-650m psu (gold rated) So I was having a lot of freezing issues with my build, particularly in PUBG. I would be forced to reset manually, and that sucked. My friend told me to re-build the...
  15. B

    Gaming PC Internet Help

    I’m going to be buying a PC soon in which I plan to game and stream on. That requires good internet but that’s the problem. I have one router in my house which is in my mom’s room so I can’t run Ethernet, even though I’d like to. What other options do I have?
  16. L

    One earbud is louder than the other

    I own the bang and oulifesn e8 and they worked perfectly until one day i listened to the and the left earbud is noticably louder than the right one please help
  17. U

    My 1st gaming PC

    Should I start cheap with 1050 ti & r3 1200 combo and upgrade overtime? The 1060 6gb is 2x the amount and I think it’s quite an overpay but do you think I’ll be fine on current games. I would mostly play not much demanding games atm but I may choose to play things such as destiny 2 and the...
  18. K

    Subwoofer not working

    My subwoofer is not making sound I have pioneer vsx-531 some settings get turn off from pioneer I don’t get it know plz help how to fix it
  19. M

    Please help. why am i benchmarking so bad.. please help me fix my processor / ram issues ? what did i do wrong.. did i break any parts when building this new pc i just built this week ? f m l