2TB seagate issue

philip n

May 13, 2012
Hello, my computer wont open my external hard drive. It opened when I first purchased it, and has since decided not to do so. I have attempted to open it on two laptops and a PC with no luck. Amazingly, my Smart TV will recognise it and I can open the files. The drive has not been dropped or anything but has been sitting for about 6 weeks with no use. I would greatly appreciate some advice regarding this matter.
Does the drive show up in my computer?
Are there files on the drive that are not " backed up" and that you need.

If the HDD does not show up in My Computer, Right Click My Computer, then select Manage, then on the Left side select Disk Management. It is possible that windows NO longer recognizes that the disk has been initialized.
A 2nd possibility is you "smart TV" changed the MBR and the Computer Does not recognize it.
If this is the case then you would need to re-initialize and repartion and format the drive - NOTE if You do this any files on the HDD will be Gone.