Question Please help with asus zpehyrus GA502D single to dual channel memory upgrade


May 24, 2020
Hello, This is my first post here and i hope this community can help me. With that being said, i have an asus zpehyrus GA502D. This laptop has a ryzen 3750H, GTX 1660TI, and 8GB of on board memory. Being that it was single channel I looked into upgrading the ram. The ryzen 3750H only supports 2400mhz on board memory but when i did a little research, i went to crucials website it said i would be able to add 8GB or 2666 memory . i went ahead and bought the memory and installed it. I noticed my system did in fact recognize that it was upgraded to 16GB, I noticed when i went to play dark souls and tekken the frame rate couldnt get past 30FPS and was so choppy it was unplayable. So i uninstalled the ram, and bingo the laptop was back to normal and played all my games fine. Can someone please explain to me what could be wrong?